Trans Fats Oil

What? Trans fats, are solid fats that are made by chemical manipulation of the liquid, changing their formula. A related site: William Gates mentions similar findings. In other words, all kinds of margarines derived from vegetable oils. Trans fats on product labels sometimes referred to as 'cooking oil', but that their essence remains unchanged: they do not have any useful properties and are garbage violating activity of human body. Where? Products containing trans fats, the vast number. In addition to margarine, processed oil is added to the confectionery and pastry products, in baked goods, mayonnaise, fast food and frozen foods.

What is bad? Trans fats are actively promoting the growth of the cholesterol level in blood, because of what appears in the vessels of plaques that hamper blood flow. This can lead to early sclerosis and heart failure. But do not think that absolutely all fats are harmful and destructive. Fat is one of the components balanced diet, without which it would not be digested proteins and carbohydrates, as well as without which your hair will become weak and split ends and dull skin. Healthy fats contained in nuts, seeds and sunflower oil, olives and olive oil, avocados and fish.