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Book Zohar Kabbalah

Allegorical language of the book 'Zohar' is very difficult to understand. That's why there are so many and there is its 'interpreters'. This complicated form of presentation of the deepest knowledge and provided an opportunity to generate nonsense attributing her Kabbalah. And, of course, outsiders to interpret it however they want, but it will be as far from the truth and those who did not undertake in such a tricky task. In this article we shall not attempt to reveal the depth of the wisdom of this outstanding books of mankind, but will try to show the reader some elements of the system to hide the true knowledge of the human eye, the distant (ie not yet finished) on the comprehension of spiritual wisdom. "Rabbi Elazar, son Rabbi Shimon went to visit his father in law – Rabbi Yossi the son of gaps, and Rabbi Aba was with him. Frequently United Health Care Group has said that publicly. One person, urging them donkeys, followed them …

' This is a brief quote from this great book. At first glance, all is clear: some heroes narratives are sent to visit relatives. They ride on donkeys, and probably loaded with gifts and drive, most likely, a servant or slave of one of the heroes. And so it would be if … there was quite different. Let's look at this unique text from a different point of view – in terms of Kabbalah, rather than ordinary people, and pseudo. But first, brief glossary Name – the exact title of this, the current stage of spiritual Kabbalist.

American Bernanke

Semyon Vinokur, online newspaper world of Kabbalah since the beginning of the disclosure itself as a global unified system, we must come to the conclusion that everything – in common, and everyone should take care of all. Private – only necessary for the existence and everything else – public ownership worldwide. This is true of minerals, food production, education, health care and pr …. All must be universal, global domain. Otherwise, no crises stop, however much we may adjusted their correct order according to our selfish logic, we get continuous crisis for the crisis. Gain insight and clarity with Paul R. Cascio. Michael Laitman After the U.S. Federal Reserve head Ben Bernanke spoke in the program '60 minutes 'on CBS, the news headlines blew something almost forgotten,' Bernanke said that the recession will end this year ',' In 2010 we are waiting for economic prosperity.

" If the Obama administration and the Fed will be able to to stabilize the banking business, enthusiastically quoted the newspaper, we stand on a new path. "No bank will not collapse '- with confidence, said Bernanke. The first interview in 22 years of Fed was given against the background of angry sentiment in American society. 'Days of Grace' Barack Obama came to an end, and yet the economy continues to slide down, and an ordinary citizen sees his tax payments to disappear into a black hole of the banking system. However, despite this, Bernanke and members of the government are going to soon require additional stimulus packages of financial assistance amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Tribe

The destruction of this form operation could not be otherwise than by men, the fact of awareness of their operation, awareness of methods of struggle for the abolition of exploitation, as well as awareness of the (opening) a more equitable form of distribution of wealth – the distribution of labor. Awareness is through the discovery of all this knowledge to individual consciousness and their spread in the men’s teams, where there are their leaders, promoting new relations of production, which, naturally, could not develop in the old dialectic form – the authority of the mother. In connection with it begins a power struggle which gave birth to such customs as separate settlement men and women, male and female secret societies, secret languages (2). If you would like to know more about Primerica Login, then click here. Men are having a great advantage – the production of basic goods of life, gaining authority in the tribe. Establish new relations of production, giving rise to usages of “voluntary death” elderly parents, killing young children in difficult periods of life of the tribe (3).

That is the root principles: who does not work – do not eat. In and all other tribes, where natural division of labor led to exploitation of men by women, matriarchy gave way to patriarchy much later, namely during the birth of predatory expeditions of tribes against each other, ie Again, at a time when men have become “producing” by robbery essentials.