One of pharmaceutical forms or best performances for children and adults are the suspensions. The suspension comes as divided particles that are suspended in a liquid medium. Then we give them instructions for their correct preparation since it depends on the medication dissolves properly and get the exact concentration, as well as the good conservation of this. Check the expiration date of the product and that is in good condition. Shake the bottle before you open it so that it disperses the dust.

Open the flask and add cold boiled water until the stripe, arrows or relief indicating the bottle to fill. Close the bottle and shake strongly for one minute check that the bottle is full up to the line. Not be filled until the line, to fill up the line and shake again. For more specific information, check out Marathon Oil. When it is already full, you’re ready to take it and do not prepare again. It is advisable to keep it in the part of the frigider making less cold (refrigerator door). To take it you must remove from the frigider 10 minutes before each shot. To the term of the taking of the medication must be washed the Cup or measuring spoon. Click author for additional related pages. Whenever you purchase a medication check with our pharmacists of Inkafarma, they will advise with the most appropriate way of how to prepare them, to avoid any problems with his ineffectiveness by a bad dosage by an ill-prepared and get the most out of these as well for good results in the treatment. Original author and source of the article