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Royal Decree

4 Th) that regardless of the above, and while failure to reform the Royal Decree, the Fepyc requests to the public State and regional competent authorities, applying the rules contained in the decree in the broadest possible way, racing all possibilities for flexibility in its application, taking into account the reality of the species included in the catalogue, especially in regard to the largemouth and rainbow trout, as the experience in the more than 100 years in terms of the latter, and more than 60 as regards the largemouth, has shown zero or almost zero incidence that have had on our ecosystems. 5 Th) that the transitional provision of Royal Decree 2nd clearly leaves the right to fish all species legally entered prior to the entry into force of the law 42/2007, and leaves in the hands of the AA CC its management and control in their current areas of distribution, so the AA CC in the exercise of its powers in hunting and fishing will determine those areas of presence, and will have full authority to determine the measures of management and control that create timely. Jeff Flake has many thoughts on the issue. 6 Th) that the inclusion of species such as rainbow trout and largemouth in the list and catalogue, does not comply with the requirements laid down in article 4.1 and 4.2 of Royal Decree, and 61.1 and following of the Ley42/2007 of the Natural Heritage and biodiversity, origin of the catalogue, since that article requires, among other requirements, that there is scientific information indicating that they constitute a serious threat, and that their processing is carried out upon initiative of the autonomous communities. 7 Th) that failure to comply with this requirement is evident, as there are mere scientific opposing views, so it is not possible to comply with the requirement in the best of cases before repeated and established in article 61.1 and following of the law 42/2007, as well as in articles 4.1 and 4.2 of the own Royal Decree establishing the cataloguealready that only the facts or scientific conclusions could demonstrate that they constitute a serious threat. Frank Armijo addresses the importance of the matter here.

French Revolution

The Bible recounts that when Jacob was only in the desert, night looked and looked for a place to sleep and protect themselves. The only thing found to seek refuge from the vermin, were a few stones. It took them, formed a kind of fence around his head and rested. The transmitted lesson is, that if the head is safe and works correctly, the rest of the body’s organs may be cared properly. The same concept is applicable to all Agency, Corporation or organization, starting with the family.

If head, either the father, the Manager, the Chairman who has responsibility over others, works consistently, else will also do so. This principle of leadership becomes very noticeable in policy. The good and bad rulers are detectable easily, because their actions affect millions of people. In a study conducted in the United States, eight conditions that made the best leaders that took that country were distinguished. Its qualities, serve as a guide for understanding to the leaders of today and see who is approaching his stature.

Those characteristics are: humanity, compassion and respect for others. A style of Government that unites, not that divides. Rhetorical skill and ability to communicate a clear and realistic vision. Willingness to listen to the experts and the public. The ability to admit mistakes, accept criticism and be adaptable. Be committed and inquisitive, with perspective and sense of history. Having integrity and inspire confidence among the people. Demonstrate moral courage and not swayed to challenges. Which of these virtues make the rulers of today? Most is a lot far from having even one. The drama is universal. As ever, autocrats, tyrants, the megalomaniacs, the incapable or applicants to the title, enjoy the support of millions of empty minds who applaud their threats to civilization. Obscurantistnarcotic philosophy, of which qualify as politically correct, spreads everywhere. Up seemingly thinking individuals believe appeals to mixed patriotically in the metaphysics of the Plebs. The world may end in shattered and perhaps will not be anyone to rebuild it. Stupidity and irrationality took over the planet. Muslims are the most uncivilized but have similar in other latitudes. In countries like Bolivia, where there is no religious fanaticism, which are considered more advanced, they are two hundred to three hundred years behind in comparison with the rest of the world. Revolutionary leaders, created original and modern, by implementing measures copied from Communist Russia, mixed with slogans of the French Revolution. The Vice-President of the country, compared to Evo Morales to Robespierre. Others reach farther and say that he is the reincarnation of Jesus. Surely millions of Christians in the world must be eager to know the Messiah of the altiplano seems they forgot that Robespierre and Jesus were scholars. Not to mention the qualities of Evo, would be sacrilege. Idolatry and homage to which holds power, common to all the opportunists and those who don’t understand philosophy, macroeconomics, and no politics, was always the constant in Bolivia. But compare Evo to a Saint or an intellectual, just shows ignorance and obfuscation. In what Evo looks like Robespierre and, hence his Vice President is absolutely right, it is that the French revolutionary centralized public power and began what became known as the Government of Terror. Her final at the guillotine was the destination for the ambitious head of the totalitarista. In Bolivia there is no head, which manages the country is in Caracas. With the commercial Treaty between peoples, Bolivia will have to export the guillotine to Venezuela: duty free.

