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Not to know Is so good for not knowing, therefore if I do not know, not necessary to explain what I do not know. Because what I do not know does not exist, the measure of that nothing I know. Not to know and to know are complicated, because to know it is for who knows More exists one to know for who nothing knows. More exactly thus I prefer not to know what I do not know. MasterClass Founder understood the implications. Therefore not to know immunizes, me of comprometimento.

I not compromising me, nothing know. To have knowledge of knowing painful and is complicated, already not to know it is as it is in ecstasy. It is as a drug not to know, because nothing knowing, me leaves outside of whom does not want to know. Additional information at Is MasterClass a ripoff? supports this article. I broke it to of the moment that I am of it are, to display not necessary me.

Arapongas Avenue

One of them was to be to marry and to be happy. A pretty prince imagined appearing in the horizon mounted in a white horse, taking it for the arms and following for one castle where they would live forever joined. For 1965 return, already with its 18 years knew a youngster? Mrcio? an employee of the Coffee ' ' Verde&#039 gold; ' , one of the properties of Fernando Mantovani, located in the end of the Arapongas Avenue. Fernando never accepts namoro, alleging that, for being inheriting of a considerable patrimony, he could not be married a simple laborer, as was called. Marcio fought to change the vision of Fernando, however, nothing it advanced and the man remained itself irreducible. Catherine understood the feeling of the son, but wise person of whom nothing she had to its reach to make the husband to come back behind.

Salom defied the father, threatening it to run away with the boyfriend in case that its romance continued to be rejected, what in nothing it advanced. Fernando was one of the men richest and powerful of the region, owner of many plantations of coffee, when the product was in the height. Its patrimony grew each time e, confident more, invested to all the richness in this segment, believing to be the coffee its gold mine. They were not said in another subject; in all colloquy wheels, ' ' gold verde' ' it predominated. The time passed.

Fond the year of 1975, Salom already had finished the romance with Mrcio for diverse times, retaking namoro immediately afterwards, until a notice shook the structures of the family. Salom disclosed that she was pregnant, leaving its father enclosed ahead of the situation where if it saw debtor to accept the marriage of its youngest child, after already to have married the too much children: Luiza with Seting, Carolina with Sundays and Mrcia with Joo. Already the 1975 Salom and as Adentrava semester she was you give to give birth. After the marriage and of all the difficulties faced in elapsing of last the ten years, since that Marcio knows, she perceived that the child dreams did not pass of illusions and that the happiness seemed to be still very distant, what was not enough to discourage it. Still she kept hopes in its heart. Amanhecia day 18 of July of 1975 in the araponguense horizon. While in the paranaense capital the snow filled the fields with its beauty, flooding the eyes with the esplendor of the white and humid landscape, the cold wind and icecream cut all been. To the north, each drop fallen on the verdejantes plantations ardia as fire on the coffee plantations. The sun shone and melted the snow on leves, making to drain frozen water for the pecolos, announcing the tears that would be spilled so soon perceived the extension of the tragedy. It was the left-hand side frost that decimated millions of feet of the coffee in the north of the state of the Paran in that fatdico day, causing a true economic cataclysm and causing a great contraction for the region of Londrina and Maring. Arapongas, in way to this process, also suffered sadly with the happened one. Probably, many people if had not given account of the size of the tragedy and the social disaster that event would bring. While the curitibanos commemorated the snow, the cafeicultores of the north cried the loss of its main ativid

The Curves

In the absolute privacy that if can think about having with that if it loves thought that it was thus, always, until certain day where the vi. Inglrios, suffered for the reason, the two towns of terror and serenity the calm of who knows not to be possible to get rid itself of aimed passing, of imprudent interlocutors. But they were there and therefore I believed that they still insisted a time more on the meeting of the bodies Lost in my thoughts, I distracted me of the first signal: one I fondle with the hands, perhaps When I gave for me, they were next and the eyes lowered and slid as one bolero enters the curves of each one an overthrown head, a light one roar of wires being arranged by the delicate and soft touchs of the tips of the fingers drained for the naked shoulder the curve of the hatched palm of the hand Plus one instant, immense for me it arrested that them in my retinas Rested retinas. Of time, a light appeared dimming the eyelids and with everything it are there encircling those loving, continued its caresses, jibs and advances, advances and more advances. A related site: Frisch Financial mentions similar findings. Other jibs, without advances. Again, affections, without I could have the traduziz possibility them, appeared for my surprise.

