William James

Because the truth is that the dynamics of life is a flow from the inside out. When we act we are, we play in the outside world we do guided by our emotions, with that energy that we emanate from every one of her and motivated by our interest. Step given tempos to which our mind analyze, evaluate the way of how you should act, has indicated us its scope and impact of agreement that we are as safe and as we have grown our I internal. We are backed up by the experience, because we know how we should act, how to react to external stimuli, in such a way that they do not make us dependent on actions, not chord behaviour as our self to inmate demands it. It adds Tracy, we deem that the German philosopher Goethe said that one must be something to do something. Click Technology author for additional related pages. If we want to achieve different results to those who have been receiving we become internally different people. And we must bear in mind that this change of personality can not pretend for too long.

It must be a sincere and profound change in their way of being and thinking, backed by analysis, what tells us our or internal. Most people try to improve or change some aspects of your life, trying to make others who change. Don’t like what they see reflected in the mirror of your life and they occupy in give brightness to the mirror instead of going to what is really the cause of the reflection. In one of his writings William James, the father of American psychology, said, the biggest revolution of my existence is the discovery that human beings can change the external aspects of their lives by changing the inner attitudes of their minds. There is only one thing in the world that you can control, and it is his way of thinking.

However, when he assumed full control over his thoughts, takes control above all other aspects of your life constantly surprise evaluating the results that has achieved with his behavior, how it works, is presented in the outside world, the authenticity of their acts, if it really is a constructive, friendly, dynamic, comprehensive, respectful, creative person, and depending on your answers analyze as the proceeds has been generated from your I internal, if it has failed, ask why, that it prevents you from achieving its goals, feel successful, compliant, affable, kindly, specifically, as it is his behavior on the stage where acts and that impact has generated to let go guided by his self internal. Keep in mind that bequeathed us article.com, nothing in our external lives can change without first making changes inside. In fact, the basis for the personal effort is change of the ‘ from the inside out! Doesn’t matter one iota what we changed on the outside, if we have not done the work to change inside. Our reality will continue to develop so that it is a reflection of our belief and internal world. In all cases, our external world reflects our inner world in every way, shape and form. If we want change in our external world, our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes we must first change our inner world. Our current situation is a direct result of the way that we think. Don’t neglect it. original author and source of the article.