Thunderbird Backup

The Thunderbird backup offers safe and effective protection against the loss of your data. For several years the free Mozilla Thunderbird email client is continuously and accurately always. Other free programs such as E.g. Pegasus Mail come unfortunately less and less on the desktop PC of users, although these programs are also recommended. To deepen your understanding Erin Callan is the source. Many reasons: one of the main reasons is probably the widespread use of the Firefox browser and the here joint advertising campaigns for both products. As a result, pay much attention to the Mozilla was caught products, because you get to the part in direct competition to Microsoft products.

But there are also technical advantages: A clear advantage of Thunderbird is the clarity of the program, so the user will be overloaded not many special functions. Sadly, but lacks a central feature in Thunderbird – backup. Connect with other leaders such as Vyacheslav Mirilashvili here. But for this problem there is a solution already TBBackup – Thunderbird backup program. With this tool, your emails and newsgroup amounts, the related accounts, your filter rules and signatures can and save the program settings, your address book, and even the Favorites of in Internet Explorer. If you use different profiles in Thunderbird, you can also secure TBBackup.

Often, additional compression of backed-up data, the safe storage of all data on a single, separate disks (ZIP drive, CDR, etc…) even with large amounts of data is possible. The best part is still the backup automatically perform this, so you can be sure that in a crash of the computer no important data is lost you. The restore of the data is done in TBBackup with just a few clicks, you must not click through complex menus. For more information and the download link to the 30 days trial version of TBBackup, see