I guess that Yankee State Department continues developing these reports which then filters the world wide via Wikileaks Julian Assange. If so, the American Embassy in Madrid will have already sent a telegram to Washington: Zapatero is over, is finished. Only this explains the joke of Perez Rubalcaba last is week, verbalizando a hypothetical future dialogue with their leader that reprocharia him: in all these meetings I was I; you see what you have. That subtle candidacy to replace the Secretary general of the PSOE Carmen Chacon, has joined then not lose Camber: already has made it clear that he sees Spain ready to have a Catalan President. Also Jose Bono, putting profile, as it is his style, has not abandoned the idea of a second attempt to go to the party. This continues as well, as polls and popular acceptance continue giving it back, more Socialists can aspire to the relief of the tenant of La Moncloa, to the delight of This, knowing that would go to the thud of electoral rights. But it doesn’t matter.

The weakness of the leader of the PSOE comes not only his political fatigue and reverse in polls. The day in which a dark Tomas Gomez beat pulse, refusing the imposition of Trinidad Jimenez as electoral head Madrid, showed that anyone could beat Rodriguez Zapatero. Hence his frustration. That and his conviction that the possible economic recovery will not in time to save her. So who comes behind you arree. That is, Zapatero is over.