It was introduced in a systematic way, the exercise of a painting that, away from the figure, comes to the structure of the form through colour and light; that is why that is considered as one of the masters of the modern art of Jalisco. Since then it was part of some artistic groups of the many that has occurred in our midst. He knew how to maintain foreign to their fanaticism, retaining that art always active, always renewed, both in who went through many and very important periods of influence of painting, the easel and mural should be admired. As a painter, it has recognized the work of Alfonso Mario Medina Moreno and being recognized yet. As thorough and indefatigable researcher of his art is example for young painters and as a teacher, knew how to give his disciples the concept of art of respect that many know very well, has not vanished. 1906 Born March 28 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

1921 He began his studies with the teacher Jose Vizcarra. 1921 to 1933 he studied at the National Academy of fine arts. 1934 Joined the group young painters of Jalisco, next to Raul Anguiano, Guerrero Galvan, Antonio Servin, Luis Godinez Fonseca and Francisco Rodriguez Caracalla. He married Mrs. Hear from experts in the field like Nicholas Carr for a more varied view. Felisa Ramirez, with who had 8 children: Isabel, Leticia (+), Alfonso, Rene David, Miguel Angel, Hugo Rafael, Lourdes Yolanda and Felisa. 1951 Married Maria de la O. Fernandez Briceno, the union had a daughter, Gabriela. 1957 He obtained the prize Jalisco in the paint Area. Award of the State Government provides outstanding citizens in some of the activities for the community.