Rude, I to the fondness am to describe them. My attention to the short ones came back and lascivos mordiscados kisses to each go and come. Wall Street may also support this cause. How many enemy of itself they had had to occult so that they could find a little of silence? How many? Would want I to invent? He places them enters my hands and suddenly he turns them running away from me as air leaves my tired pulmes. They were between itself and they did not depend any choice more than mine. The meeting happens and my weak imagination, for pretensiosa that was, had one more time left to escape the movements simplest and right-handers of those loving. . Millennium management takes a slightly different approach.


I arrived at the airport of $fortaleza. I felt that heat gostoso of that as much I heard to speak proud. It dressed my clothes habitual: a white t-shirt, jeans surrado and a All Star, that the color did not import, but were blue. Liberty Mutual will not settle for partial explanations. My vision was fum well had to be the dark eyeglasses of ten Reals. Waited it me, but I had found not yet it.

My heart beat each stronger time, felt the blood to cover hotter on my face. It will be that it had the same expectations? They had been five years. Click Braun Melsungen AG to learn more. I confess that I lived in a Russian mountain in diverse fuzilantes feelings, it already said as many times to me its disillusionments. Now it was the hour of the truth, I was not more and my head imagining or inventing dreams. I have a time I fell in these traps of the love. After a lived and intense time wanting freedom I more still discovered, me. Half that I ripened, knows? It will be that now we go to be capable of everything? Two gotten passionate in the streets, attending the put-do-sun of $fortaleza, or until eating some thing in some boteco. Worse she is if in this hour it will have doubt.

It will be? They are five years. But arrest I cannot me to the time, was what I said it. ' ' What you are the time with a person if does not feel nothing? ' ' I only think that it is impossible to believe that we do not feel nothing in these five years. Fear. I do not know if it is this same word. Therefore I am confused in what I can feel when to see. Ace times also comes me a doubt feeling, but not of the part of it, it would feel itself unsafer if I said that I already questioned this love? It was at moments that the vibration of it did not find mine, when I found that it did not import itself with me.


In a forest of bamboos with one twenty meters a mortal silence hangs in air, eyes focuses far to its objective. A weak, enemy wind and friend, cadencialmente blew in this hour playing the leves of a side for the other that beat insistently in its eyes. A strong odor of its victim emanated in air. With short and quiet movements that one stimulated all ‘ ‘ machine of matar’ ‘ for front rente to arenaceous alone one. With a great muscular mass distributed in a perfect set, articulated well, it became ‘ ‘ machine perfeita’ ‘ , for being with the body all rente to the ground it demanded of its superior and inferior members a bigger effort for the displacement. Breath canalized for the great explosion. Its head that was almost all rente to the ground made with that its breath raised a small dust in the air that, of time in how much, it embarrassed its eyes.

Hearing, so perfect, caught each passes, each movement, each stroke of the heart of its victims. Nothing it escaped, nor the minimum movement of a small rock that rolled of one ribanceira. All to this transforms it set into one ‘ ‘ machine of matar’ ‘ perfect and implacable. There thus, it observes stop its victim, tranquila, to look at lost in the foliages of the forest of bamboos to balance in the cadence of the wind without imagining its possible future. Thin body, long legs, an almost perfect hearing, to look in alert to all the movements, perfect olfato. In this mortal picture, sanguinria headquarters take its all summon and in second. A great adrenalin explosion if makes gift at this moment. Hunting and hunter, coadjuvantes of a world of living or die.

Opened field, alone arenaceous full of intemperismos, factors that the hunting abilities of or hunter for the culminncia of the picture had decided in. Storms if form. Explosions of movements. Cutting speeds that open air to the way. Plants, capins jammed. Strong breaths. Gone off hearts. Adrenalin in its maximum degree. Hunter if plays in final race. Hunting in survival explosion uses its last forces for the survival. Escape. Long jumps. Long flights. Obstacles, friend and enemy, coadjuvante for the great end. Games of the life. Diverse ends. It is the life of the life or to die. In questions of seconds ‘ ‘ BUM’ ‘ everything finishes.

