The desire to curtail the individual freedoms in this Country is each more well-known time. The freedom is the right greater that if can have in a democratic state. However, they want taking off in them, with the promise of better days, without violence and crime. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kenneth Feinberg. They want to take off the right of the citizen to buy a weapon legally. They had only forgotten to say that they intend to disarm only the good citizen, therefore the criminals, the delinquents, the psychopaths, the politicians, the police authorities and the particular security, all these had continued armed, whereas the common citizen, that one that works decent, honoring its you must and obligations, and however it cannot count on the security of the State, because the same it is inefficacious and imcompetent person. This citizen will not be able to never buy a weapon for the use of its proper security, this citizen total will be forsaken, and will be a very easy victim of outlaws and criminals.

In accordance with Cesare Beccaria: Essas laws only serve to increase assassnios, place the defenseless citizen to the blows of the criminal, who more audaciously wounds a man without weapons; they favorem the outlaw whom he attacks, in detriment of the honest man who is atacado. (BECCARIA, 2009 PG.95) the words of Beccaria is sufficiently categorical in relation to the laws that has for objective to sacrifice the right of the citizen to possess a weapon. Apartir of the moment that the delinquent will have the absolute certainty that the citizen if finds unarmed total, it will not have more fear to invade the residence of no citizen, and with this nothing it will be able to make the individual that will have its house or same he will be being attacked for a delinquent. The Brazilian State intends in them to become hostages of cruel outlaws, and what it is worse it is that we cannot have dries the right of defending in them.