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Connected Cities

As we have a with “Crowdsourcing” novel idea factory for the public sector can generate? And the research and development role, if citizens and businesses take over the tasks of research and development for the Administration? How to administrative staff with their knowledge and their experiences in such open think-tank involved and mobilized? How should the public administration with these ideas constructively to and provide for a rapid transfer of knowledge?” Eagerly, the lecture is expected participation by Hella Dunger Lai, Secretary of State in the Senate Department for urban development Berlin, in the subject area. Their versions are available under the heading “Berlin capital of participation”. In the run-up to the imminent election should also the lectures of Pavel Mayer, Managing Director of ART + COM President of the Office for statistics of Berlin-Brandenburg, high attention pull technologies GmbH, and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Heckmann. In his abstract presented at the event, Mayer the provocative question “whether a disorderly sectoral change in policy and management by means of new Internet-based technologies and concepts still avoid can be?” Furthermore Mayer introduces technology-based approaches to greater participation in political and administrative processes and provides insight into the risks and opportunities associated. In the presentation “IT support for elections: visions and feasible” by Prof. Rahman the Organization and the process of elections against the background of the possibilities are illuminated, to support individual process steps through IT.

Possible fields of action are identified from the various expectations of the voters, who are involved in the Organization of elections, as well as politicians. Also the topic of voting machines, as well as its national and international use are the focus of Prof. Rock’s lecture. Matching introduces Armin Berger, Managing Director of 3-point concepts GmbH, the choice-O-mat. With our choice-O-Matic, the Federal Centre for political education/bpb especially want political participation promote young – and voters and animating it, choose to go. This online tool presents theses from different policy areas. Mouse click, the user also can vote. The connection to determine which party is own political positions on the next.

On behalf of the Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung, Berger with his team developed ergonomics and dramaturgy of the popular choice tools and took over the creative development and programming of the surfaces. Problems make solutions and trends in the fields of economic forums, the programs of the forums will be developed with experts from companies, ministries, research institutions, semi-public and private institutions in the form of Advisory Board meetings. Collaborated in the substantive preparation of the E-Government Forum: Cornelius Everding, Chief process innovation officer (CPIO), Ministry of the Interior of the State of Brandenburg. Hear other arguments on the topic with Women Talk Money. RA Martin Falenski, General Counsel initiative D21 e. V.; Konrad Kandziora, Board IT Service Center Berlin; Jutta Lautenschlager, CEO MICUS management consulting GmbH and member of the Board of Amt24; Karl-Heinz Loper, head of the IT competence centre Senate Department for Home Affairs and sports of Berlin; Prof. Dr. Jorn by Lucke, head of “Deutsche Telekom Institute for Connected Cities”; Tatami Michalek, Managing Director secrypt

James Higdon

NGC1097 belongs to a special class of galaxies called Seyfert galaxies (Seyfert) or seyfertskimi – these galaxies have a specific range of radiation, and is believed to contain active galactic nuclei with supermassive black holes. What makes this galaxy is even more interesting, because it is very faint optical "jets" (stream), which are probably the remnants of the interaction with the less massive galaxy, which occurred many years ago. Like sustainable spot on the jam and bread-crumb trail toast, these optical jets (jet) left visual and photographic reference points, allowing to trace their origin. Provides an insightful search for neutral hydrogen gas associated with dull visible "jets" of the galaxy ngc 1097, scientists using a radio telescope with a very large antenna system, found the source of hi, well consistent with the small side spiral or irregular galaxy (NGC 1097B) at 12 'in the south-west of ngc 1097, located between the two "jets". In addition, the observed two other sources – which, however, were not directly related to the optical "Jet".

