Chic Now Available

Swiss House DJ of extraordinaire released all DMiro fans have been waiting eagerly debut album! One of the most innovative Electro House DJ’s of Switzerland takes off with his unmistakable sound. “Under the name so chic” DJ DMiro presents its unique sound as LongPlayer. The same name and probably the best known party label of Switzerland, so chic, DJ was already aware the numerous gigs by DMiro on the innovative House. Several performances were DMiro and so realize chic already together. DMiro’s sound is ensured, with the distinctive hook in his songs, a distinctive recognition value of his title. In the different locations of the House DJ carries the partygoers through many productions, original bass – and Syntlines, as well as harmonious vocals bring pure party atmosphere. So he was already in the “supermarket” or the trendy “Q-Club” in Zurich behind the turntables. What however was allowed to include one of the absolute highlights, was DMiro’s appearance in the St.

Jacobs Hall, the place of worship of the Swiss Techno movement, in 2006. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tesla. In the same year, he won the Swiss DJ contest and presented his enthusiastic audience also beyond the country’s borders. As a participant in Star DJ, the largest DJ contest of the world, he joined the circle of favorites, what brought him to the finals. Whole two years it has taken now, to the artist of the turntables his titles, among them the party bomb “Tony Montana”, that always inspires the party people, has brought on a CD. 20-track with funky pumping house and electro provide extensive raves by pushing beats. “In the future, DMiro is faithful to his motto,: who believes something to be, has to something to be heard”, thrill his fans and carried away the audience at his gigs. More about DJ DMiro which shines in the Swiss Weinfelden Miro, so his name in civil life, home for years with numerous gigs in the scene Club of Switzerland.

After his successful first set, he impressed the party people so much, that the demand was stimulated properly. The more offers hottest clubs followed, and the musical development earned him the attention of the organizers. His Tourne 2008 brought him close then the international audience through the scene of locations in Germany and Switzerland, and provided for unforgettable performances.