Market Income

The more students have tutor, the more complex program of studies, the higher the income, but if the coach is sick, happy holidays yourself, or simply reduce the pace of work, it is immediately reflected in earnings. Are you ready for this? a. It you want to say that if a tutor is a solitaire (to drink tea, do manicures, chatting in icq, smoke in the hallway), then it no one will pay? And here in the office just for this and get paid. b.

I had not thought about tutoring, as the main source of income – I need a periodic part-: to solve the control, do the translation, drawing coursework c. Yes, I like that the upper limit of my income is not, I like that how much I earn is up to me and not from someone else. Explanation: (The prevailing answers a) You are the manager. Yes, the man who “does not work under, and is working on.” You feel uncomfortable without a team, it is difficult without a head. We sincerely hope that our company will develop, to occupy more and more new niches in the market of human and educational services. We sincerely hope that very soon the room with computers, we will go to a big and beautiful office, hiring secretaries with long-long nails and big-big eyes. Then we certainly need 10-20 people that would drink a whole produced coffee percolator that would find the use of dozens of other printers and faxes, and, of course, for that would organize corporate parties! Leave your contact information and we will contact you.