Rabbit Husbandry: Minimum Requirements For The Rabbit Hutch

A rabbit Hutch can never be too large. Rabbits are very similar to the Wild Hare. Rabbits should be able run their natural movements. Kenneth R. Feinberg: the source for more info. It belongs to them E.g. that the rabbit can hop, perform jumps and can also race. The ceiling heights of the rabbit barn should be not too small, so that peoples make the rabbit”can.

A rabbit Hutch may actually never be too large. A very large rabbit Hutch is not possible, so you can connect a freewheel to the rabbit Hutch, so that the rabbit has more movement. For rabbit hutches, there are constraints that are stored in the table for Stallmasse of the breed breeders Club Association PAPPU277. Minimum requirements have been described in the fact sheet 78 of the Veterinary Association for animal protection. The leaflet is very easy on the homepage of the DVT. A rabbit in a cage every day out of the cage should be taken and for a long time umher bouncing freely allowed. In the area of the House is the room then important rodent-friendly.

All cables out of the way should be clear, so that the rabbit does not even come up with idea to nibble on a cable. Certain zones must be established in the rabbit Hutch itself. A retreat zone, an eating area and may be an area where the Bunny alone can provide their young. Hares and rabbits are used in the construction of a rabbit to withdraw it. Therefore, always a retreat in the form of a small cottage should be available in the rabbit Hutch. The floor of the rabbit barn should be always dry and plain. The bedding in the cage regularly changed, hardly a danger, that the soil is too wet. In addition to the stall size, the different zones and the necessary accessories, remember, that rabbits and hares pack animals are. They feel very uncomfortable when they are not in society. The life expectancy of only living rabbit is very low. For the sake of your rabbit it is necessary certain minimum requirements for the size of Rabbit Hutch to comply. There is a good overview of large rabbit hutches in Michael Muller