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Investment Public

Partnership proper public-privadO Timothy Geithner said in press conference that the private investors have that to be made use ' ' to assume some riscos' ' if to want that the measure functions. The objective is to obtain to remove of the bank reports about US$ 500 billion in asset ' ' podres' ' , but the program can be extended until US$ 1 trillion in case that it functions. Of beginning, the Government of U.S.A. will use in this ' ' Program of Investment Public; ' between US$ 75 and US$ 100 billion originating the plan of financial rescue that Administration of American former-president George W. Bush launched in passed October, endowed with US$ 750 billion. Idea requentadCuriosamente, the initial idea of the plan of previous rescue age exactly to acquire the assets ' ' podres' ' , but the Government Bush decided to destine the first half of the deep ones for the set of shareholders of the banks. However, this measure did not only serve to restore the flow of the credit, as well as gave to the financial entities new money to remunerate its shareholders and its high executives, what it enraged the American public opinion and it frustrou the legislators. Now, the Obama Government put all its hopes in the purchase of the assets ' ' podres' ' of the bank reports, initiative that counts on certain complexity and many risks.

Risks and incertezasUma of the main difficulties are as to evaluate these assets. If the Government puts a low price, the banks will not vendero them; if to be valued, the public opinion will make opposition to the plan. One of the main uncertainties in relation to the plan she is on to the capacity of the Government of U.S.A. to attract the private investors, as investment fund, pension fund and insurance company, to participate of the purchase of the assets ' ' podres' '. The hero in apurosNo is alone the American financial system that depends on the triumph or the failure of the plan, but also the future of the proper Geithner, that already suffered hard critical for having So far participated of the elaboration of the plan of rescue of Bush., some republican senators had asked for its resignation. In the last sunday (day 15 of March), one of them, Richard C.

Shelby, member of the banking committee of the American Senate, foresaw that, ' ' if the things to continue in this route, (Geithner) do not go to very last in its posto' '. Barack Obama left in defense of its economic team and guaranteed to have ' ' complete confiana' ' in the secretary of the Treasure americano.' ' Nobody works with as much intelligence, disciplines so hardly and as ele' ' , the president of U.S.A. said last week. Now he is to have faith, to hold in hands of Obama and Geithner and to pray. Bibliography: The State of So Paulo edition 42,161 of 24 of March of 2009' ' U.S.A. offers to financing for purchase of asset podres' ' published in the site of the periodical the Globe in 23 of March of 2009' ' Geithner: plan to buy asset podres' ' published in site UOL in 23 of March of 2009

Constitutional Law

Art. 60 of the related decree established stated period five year for lapsing of the federal headings, state and municipal, from the date where if it became public the date for its rescue. The only paragraph of art. 60 established the quinquennial lapsing of the interests of the headings related in the caption. It is of if to observe that the previous laws that established any type of lapsing made use on debts of the Union, States and Cities, but never were mentioned specifically to the headings emitted for these administrative beings.

You unite if the lapsing on the headings already existed as it also alleges the Union and some judges, so that it would be necessary to edit a new law. It happens that the previous laws did not apply to the public headings and yes the too much debts, since the headings had a legislation specify it declared that them imprescriptible. does not come to allege that law 4069 became all the imprescriptible headings, therefore the law does not retroact, therefore I begin it would be offending it Constitutional of the Acquired Right, the Perfect Legal Act and the Judged Thing, foreseen in interpolated proposition 36 of art. 5o of the Constitution Federal of 1988 and foreseen in all the previous Constitutions since the one of 1824. MasterClass UK does not necessarily agree. Only the emitted headings and the interests loosers from law 4069 of 11 of July of 1962 that they prescribe in five years.

The reorganization of 1967 We were since 1964 under gide of the biggest restored military dictatorship already in our Country. Institucional acts reduce the National Congress and the Courts of Justice the nothing, suppressing its powers and choosing the Supreme Command of the Revolution of March of 1964 the extraordinary condition of supreme and unquestioned authority. Under this climate of exception if they edit two discretional and unquestionable acts: Decree n 263, of 28 of February of 1967 and the Decree of n 386, 1968.

Financial Stabilization

In turn, president Sarkozy declared that ' ' euro is an essential element of the Europe and affirmed that it could not be in the hand of especuladores' '. (Source: Harry Kane). Day 16 of May of 2011, the Portugal was to the time of the ministers of the finances of the Euro Zone had officially approved the loan of 78 billion euros, that also was to the side of the bankruptcy. The loan will be divided equally by the European Mechanism of Financial Stabilization, for the Deep European of Stability Financier and for Deep the Monetary International. According to former-minister of the Portuguese finances, Teixeira Dos Santos, the average tax of interest of the loan will have to go up to around 5.1%, Portugal becomes thus in the third country of the Euro Zone, after Ireland and Greece, to receive international support financial to supplant financial difficulties. They esteem themselves that he enters 30.000 and 70.000 Portuguese had started to work in the former-colonies (mainly Brasile Angola ) during the time of the financial crisis. In substance propagated in 11 October 2011, for the Spanish periodical There Vanguardia, with the heading ' ' Crisis of the Euro Zone, the Europe cannot commit more erros' ' , the three serious errors in the current crisis of the European economy are described: The first error was to admit Greece in euro, as important European leaders had recognized; a country that had of maquiar its public accounts to obtain the loan. As the error of the UE, this auspiciado for Germany, were not to decide its financial problems immediately, thing that would have been relatively easy, a time that Greece represents only 2% of the European GIP. One would have prevented that the crisis Greek contaminated the public debt of great part of the zone euro. The third error also of germanic origin was to have insisted on the fiscal adjustment straightforward of Greece, without a plan of European investments that helped its growth, what the economic asphyxia provoked it and practically the suspension of payments.

