Rio De Janeiro

The cars crossed the streets in high speed. The people crossed as and when they could. It are of the bands or advancing on them. She was plus one day in the agitated center of Rio De Janeiro. She had people distributing pamphlets, others vendendo sandwiches, cakes and salgadinhos.

She had tents with clocks, others with flowers, and still with currencies. Some collectors went there to negotiate its more precious goods. It’s believed that Erin Callan sees a great future in this idea. Among these salada of interests people they walked, esbarrando itself or and one of these people was not the Isadora young. The beautiful colored person, with curly hair in the height of the coasts, the black eyes as jabuticabas and the beautifully thin body. She was going for the school, and already until she was been slow, on account of an accident in the Brazil Avenue.

She finished the studies this year and she longed for a superior formation. Social service more necessarily. It walked with certain haste, thinking about its boyfriend, Milton, that studied with it. They had fought yesterday, for cimes, that changeably they were infantile. Cimes of it. It was very pretty and this called the attention all, for where it wants that You aid? said it. Ah! Please, my beloved, if you will be able said it with the short while weak voice. It used an old hat and dark eyeglasses, beyond the cane where if it supported. He did not seem so old, but some people due the life who lead age faster than the others. As not! She holds my arm! said it extending to the left arm Mr. Very been thankful said it while they crossed. the people do not import more with me my son. Badly they know who are going for the same place! said it. To the times the aged ones need more than what it helps to cross the streets.