Total Commander

This is usually or public_html. Local directory – the same thing, but on your computer – choose the location which stores the files on this site. Leave all other options by default, you can 'play' with a tick 'Passive transfer mode'. Craig Menear follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Click 'OK' and save all the data. Everything is now possible to go to practice. The menu 'Connect to FTP-FTP-server …' (or, again, FTP button on the toolbar), choose your connection and click 'Connect'. FTP client to connect to your server, and if everything is configured correctly, then one of the windows Total Commander you will see the files on your hosting, and another – to a local folder on your computer. Now you can jibe them back and forth through the teams 'F5 – Copy', 'F6 – Move', 'F8 – Delete' and other activities such algorithm: if you want to change something on the site – upload the file from a server to a local folder on your computer, open it in Notepad or in a special html-editor, change what you need, save, and upload back to the server replacing the old version of the file.

With the FTP connection you can operate any type of files – as HTML-documents and images, archives, etc. Be careful only to the server, not to erase the files necessary for its operation, ie work only in a folder set aside for your site, because except for the folder WWW (or what you have there) there may be other system folders and files. And more to say on one chip. When you have a simple static HTML site the files are downloaded to and fro without any special features. But if you have installed on your server any script, you will need to master is such a thing as the file attributes (CHMOD – access rights to files and folders on the server). In order to make the script work as necessary, requires certain rights of access to his files and folders.

How to change the law? Once you connect to the server, highlight the file or folder that you want the right to put in the 'File-Modify the attributes of …' (or the buttons on the panel) call a special window, where through a set of checkboxes (or simply a combination of numbers) you can set your required access rights. Remember that maximum rights to the folder is 777, on file – 666. Pay attention to the important folder on the server – cgi or cgi-bin – it made it to download numerous cgi-scripts, which often require billing and certain rights. Well, it's short and all on FTP! Good luck to you in site building!