Management Of Meetings

All organizations are sometime with that not taken into account the management of meetings, resulting in often found with that you spend more time than necessary and end such meetings become unproductive, a waste of time. Finally many employees are no longer attending meetings because they feel that they add nothing to his works. To overcome these drawbacks, then some useful tips: how to organize a meeting? 1. Prior to convene it, analyze if it is the best way of meeting the communication objective. Consider the alternatives: send e-mail, write a memo, a Conference, a video conference call, or a presentation.

2. Define that you must achieve meeting to consider it successful. You can be a decision, ideas, consensus, commitment, etc. 3-define the agenda of the meeting, i.e. the sequence of topics that should try to meet the target. Ensure that all participants receive the detailed agenda. 4. For each topic to be treated, define how they will do it.

It can be discussion, presentation, brainstorm ideas, etc. Define also the time required for each one. 5. Decide who should participate in the meeting. It must be the necessary minimum of people with which to fulfil the objective fully. 6 Define where the meeting should be. Think about the comfort of the participants, and in possible external influences. 7. Decide when the meeting should be conducted. 8. Confirm with all participants. Make sure that they understand the agenda, and that they are prepared to work. How to act during a meeting? 1 Arrive early. If you do, you can select the best position, prepare your material and prepare himself. 2. Start on time. 3. Present each topic of the agenda, indicating the way that will cover each, and the time that will be devoted to. 4.-5 Minutes of the scheduled time for each topic limit, alert to the participants. 5 Take notes. Keep a slate type where the uncompleted topics, ideas that arise, etc. 6.-at the end, summarize, conclude and verify the commitments of the participants. 7 Thank the participants. What to do after the meeting? 1. Prepare a short and clear summary of the meeting, with an emphasis on the decisions and commitments made. Distribute this summary among the participants, and those who did not take part but are involved. 2 Assess whether objectives have been met. 3. Contact to those participants who made a commitment during the meeting, and ensure that they comply as promised. 4 Thank again those participants have made extraordinary contributions during the meeting. 5 Talk to those participants who remained silent, or who expressed some reservation with the results of the meeting.