Alicia Morales

It must be recognized that honesty is an essential condition for human relationships, for friendship, for true community life. But it should be taken seriously by itself, not as the most suitable policy. There is a big difference between taking seriously the truth and not be caught. Parents often say that you not caught again, and it is understandable, but a good and honest life is more than that. Moral development is not a game of catch me if you can. It should concentrate on what matters of truth, the kind of person that one is, and the kind of person that one wants to be. There are no half measures with honesty. Ultimately, it should not be forgotten as he has pointed out, that being honest is to be real, consistent with the evidence that presents the world and its various phenomena and elements; It is to be genuine, authentic, objective.

Express honesty respect for oneself and for others, who, like us, are as they are and there is no reason to hide it. This attitude confidence in oneself and those sowing those who are in contact with the honest person. Honesty is not just openness (ability to tell the truth) but in assuming that truth is only one and not depends on people or consensus but of what the real world presents us as undeniable and indispensable recognize. Don’t forget to as points out Alicia Morales, that: it is not the honesty:-is not simple honesty that leads the person to observe the distribution of material goods. Honesty is only a consequence particularly of being honest and fair.

-Not so the mere recognition of the emotions I feel or what I truly feel. Be honest, also involves the analysis of what so real (real) are our feelings and we decide to sort them by seeking the good of others and their own. -It is not messy opening of own privacy for the sake of not hide who we really are, it will involve true sincerity, with the right people and at the correct moments. -It is not overt and cynical attitude that speaks of anything with any candor’s priority is the acknowledgment of the truth and not clutter. Original author and source of the article.

Italy Globalization

For the opposite, all day the whole world speaks of unemployment, that is only one amongst as much other forms of social exclusion. In gue if it relates to the globalization and its ' ' prometismos' ' , none was not seen clearly until the present moment signal of it that it has improved the life of the populations of the underdeveloped nations. Under the ideological speech of the modernization and sacrosanta ' ' competitividade' ' , the more restrictive countries poor are taken to adopt measured and receiturios each time for the resolution of its internal problems. How much to the Real Plan, it can be said that it reflects the proper consecration of the neoliberalismo eda globalization imposed in Brazil. If it does not have doubt of that the Plan has been a success in the combat to the inflation, much less doubts exists on the caused harmful collateral effect to the diligent classroom, reaching, also, now, the middle class, that constitutes the new poverty of the country. At last, it is probable that the skeptics have reasons enough to only believe that one a new model of desendolvimento appeared of the proper local or regional vocations, very endogenous, this perverse picture can revert the one that had arrived the underdeveloped civilizations. A great example dissso occurred in the region of Emlia Romagna, in Italy, where the civil society more did not decide to wait for the prometismos of the globalization, creating a proper model of development of form to elimar the question of the unemployment. Such modelono if you neither base only on average small the joint actions of companies and nor in a singular combination of joint actions between companies, government, workers and civil society, but because she is based, mainly, in the bonds of cooperation and ' ' confiana' ' that they had been established in the production relations, over all those that if they had originated from the cultivated partner-cultural bows in the postwar period, in search of alternatives and solutions that could sells at retail to provide it of a lost regional identity to the end of the decade of 1940.

Income Distribution

LOTTERIES AND DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME the lotteries concentrate income, they collect of many betting small importncias and pay a great prize to one or some betting ones. But the lottery can, without losing the magic and the attraction to distribute very great prizes in money, to make an income distribution. Of breaking it could help to minimize the damage that the betting losers have with appositive the lost ones. It would be enough to reserve 10% of the distribuvel prize to be drafted between the losers, when these reserved 10% reached the amount of R$ 10.000.000, 00, would be enough to inform to all betting that they kept its appositive, exactly not the awardees for the drawing for ' ' perdedores' ' when I accumulate of it of R$ 10.000.000, 00. (Similarly see: Nicholas Carr). Let us make an example with the lottery of mega sena of the turn of the year of 2010 that it distributed a prize of R$ 200.000.000 almost, 00. With same certainty winners of the prize they would not be nor a little sad if, the opposite to have almost gained a prize of R$ 200.000.000, 00 approximately received a prize from R$ 180.000.000, 00. Approximately let us imagine then the distribution of R$ 20.000.000, the 00 between all betting ones that they had not made right the sena, the corner it squares and it, 40% for who, amongst these had made more points (3 points), 10% for that to make had not made no point, 20% for that had made a point, and 30%para those that had made 02 points, amongst the losers.