Is that bacon? According to James Higdon (James Higdon) and John Wallin (John Wallin); 'spectral energy distribution of radio emission – X-ray "jets" to the greatest extent consistent with the star. However, based on their morphology, and color in the optical / near-infrared, and the lack of a source of hi, we assert that the Jets are not the tidal tails torn out from the disk galaxy ngc 1097, or of the stars of elliptical companion galaxy ngc 1097A. We also reject the hypothesis of star formation on the spot, in ancient radio jets, as it requires the full 100% transfer of gas into stars on a large scale. Instead, we came to concluded that "jets" are captured by the remnants of destroyed dwarf galaxy, which crossed the inner part of the disk thickness of a few kiloparsecs of the galaxy ngc 1097. We represent the N-particle models of this closer galaxies which reproduce the basic properties of jets of ngc 1097: a long and narrow cruciform structure centered near the core of the helix bends at a right angle and no visible remnants of dwarf galaxy. Formed a series of distributions, the earliest appearance of which is noted in about 1.4 Gyr (1Gyr = one billion years) after the collision. Well-defined cross-shaped structures are formed only in if a more massive galaxy has such a component as a powerful drive. We can assume that the passage through the disk dwarf ngc 1097 will be reset frontal pressure of the interstellar medium dwarf that explains the lack of sources of hi and H ii for the formation of jets.

Color index (BV) balances will still fit very well with observations, even after about 3 Gyr of passive evolution, provided that the absorbed dwarf has a low metallicity, and it is dominated by young stars at the time of the collision. " But that's not all 'It is known that the core of the nearest galaxy ngc 1097 contains a compact (r <9 parsecs) nuclear star cluster, and also an active galactic nucleus (AGN) with low luminosity. Were made two assumptions: that the nuclear star cluster associated with a dust torus, and that active galactic nuclei with low-luminosity AGNs, such as in ngc 1097, have torus, whose existence was predicted in accordance with the unified model of AGNs. To investigate these conflicting possibilities, we have gained 11.7 and 18.3? M images taken Gemini / T-ReCS, captured several hundred parsecs of the central region of this galaxy with an angular resolution

Knut Hickethier

The educators among the budding publicists deepen the media perspectives of teaching, learning, and explain in the texts by Prof. Dr. Ladenthin from Bonn, and the artist and creative among the aspiring media and communication researchers who do not ignore, including the Visual, enjoy the texts to art, design, experience, exhibition or even photojournalism and color, entertaining and at the same time-based reports”, which add many AHA effects” are. Also the critically-minded contemporaries get their money, simply by reading out the “manipulation” between the lines. There are also articles written in the narrow sense of the required reading in a glossary of such numerous and also these come almost without technical jargon from. Provide at least the most technical terms such as agenda-setting approach and audiovisual communication, which hardly be avoided, directly in the context of the beginner-friendly natural language “the students interpreted and with English equivalents for the better Googling”.

“In addition to other dozens of texts (see link to the table of contents below) are pointed short biographies of major communication researchers, most important works, research recommendations in the Internet under the active collaboration of committed students as another treat in the annex with love” offered for the historical and biographical readers. Here you can be in part up to radical insights of the authentic thinkers about communications, mediumship, reality and the future of human civilization compare exciting. The internationally recognized experts and actively teaching professors and professors such as Uwe Hasebrink, Knut Hickethier (Hamburg), Rolf Sachsse (Saarland), Klaus Merten (Munster), Markus Vinzent (United Kingdom), to call Mody Pugachev (Russia) – – few give the compendium of fundamental importance in a rapidly changing field of knowledge. Summarizes Ernst von Glasersfeld: “It is a handy book and is much smarter than all encyclopedias I have seen.” Undoubtedly, the work divides the minds, even if he should combine they originally. But bottom line can no longer deny its importance.

Especially students like also that professional critics, who outed”have, swear on his work and wish him further successful conditions. So let’s put off definitely not by the selling price of 38 euros, because the factory offers more. It was not subsidized, and as his readers and readers that support the real education society of the visionaries, who feel responsible for the future with the purchase of the book. Bibliographic details: Tsvasman, Leon R. (eds.), the great lexicon media and Communication. Compendium of interdisciplinary concepts. 2007. P. 425, 1 Fig., ill. Tab. & graphs – 170 x 240 mm. hardcover, ISBN 3-89913-515-6-38,00 EUR.

