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Carlos Robert Lighter

Is disciplined to memorize it the Holy Writs ' ' I asked for, and will give you; you search, and you will find; you beat and will confide you. Therefore all what it asks for, it receives; who search, finds; what it beats, open-if-it-.' ' TM 7,7, 8 ' ' You I have said these things, so that in me you have peace. In the world you will have tribulaes; but good spirit tends, I won mundo.' ' Jo 16; 33 ' ' I can all the things in that me fortalece' ' Fp 4,13 ' ' this is the confidence that we have in it, that to ask for to some thing its will according to, it in ouve.' ' 1Jo 5,4 TO PERSONALIZE? It becomes each personal ticket. It uses pronames: I, me, mine ' ' You do not walk anxious for thing some; before in everything they are your order ahead known of God for the conjunct and suplication with action of favours ' ' Fp 4,6 I do not have to be anxious for nothing, I must become known for God all my necessities by means of conjunct. To break mental habits of long fast easy duration not and nor. But if you to want to alar high flight you will have that to make it. HE SEES MYSELF IN NEW CIRCUMSTANCES. Carlos Robert Lighter

Mnica Gazzarrini

Is considered to receive it the action from the power of God in its life. The children of God are only worthy to reach the coming world, but God decides for the resurrection! All we can revive if in giving the God to them, placing-In first place and respecting/loving our next one as to we ourselves! You he is merciful, just, wonderful. Credit: Pacific Mortgage Services-2011. God is only! ' ' He cried out, therefore, Aimas, and said the king: Peace. inclined it the king with the face in land, it said: Bendito is you, that it delivered the men who had raised the hand against the king mine senhor.' ' 2 Samuel 18:28 Who is the king of this world for having freed the humanity and having remade our linking with God, so that we came back to have the possibility to be again its children? Jesus! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '

The Mr

It confesses its sin and its soul is purificada. They hear its confession through this salmo written by it. (Salmo 51) Nessa confession of Davi we perceive the conscience of who recognizes its state of pecador man and the disposal to confess its sin. ) It calls the attention God. That is, when it falls in itself.

' ' God, feels sorry you of me God according to yours love; it erases my trespasses, for love of your great misericrdias.' ' In this confession it is humiliated ahead of God. b) It asks for purificao: ' ' He completely washes me of my iniquity, and purifica me of mine pecado' ' c) It demonstrated knowledge of its trespasses. It did not occult! d) The sin was disclosed ahead of Davi. Something was clear. ' ' my sin is always ahead of mim' ' e) It understood that its sin was an abominable act ahead of God. ' ' against you, against you I only sinned. I made what he is badly ahead of yours olhos.' ' f) The salmista assumes its pecaminosa nature, and its origin while to be human. 1.4 – The SIN, confessed does not take off the joy of the soul.

The distant person of the communion with the FATHER leaves. ' ' She becomes to give joy to me of your salvation and supports me with a spirit obediente.' ' This is a clear test of that it lost the joy, that had before committing the sin. This is a test of the absence of the joy, when the sin is not confessed. Davi asks for the Mr. to open its lips, so that its mouth entoasse louvores the God. Verse 15 APPLICATION: In itself treating to confession, the text of the epistle of Joo presents the reality the spite of the pecador man who is the same situation presented for Davi.

Biblical Being

Inversion and invention of values That the bible is our ethical manual, all Christian we know, but we also know that this is not accepted for the after-modernized society. The pretensions are not few human beings to try to supplant the truth and to lower it a category of inferiority. To each day we surprise in them at the inventions that they look to invert the irreversible one; laws that collate the proper law. They battle to forbid the truth affirming is that: the truth is that the truth does not exist; in the truth assertive one is a true incongruncia such. Pra this society, what valley is what not valley. Truth is what each one says, and, to say the truth in the current days constitutes the biggest challenge. Who thinks that to say the truth it is to say what it thinks, is maken a mistake.

The truth is absolute, it is universal and it is above of the values and mere human standards. Independent the necessary to be said and proclaimed truth of who it pronounces, as Scrates said: ' ' It does not import who says the truth, only the truth dita' '. While the Christianity in its two a thousand years of history, looks for to place in the mouth of the people truth, being thus produced one ' ' Christ mania' ' , the society in opposing has generated one ' ' Christ fobia' '. The Messenger evanglico periodical of the Peace, agency of the Assemblies of God in Brazil, published a substance saying that the hindered religion and liberty of speech is being each time more in the Ocidente. In the Europe, it is not only forbidden to nail on subjects ' ' politically incorretos' ' as well as the reading of Biblical texts is forbidden even though that make mention to the homossexualismo as sin.

Christians are being fined and imprisoned in England for distribution of brochures I contend Biblical texts considered ' ' politically incorretos' '. In sight to Brazil, the Swedish shepherd Lars Ivar Roland Vingren, only affirms that to read in meetings texts with Rm. 1.26-27 the arrest is enough to take somebody. Let us pray for the o world let us ask for the God who illuminates the men with the Truth of the Salvation.

Pombagira Owner

Certainly Pombagira (Funny Dove) is one corruptela of Bongbogir, and the name finished for restricting it the feminine quality of exu (Augras, 1989). In the umbanda-formed one, in years 30 of this century, of the meeting of religious traditions afro-Brazilians with the French kardecista espiritismo -, Pombagira is part of the panteo of entities that work in ' ' esquerda' ' , that is, that they can be invoked for ' ' to work for mal' ' , in contrast with those entities of ' ' direita' ' , that they would only be invoked on behalf of ' ' bem' '. (Camargo, 1961: Prandi, 1991) Pombagira Owner, who has a very special place in the religions afro-Brazilians, can also be found in the not religious spaces of the Brazilian culture: in novels of television, the cinema, popular music, the colloquies of the diaa-day. For kardecista influence in umbanda, Pombagira it is the spirit of a woman (and not it orix) that while still alive she would have been a gracious prostitute or, woman of low moral principles, capable to dominate the men for its sexual feats, loving of the luxury, it money and of all luck of pleasures. In Brazil, over all between the urban poor populations, the Pombagira is common to appeal it the solution related problems the failures and desires the loving life and the sexuality, beyond innumerable others that involve affliction situations. To study the cults of the Pombagira allows to understand something us them aspirations and frustrations of wide parcels of the population that are very distant of a code of ethics and morality based in values of the tradition Christian occidental person. Therefore for Pombagira owner any desire can be taken care of: it does not have limits for the fancy human being. Although it conserves of candombl the veneration of orixs, umbanda, religion that developed and systemize the cult to the Pombagira as entity endowed with proper identity, it is a religion centered in the cult of the caboclos and old black people, beyond other entities.