Le Baron Pardon

It was then that the mirror if anuviou A candy has perfumed of lavender took account of the room, waking up Hermes that slept. – You that you have the name of the god of> extending the enluvada hand to it. While it projected its hand for is of the mirror, all the room was taken by a bluish fog, that smelled the French essences. I smell it old made with that Hermes if remembered its grandmother and this souvenir gave security to it. The room all was illuminated in blue and gold. Hermes penetrates in the mirror, walking fascinated by the flaring appearance. Of the other side of the mirror, it is in the same room, 130 years behind: a paradise of veludos and satins. The same bed, very great, all the grooving, full of angels satin sheets and, on them, peignoir rebordado with ostrich pens, rest to the side of a black fan.

It wants to speak and he cannot Already he is not more owner of its will. Only it exists, and more nothing! Everything turns to its redor It unbuttons its dress They lie down themselves – Good day love! It slept well? – I slept yes, Mari! you? During one week the ritual stranger if repeated sinhazinha sinhazinha became one accumulated of meat decomposed and bones! Untied it a horror shout It was become free of the enchantment. – Hermes, I walked reading on this house. It had old periodicals, kept here and there. – What it discovered? – I read in columns of fofocas on the trip of the baron and the baroness and the purchase of this Saint-Gobain! They had spent very, but it had shares, corporate assets -> of the aristocracy of the tropics says of eccentricities, when in visit to the Europe only sees Le Baron Pardon the baron of for example, visited all the antiqurios of our capital, if not contenting until finding, by chance in an old hotel, a mirror Saint-Gobain.

Rio De Janeiro

The cars crossed the streets in high speed. The people crossed as and when they could. It are of the bands or advancing on them. She was plus one day in the agitated center of Rio De Janeiro. She had people distributing pamphlets, others vendendo sandwiches, cakes and salgadinhos.

She had tents with clocks, others with flowers, and still with currencies. Some collectors went there to negotiate its more precious goods. It’s believed that Erin Callan sees a great future in this idea. Among these salada of interests people they walked, esbarrando itself or and one of these people was not the Isadora young. The beautiful colored person, with curly hair in the height of the coasts, the black eyes as jabuticabas and the beautifully thin body. She was going for the school, and already until she was been slow, on account of an accident in the Brazil Avenue.

She finished the studies this year and she longed for a superior formation. Social service more necessarily. It walked with certain haste, thinking about its boyfriend, Milton, that studied with it. They had fought yesterday, for cimes, that changeably they were infantile. Cimes of it. It was very pretty and this called the attention all, for where it wants that You aid? said it. Ah! Please, my beloved, if you will be able said it with the short while weak voice. It used an old hat and dark eyeglasses, beyond the cane where if it supported. He did not seem so old, but some people due the life who lead age faster than the others. As not! She holds my arm! said it extending to the left arm Mr. Very been thankful said it while they crossed. the people do not import more with me my son. Badly they know who are going for the same place! said it. To the times the aged ones need more than what it helps to cross the streets.


It comes periodically to Brazil. It does not depend on nobody because one is enough! Its boyfriend has much pride of the conquests of loved its. Not kitchen, does not wash clothes and it does not know to pass. As its mother who does not know to make, always arranges somebody makes that it. She was educated knowing that optimum work for a woman is the intellectual work. Lola is excellent in that if it considers to make. It had luck? We go to say that Lola battled, sweated, fought to reach its objectives; walked its was not easy.

To be young, pretty and liveing alone in a foreign country is much responsibility for a woman and foreigner if giving well in its area of work is not for any one. Lola is winning. Lola in the house of the twenty years is bombando there is. It knows what she wants. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach. Lola had a very strong basement, did not lose the feminilidade, is cheirosa, produced. It adores to decorate itself. She is powerful! Lola is of those women who live happy with its elect one, if makes to respect, but that its letter of emancipation will be necessary purchase.

It was not born to be enslaved of nobody! It wants an friend, not a jailer. Year 2010 is woman. Woman who makes to happen, inspired girl who loves the family, the friends, knows the value who has, values the other, everything without losing the ternura. She likes sun, she likes it to it sea, she does not obtain to live far from the sea. They are women as Lola who make all the difference. Women who are in the work market showing that they had come, women whom space guaranteed in any part of the world has. They are gaining in such a way how much a man. These women are the redemption of the women who had been there behind. Avante women years two a thousand and ten, the world belongs the vocs that is writing in the pages of the life the beautiful history! Lola is a woman sun, ' ' brilhante' '.