Pombagira Owner

Certainly Pombagira (Funny Dove) is one corruptela of Bongbogir, and the name finished for restricting it the feminine quality of exu (Augras, 1989). In the umbanda-formed one, in years 30 of this century, of the meeting of religious traditions afro-Brazilians with the French kardecista espiritismo -, Pombagira is part of the panteo of entities that work in ' ' esquerda' ' , that is, that they can be invoked for ' ' to work for mal' ' , in contrast with those entities of ' ' direita' ' , that they would only be invoked on behalf of ' ' bem' '. (Camargo, 1961: Prandi, 1991) Pombagira Owner, who has a very special place in the religions afro-Brazilians, can also be found in the not religious spaces of the Brazilian culture: in novels of television, the cinema, popular music, the colloquies of the diaa-day. For kardecista influence in umbanda, Pombagira it is the spirit of a woman (and not it orix) that while still alive she would have been a gracious prostitute or, woman of low moral principles, capable to dominate the men for its sexual feats, loving of the luxury, it money and of all luck of pleasures. In Brazil, over all between the urban poor populations, the Pombagira is common to appeal it the solution related problems the failures and desires the loving life and the sexuality, beyond innumerable others that involve affliction situations. To study the cults of the Pombagira allows to understand something us them aspirations and frustrations of wide parcels of the population that are very distant of a code of ethics and morality based in values of the tradition Christian occidental person. Therefore for Pombagira owner any desire can be taken care of: it does not have limits for the fancy human being. Although it conserves of candombl the veneration of orixs, umbanda, religion that developed and systemize the cult to the Pombagira as entity endowed with proper identity, it is a religion centered in the cult of the caboclos and old black people, beyond other entities.