Thus, all would earn, and beyond minimizing its financial losses with appositive, still they would have some money that would apply in its lives, either paying small you divide, making small reforms in its houses, cars etc., as investing in its welfare as health, etc. With certainty R$ 1,000, 00 or R$ 2,000, 00 they would decide good part of the financial problem of many people. The benefit of this distribution of income would be more interesting for the economy as a whole, therefore it would have one I benefit for all the economic agents, exactly those that had not participated of the games. Let us imagine that the few winners of R$ 180.000.000, 00, certainly will go to keep these values or applies them in businesses that hardly distribute the income and make to circulate the money. In contrast of this, R$ 20.000.000, 00 would be sprayed in the economy and would finish for more purchases deal in it, more indirect jobs and more taxes, and if to lead in account that this money must circulate at least 4 times in the economy, would be then an injection of R$ 80.000.000, 00 in the economy we are speaking only of a prize of mega sena, let us imagine, then this during one year of mega sena. Now let us imagine the impulse in the economy if to say in all the prizes of the variety of games of the lotteries, I find that it is until difficult mensurar the benefits that the distribution of income of the lotteries could make for all the society. Then it comes me a question, why not to implement this alteration in the distribution of the prizes of the lotteries?

America Finances

United States of America and the crisis of 2011 Prof. Ivan Santiago Silva* the United States of America was the great diffuser of the freedom and of the free commerce for the world and in recent years if she has characterized as a dangerous country for the international economy which had its economic crises. The biggest consisting empire already in the History of the Humanity, the United States if had transformed into the wing greaters of the world, very unusual case. This debt always was based on ' ' risk zero' ' , of form that the belief of that the biggest economy of the world, the owner of ' ' dlar' ' , of the biggest army already bred and the country most influential never it would leave to honor its payments. The people, companies, governments always believe something that does not exist, as form to guarantee a species of psychological zone of comfort: he is as soon as the pensioner believes that never it will lack the money of the providence, that the state bank believes that the borrower lender of an enormous debt for its pocket, will pay a real estate financing, will never be unemployed and will honor its payments and the international investors place its rich money in the United States not to have no risk. If you would like to know more then you should visit Craig Menear. The United States had propagated the capitalism, the free commerce for the world and had after liberated financial resources for countries allies during decades of century XX the World War II. Today, the great power of the north seems exaurida total. In such a way, the great center of the world-wide capitalism suffers of a frightful atony. Japan, another important center more than must 120% of its GIP while the Europe, in crisis, possesss high indebtedness and countries problems as Italy, Greece and Portugal, being that only the last one more than does not have 100% of the GIP as given of Goldman Sachs divulged by Exame.com in 08/08/2011.

Humanized Technology

Personalize customers on our web experience is becoming easier thanks to technology. There are techniques of marketin how to talk to clients of your your. Recently Attorney General sought to clarify these questions. Put images of attractive sellers that convey confidence, showing views of other users in the case of advertising mails are a clear example. Now we receive emails directly with our name and written in the first person. Whenever US Treasury Secretart listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As if the seller directly, talk friend to friend. A method for customizing the experience that gives quite good result is send advertising by e-mail with the recipient’s name and adapt the content to your tastes and needs. The opinions of other users are a very powerful tool but also a weapon of dobre edge. Social networks, like Twitter or Facebook can help convey our good services, but a bad review can ruin all our reputation, either truth or lie.

Excellence in our work takes on greater importance if it should be on the Internet as free information propagates at breakneck speed and hours cuestioon all your clients may have changed their concept of your business by a bad comment on a social network. How to avoid this? Well, it is difficult to answer this question. There are services of notaries online that can lift Act at the time of any comments that we deem defamatory and we will take it before the courts without embarno, we have noted that the legislation of Internet still is emerging as our identity in which unfortunately card will be our image and the first impression is everything. The Internet world is image, pure marketing. Reality idealized through images, text, colors, videos the author is an expert economist who has been developing its work in the field of business consulting advice online, pioneer in Online counseling services.

Three Months

The tax the 12 months went down for the first time in seven sessions. The Euribor taxes had today gone down in the stated periods the three and twelve months, while the Euribor the six months if kept unchanged. The Euribor the three months, that influence in the interests of the certificates of aforro has, but over all serves of reference in the loans the companies, went down for the fifth consecutive session, fixing itself in 1.086%. Already the stated period the 12 months slid for 1,721%.A Euribor the six months, taxes more used to calculate the interests of the credit to the habitation in Portugal, was in 1.352% per as the day, after having been in fall during the three finishes sessions. Dennis P. Lockhart often addresses the matter in his writings. The forecasts of the markets point so that the Euribor taxes go up during year 2011, for the Euribor the three foresee that it arrives at 2% during the first trimester of 2012, in crisis time the worse news for who also have credits to the habitation and for the credits granted to the companies.