European Union

a cast of questions around the effect generated for the loss of the credibility in the founding metanarrativas and the process of erosion and disintegration of inquestionadas categories until then, as the slight knowledge of identity and authorship … privileging the critical ways pointed by the revalorizao of history in the examination of the ideologies that structuralize the formations and the processes of construction discursivas of subjetividades. (HOLLANDA, 1991:8) Rosi Braidotti makes a critical ferrenha to the universal, fixed citizen for the identities of the European rule, still looks for with much shrewdness to give new approaches in the constitution of the citizen and, still ' ' () special attention is given to the task of the construction of a definition feminist and anti-racist of the European identity, in the context of the contested space of the European Union ' '. Rosi, in the alert one on certain practical of ' ' denegrir' ' the image of the one after-estruturalismo in the Europe since this search to desconstruir ' ' verdades' ' millenarian that they perpetuate uninjured, however questioned ' ' The relatively shady careers of the leaders after-estruturalistas, in its proper native countries, testify the fact of that the main chains of philosophy and social science in the Europe see after-estruturalismo with great suspicion. Butler and Scott (1992) had suggested that this can be related to the fact of that this philosophy evokes the fear of the loss of maestria and a species of cognitiva despossesso? therefore they find hostile receptions very ' ' , we see in this speech all a hostility what it is different, to everything what it questions the order imposed for the dominant speech and the homogeneity. Joan Scott analyzes the mechanism by which a collective identity is created and thus it acquires a history. The author if valley of psicanalticas slight knowledge of fancy, ' ' () argument that the feminism assumes a direction of allotment between women, making I appeal the scenes fancy, that make possible the transcendncia of the differences and history.