Real drummer-feeling with the DRUM ROCKER ion audio official premium drum kit for the game rock band now also available Hamburg, Germany July 2008 the DRUM ROCKER ion audio is the official premium drum kit for the popular video game rock band. In the United States is considered band players DRUM ROCKER under the skirt already absolute must. Just in time for the GC-Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, and with its own booth at the IFA in Berlin, ION presents audio of the coveted drum kit. At ION audio is sure that this product also in Germany will be to the perennial favorite. With the DRUM ROCKER can learn each playing just the swimming and becomes part of a rock band at the same time. Teenagers as well as adults, who will play the late dream of the drums want to meet are so close the ROCKER in her musician heart.

The DRUM ROCKER gives each player the only real drum feel, regardless of whether to play it on Xbox 360, Wii or PlayStation. This realistic drum feeling will convince each player. Little wonder it was ROCKER DRUM experienced engineers who developed ION ALESIS audio sister brand, the world’s leading manufacturers of professional electronic drum kits. With the DRUM if you buy a high-quality and robust, electronic drums, which meets the individual needs of each drummer with regard to structure, arrangement and real drummer feeling thus ROCKER. While other drum controller which players provide a fixed list of pads allows the Professional aluminium drum rack of the DRUM to rearrange ROCKER the snare, Tom Tom, Hi-Hat and cymbals player according to his individual needs.

The excellent craftsmanship of the drum pads is particularly appreciated by the drum rockers. The sensitive rubber pads precisely record every stroke and are ultra quiet in contrast to the plastic pads other manufacturers and impart a feeling of real drum playing. “These precision and ruggedness allow enthusiastic drummer, it also literally really RIP” to leave. ROCKERS are the two additional pools, another advantage of the DRUM the can be added optionally to another. The drum pedal is completely made of metal and is thus, like all other pads, very durable and sturdy. This quality and authenticity is the addiction factor of DRUM ROCKERS and promises musical enjoyment of the extra class. The passion that brought one, that you play now can be active instead of rock band in a rock band, then to extend the DRUM ROCKER only to a professional ALESIS drum computer and already is a real electronic professional drums from the games console.