Argan Oil The Ideal Gift For Your Body

Today, technology has achieved great progress in the field of health and if it’s look well enough to attend a rehabilitation centre where removed with laser all these imperfections in the skin or wrinkles that occur on the face, these treatments besides being expensive and uncomfortable not always prove to be the idealsthe artificial in health and body care always provide passengers results and that it is likely to bring secondary reactions that can trigger drastic situations such as cancer in the skin or internal burns caused by the constant use of beautification, a very hard price to pay for trying to look good. Men and women invest fortunes in the care of his image, the beauty has become the main objective of the majority of people in Mexico in the last 5 years step of a 7 to 14% alone spending on consumption of beauty and fitness articles, i.e. To broaden your perception, visit Dennis P. Lockhart. that each $ 1,000.00 pesos allocated for household expenses14% will be used in beauty products and gyms, this without counting what is spent acquiring medicines that help to alleviate problems such as gastritis and intestinal damage, caused by bad eating habits that we acquire. In Morocco, the Maghreb of the ethnicity of the Berber women, have been used for hundreds of years an oil extracted from the seeds of a tree have called that Argan, this tree’s appearance rough and thorny, with fruits that are not pleasing to the human and that their leaves feed goats, is a plant that is in danger of disappearing due to its exploitation, and the growth of the population, as more people exist on the planet, more land is used for agriculture and forest extension tends to die out. Argan oil in cosmetics, to be smeared on hair, gives shine and strength, prevents hair loss or the appearance of dandruff, moisturizes and repairs damage caused by application of dyes or aesthetic manipulation. Argan oil in its edible presentation, prevents cancer, gastritis and reduces the risks caused by cholesterol among other health ailments. According to this the properties of Argan oil, are unique in its class, since it not only prevents health problems but to spread on the skin or in the hair leave incredible results.

Using argan oil in cosmetics in the body and the face, reaffirms the skin, and returns its natural elasticity, reduces wrinkles caused by age or expressions, eliminates impurities and spots caused by the Sun, moisturizes and returns the natural skin tone. For these reasons, believe that properties of Argan oil is the ideal gift for the body, not only prevents, also regenerates naturally, without paying the price so expensive (and not only speak of the monetary) using artificial methods. Are you interested to know more tips on the use of cosmetic argan oil? Discover more information about your usage and the properties of the oil of argan in my articles.