Royal Decree

4 Th) that regardless of the above, and while failure to reform the Royal Decree, the Fepyc requests to the public State and regional competent authorities, applying the rules contained in the decree in the broadest possible way, racing all possibilities for flexibility in its application, taking into account the reality of the species included in the catalogue, especially in regard to the largemouth and rainbow trout, as the experience in the more than 100 years in terms of the latter, and more than 60 as regards the largemouth, has shown zero or almost zero incidence that have had on our ecosystems. 5 Th) that the transitional provision of Royal Decree 2nd clearly leaves the right to fish all species legally entered prior to the entry into force of the law 42/2007, and leaves in the hands of the AA CC its management and control in their current areas of distribution, so the AA CC in the exercise of its powers in hunting and fishing will determine those areas of presence, and will have full authority to determine the measures of management and control that create timely. Jeff Flake has many thoughts on the issue. 6 Th) that the inclusion of species such as rainbow trout and largemouth in the list and catalogue, does not comply with the requirements laid down in article 4.1 and 4.2 of Royal Decree, and 61.1 and following of the Ley42/2007 of the Natural Heritage and biodiversity, origin of the catalogue, since that article requires, among other requirements, that there is scientific information indicating that they constitute a serious threat, and that their processing is carried out upon initiative of the autonomous communities. 7 Th) that failure to comply with this requirement is evident, as there are mere scientific opposing views, so it is not possible to comply with the requirement in the best of cases before repeated and established in article 61.1 and following of the law 42/2007, as well as in articles 4.1 and 4.2 of the own Royal Decree establishing the cataloguealready that only the facts or scientific conclusions could demonstrate that they constitute a serious threat.