National Dental Association

The Landgericht Hamburg illegal lobbying against authors stopped at the request of the bestselling author Dorothea Brandt, issued an injunction against the State Dental Association of Hesse (LZKH). Paul Taylor is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Dental Association has railed in a defamatory statement against the authors of advisors dentist lies as your dentist will treat you sick and called lie among the theses of the authors. “The District Court of Hamburg (324 O 368/10) Hesse has forbidden the Chamber of dentists, in regard to the Advisor dentist lies as your dentist will treat you sick” parents from immediately the Dental Group prevention in kindergartens and schools for their children would refuse to claim the theses by the authors duo were simply lying, one whose Thesen believe, would. Infringements of the prohibition in the preliminary injunction proceedings, against the right of appeal are possible, Hesse (LZKH) threaten represented by the Board of Directors of the National Dental Association Dr. Michael Frank, a fine up to 250,000 euros, failing Ordnungshaft. It was a hypocritical smear campaign against us, to continue to cover up the failure of the dentists in the prophylaxis of adults,”author Dr. Lars Hendrickson the illegal claims of the Hessian Dental Association says.

In a press statement the Chamber of dentists Hesse called the theses of the authors simply lying”. While the LZKH as a protective Angel of small patients wiggled, they do among the authors, they gave up the foundations for the dental health of children and adolescents and deliberately risked their Toothlessness”, explains Reinhard Hobelt of the Hamburg law firm of Joachim Steinhofel case. Dorothea Brandt according to such a comeback was the cheap scare tactics and propaganda to dodge the actual criticism of the book. It is not only a victory for us, but for every patient who was ill treated by dentists. The behavior of the LZKH shows once again that we with our book in the black have taken”, explains the author of Dorothea Brandt. According to the authors, these hypocritical denigration support the dental profession, so the mending, hopeless therapy approach remains hidden. Thus more show up once that dentists fear adult patients with dental lies”take their dental health into their own hands, according to the motto: with healthy patients, no money can earn.