Holiday Travel

A wide selection has attractive destinations in the Mediterranean area who wants to like to spend a few days in the Sun over Easter, in the Mediterranean. Mallorca is such a special highlight in the spring. The travel portal introduces some of the various options. Nicholas Carr is actively involved in the matter. One way is to make holidays on Ibiza Easter and to avoid the potentially volatile April weather in Germany. As the season starts on the Mediterranean island in may, few tourists are traveling at that time. The water is then although still too cold for swimming, but the 20 degree Celsius daytime temperatures are perfect for hiking and exploring the island. The neighbouring island of Mallorca is worth a visit in the spring, however, the season starts there earlier. Palma should visitors not miss with its beautiful old town, the Cathedral and the Almudaina Palace.

Blooms in April and flowers on the island, so that tourists can enjoy the nature. Those who opt for a trip to Greece, meets one time to Easter good choice, then more pleasant temperatures. It is, however, very hot in the summer. Greek Orthodox Easter falls this year on the same date as the feast of the Western Churches, thus the trip also becomes a cultural climax. Visitors can visit not only famous sights such as the Acropolis, but get to know the way of life and the customs of the Greeks on the occasion of the Festival. Turkey is also a popular holiday destination. At pleasant spring temperatures, it is recommended to undertake, for example, Temple and city tours.