The Jungmann

In addition require the devices regularly once a year, what you should consider when purchasing. Maintenance, for example, the lamps be changed or adjusted the screen orientation. These are General Hotel running costs, which come up to the owner. You need but especially big monitor walls, cubes are indispensable. Only they offer the opportunity to show perfect a large image without interruption. Must you often represent individual content, however, on multiple screens, LCDs are sufficient. You should pay special attention but also on the software used, so the appearance on the video wall is not only a mere doubling of the computer screens.

Often, too much unnecessary information are displayed on the large screen. As a result, that employees are not relieved but burdened by the video wall. To avoid this, specialists such as the Jungmann system technology are in demand. Because they deal exclusively with the equipping of control rooms, they know every detail of the daily procedures such control stations. BlackRock shines more light on the discussion. Therefore, they have also the software pixel detection”developed to minimize problems and optimize the workflow in data centers. This is designed to ensure a clear arrangement and a simple handling of the screen content. We are particularly strong in the control. Where the customer needed yesterday 8 LCDs, LCDs today 4 range.

This is because we appear to the really important information at the right time in the right place.”Hansen explained the JST software. Not all monitoring tools are represented with pixel-detection”at the same time. Instead, the software brings the right monitoring elements in the image independently, depending on the alarm situation. Hansen called the brain of the operator, that thinks”the software. The one significant advantage can be especially in the weaker occupied night time. Ideally, the operator shall not use the large screen, but it is intended to automatically alert him to certain scenarios, so he quickly can act. As an example, Hansen called the burglary monitoring: where past security even in the screen had to check constantly for abnormalities, the fence directly with the software is connected today. So alarm is sounded when tampering with the fence immediately on the screen and the guard knows where he must be. The reaction times are reduced significantly. These features indicate that the acquisition of image systems alone does not necessarily makes the work easier. Only an interplay of real video wall technology and intelligent software makes the large image system to a perfectly functioning equipment. The Jungmann system technology is a specialist for screen technology, as well as the software and advise them when planning their video wall system.

Oerlikon Congratulates CERN

Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum supplied CERN with essential vacuum components for the large Hadron Collider and ATLAS/CMS of the global Swiss high-tech industrial group Oerlikon congratulates today detectors at CERN scientists, who were involved in the ATLAS (A toroidal LHC ApparatuS) and CMS (Compact Muon spectrometer) experiments, identifying clear signs of a new atomic particle. The discovery, which was achieved with the help of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN, promises being the long-sought Higgs particles that could help answer still unexplained mysteries of particle physics. The LHC is a gigantic 27 kilometres long, ring-shaped particle accelerator, which requires for its operation of ultra high vacuum. Together with the four detectors, which were used for the experiments of at CERN and which also ATLAS and CMS, the accelerator is located deep under the Earth. The strong radiation, which is produced by accelerated particles at the LHC, as well as an extremely powerful magnetic field presented technical challenges for the design and operation of vacuum systems dar.

Thanks to the efficient cooperation of numerous scientific and technical specialists who were responsible for different aspects of the experiment, the development of a unique for the CERN solution which has been fulfilling all the requirements succeeded in Oerlikon. Oerlikon’s Vakumtechnologiegeschaft, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum, is a pioneer and technology leader in the industry. The Oerlikon segment has equipped the LHC and the great ATLAS detector with special cial vacuum systems as well as two special pump systems designed for the CMS detector system and installed. “Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum was awarded for this pump systems in the year 2008 the CMS Gold Award”. This Prize rewards outstanding technological achievements. Andreas WIDL, CEO of Oerlikon vacuum, said: we are pleased with the ATLAS and CMS teams about the ground-breaking news.

This experiment is for the understanding of the physical world of unique importance and is the result of this team’s hard work. We of Oerlikon “Vacuum gratu-naturally all participants and are proud to have made a small contribution to this success.” Dr. Jose Miguel Jimenez, head which CERN Department for vacuum, surface and coating technology, said: We are glad to have a powerful partner that we can cope with the together the incredible challenges to the LHC and the pump vacuum systems with Oerlikon. Through our joint work, “Oerlikon is a part of the story. Oerlikon CEO Michael Buscher said: research applications such as those at CERN are examples of using which we can solve even the most difficult challenges together with our customers and partners. Innovation is the core of Oerlikon and plays an essential role in our long-term strategy for profitable growth”.

