August Rodriguez

The public Plaza space Simon Rodriguez, in the parish of El Recreo, adjacent to the Church of our Lady of Coromoto, were restored and delivered in the first week of August for metropolitan Mayor of Caracas as part of the program Eco path that advances the same. Among several of the improvements they covered the weeding of green areas, painting sidewalks, curbs and the rehabilitation of the viewpoint of the Simon Rodriguez plaza. In the course of the Eco route, Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas gave community Simon Rodriguez a series of implements for all the neighbors so they can maintain the recovered areas. It is a sample of what we do when we speak of the Strategic Plan in the city of Caracas. We want this city to have a leadership so you can promote an urban plan that includes the rescue of the quality of life in suburbia, but above all of the people who lives in the suburbs, said Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma, who announced that in the coming days will try to arrange a meeting with the Ministers of transport and communications, Francisco Garces, in order to present a recovery plan to the Caracas Metro.