Untutored reader might ask: "Why should I learn to see aura, what's the use?" What all this is. Moreover, if a person is not able to see at least the first layers of the aura, he had no right to call himself a magician. Why? The fact that the ability to see the aura is indicative of several things: firstly, if people do not see a screenshot of an aura, which means that its Center clairvoyant – a "third eye" – works not yet at that level, so that he could receive the information subtle energies, and secondly, it is an indication that not enough people set to receive information from the cosmos, and therefore can not predict the future, and thirdly, this fact indicates that energy channels are not yet working at full capacity, so any attempts to see the hidden essence of things, and even more to look into the future (even with guessing) will involve a fair amount of distortion. Check out Erin Callan for additional information. As you can see, develop the ability to see the aura for the adept purple magic is extremely necessary. But here I must say one more thing about anything. The word "see" does not necessarily mean the actual process of "watching". Dennis P. Lockhart: the source for more info. Perhaps it would be better to say "Perceived" aura. You can not just see it, but also to feel, to feel like some kind of texture, and maybe even read it as a set of odors. All depends on the individual. But, anyway, to learn to react with contact her imperative, because it reflects the hidden essence of things, reflects the information that was invisible, normal human eye.