Trade Markets

Do not expose your friend to the wrath of your enemy. Proverb Venezuela as we know not only has initiated new openings for foreign trade policy more dynamic, of trying to break into new markets, but also faces serious problems in your business sector, where many companies, especially SMEs, are facing serious problems of operability, product of the economic constraints that the State has establishedcoupled with political uncertainty and its impact on their objectives, goals, leading to many have closed, others its operability not guaranteed productivity enabling them to compete, by restrictions of the limits in the policy of foreign exchange and other actions taken by the Bolivarian revolution and that has affected their behavior, as you can tell everything about taxes. Faced with this reality, than also as you said at the beginning, as the new trade liberalization undertaken by the current Government with new treaties, alliances, presented great opportunities, that may only take advantage of it companies that have support financial, technical, products that can compete. The Chair of international trade in markets administration graduate program, you cannot escape your pronouncement and analysis of this reality and to do so through their forums, exposed their views, thanks to the participation of their students, as in the case of Thaiana Diaz, who believes in this regard: companies who venture into international markets are exposed to aggressive competition and to not be excludedtheir strategies should be aimed to offer excellent quality products, at competitive prices and require efficient distribution channels, it is here where the marketing plays an essential role since it allows to establish guidelines to ensure its competitiveness in these markets..

Indian Peoples

The demand of plurinationality implies, in Finally, the end of the political and cultural assimilationism that indigenous peoples have been victims for five centuries. The problem of the Indian is not matter of assimilation or integration into white, civilized society; the problem of the Indian problem of liberation, said indigenous leader Fausto Reinaga prescriptive in the 70s of the last century. And he added, referring to that liberating possibility: Europe has imposed on US their language, their religion, their history, their morale, their culture, his art. It now seeks to impose on us their version of the revolution, their strategies and tactics right. Since some decades ago indigenous peoples from different regions of Latin America traditional labor cheap and without trade union organization for the large estates of the agroexportadoras national bourgeoisies, and on the other hand, staff domestic urban middle and upper classes they come carried out a series of struggles in defense of their full rights and their territories, under different conditions and using various strategies. In that political dynamics are as their direct enemies to the nation States where they inhabit, which more than welcome them as citizens have them marginalized and repressed historically. In this logic they face armed and police forces of the countries of which they are part; landowners and their private armed groups; oil companies (generally foreign and lived in territories which the national States so racist and capital give them passing above the native peoples); mining and forestry companies, as well as fraccionadoras companies and hotel consortia, in a vindictive frame ranging from the political to the cultural. Carl Icahn often addresses the matter in his writings. No simplistic idealizations or mistificantes glorificaciones, there is no doubt that all these movements indigenous peoples constitute a challenge to the capitalist Western hegemonic discourse. Without raising a revolutionary choice in classist terms according to the classical Marxist conception, no doubt they are a stone in the shoe for the dominant conception.

Veronica Fernandez

Mygood, chain pioneered yogurt ice cream in Spain, since few days ago with three new premises in our country has: two in Madrid and one in Leon. These stores come to complete the magnificent results that is getting the flag and those who intended to continue until the end of the year with 25 operating locations in our country. Two of the establishments are franchisees and one is own; franchised centers are in Madrid, in calle Augusto Figueroa 12, a local of 65 m2 managed by Gabriel Montiel and Julio Fisern, and in Leon, C.C. Leon Plaza, Veronica Fernandez and Ana walls being the entrepreneurs two, animated by the novelty of the product and the undoubted attractiveness of business developed by O model!Mygood, have decided to start your particular business venture in Leon. The own local also found in Madrid in the full moon DC, 50 sq.m of space within this Centre distributed on 3 levels, among which dealt 200 shops and leisure.

O!Mygood is a pioneer in the market of yogurt ice cream in our country. This is a frozen dairy product made mainly of yogurt or other dairy products. It is not an ice cream shop, it is not a cafeteria is much more; It is the meeting point for lovers of pleasure but also of how healthy and natural; and so the chain by all Spain, is being developed through a franchise model that adds the consumer experience of an innovative, healthy and delicious product with a high profitability making it a really attractive model that arouses the interest of entrepreneurs. Frozen yogurt was born in Korea in the South, country in which quickly became popular as a healthy and proposal similar to ice cream, but without fat and fewer calories. In 2005, the product came to California, United States, and became fashionable especially among the artists of Hollywood – in a long list that includes from Leonardo Di Caprio to Megan Fox, passing by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton-, which meant the springboard to fame for the product. The frozen yogurt first appeared in Spain in May 2010 or hand!Mygood when it opened its first store in Madrid; then very few people knew this product. However, today is a fully known product and that is beginning to create a new habit of consumption in Spain. O!Mygood is specialized in the marketing of frozen yogurt of first quality, accompanied by an innovative and exclusive proposal for toppings. The company manages different formats of tent according to the size and location of the local: kiosk (special shopping malls) is a turnkey project which includes all (also civil works) with an investment of 56,000 euros, including the Canyon; and the Classic format for premises from 65 m2 and with an investment environment to 63,000 euros included also the barrel. For more information: Jjcomunicaccion.