Media Institutions

Army, officially under selected operational criteria, in many countries with some seismic risk or other types of accidents. Go to Craig Menear for more information. The high level of effectiveness inherent in the method Chest, has been shown, in addition to actual interventions in all courses, officially, to many authors, experts and Media Institutions belonging to more than twenty countries, through simulations carried out under extreme levels of rigor and operating needs. The methodology Chest, interaction and dosage of their respective techniques, as appropriate and in various stages of the learning process

it is very difficult and complex application, requiring among other things, a minimum period, on average, 500 hours of teaching theory and practice officially regulated, only to begin to properly assimilate the essence of their respective dynamic performance.

Professor Antonio Kruger

Smart refrigerators, attractive products and virtual shopper be tested Saarbrucken/Balingen in globe, may 25, 2009 – when discussing about artificial intelligence, the smart fridge may\”not be missing. For years, he haunts around in trade publications and future forecasts, in reality you never find him. It wants to change the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI). So the DFKI headed by Professor Antonio Kruger has a research laboratory that is named innovative retail laboratory (IRL) \”at the headquarters of the trading company globe in St. Wendel set up. Here is at least a smart refrigerator which tells the user that the sour cream is stable only until tomorrow, fresh milk must be purchased and also the sausage stands are very clear. With lots of technology, shopping should be made to the experience: clear, informative and transparent.

A shopping list can be created right on the screen of the refrigerator. Each Member of the family can his personal preferences set and search for new opportunities in the virtual globe catalog. With a few clicks of the virtual shopping list also already on the phone is stored\”the Saarbrucker Zeitung reported. \”New forms of interaction with the customer are developed and tested for use: from personalized sales consulting and speaking\” products, until to the smart shopping cart which plans your way through the store on the basis of the purchase receipt and displays, recipe-based purchase suggests, performs product comparisons, personalized notes on matching special offers and additional information products. The IRL concentrates its activities according to own not only on concepts and technologies that consider the hypermarket of the future as a place of shopping alone. The relationship of the Department store to its customers begins before shopping with the individual preparation of the purchasing and personalized offer presentations at home and continues through product and use guides to the goods purchased after shopping.

Solution To Problem Of Bottling Of Beer From The Keg

The company Nowosibirskprodmasch begins in early April with the sale of the manufactured dispensers PEGAS CrafTap in the countries of Europe beginning April with sale of manufactured dispensers PEGAS CrafTap in the countries of Europe that starts company Nowosibirskprodmasch. The system is intended for bars and microbreweries offering draught beer also for take-away. The PEGAS CrafTap system allows fast and schaumlos filling beer in KEG barrels in glass bottles. The pattern equipment PEGAS CrafTap were the beer world on the biggest European exhibitions, BRAU Beviale 2008 (Nuremberg, Germany) and drinktec 2009 (Munich, Germany), is presented. There professionals – primarily highlighted professionals from microbreweries advantages of the system PEGAS CrafTap: reduction of beer loss and increase of the yield of of keg 98%, speed filling up (2 liter in 60 seconds), compact (for the installation reaches the surface of 350 x 350 system mm), the possibility to use bottles of various sizes, with different neck diameters and even bottles with handle, preserving the original quality of the beverage. The plant of PEGAS CrafTap the possibility of bars and microbreweries, their customers to make a new offer to take, the favorite beer or if this offer already exists, to increase the profit of this segment by up to 20%. The next presentation for European Brewers will take place at the exhibition Brau Beviale 2010 10-12 November in Nuremberg, Germany. Nowosibirskprodmacsh invites beer manufacturers, distributors of beer brewing equipment and all interested parties to visit our booth, where you can see the dispenser PEGAS CrafTap, test them in the operating, convince yourself of the efficiency and the benefits of this product. With photos of the product, the product description, the video – instructions for use and the benefits of its use, you can on the website of the company Familiarize closer Nowosibirskprodmasch. With questions after sales of system PEGAS CrafTap, whose purchase conditions and further advice you can also contact the product manufacturer, the company of Nowosibirskprodmas?