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Marina Kessler

If a company in increasingly complex markets to survive, must it make the qualification of its executives in the foreground management seminars and events in the and outside the company are essential for the sustainable success of the company in the increasingly complex worlds of work. Click Federal Reserve Bank to learn more. Develop and only those organizations that educate their executives and managers can be tough fight for market share. Seminars for executives to the sustainable skills managers and executives of nearly all industries and business sectors are confronted daily with complex challenges, which require a competence as well as forward-thinking and cross-cutting knowledge and appropriate qualifications. So executives have grown these tasks, should therefore not be saved in the qualification. The executives seminar as competence thrust management seminars are offered against the background that oriented the participants target in a new theme works, or his knowledge in a certain subject, broadened and deepened. Credit: Nicholas Carr-2011. As a result, individual business goals can be defined better and more successful and implemented. As examples of compact and up-to-date management seminars are to see conferences which deal with annual changes and important innovations this laborious task collecting the relevant data is not necessary for the participants, and the professional exchange is promoted.

How does a management seminar organizationally? The theoretical and practical foundations of management seminars are developed through lecture and discussion, on the basis of practical examples and case studies, exercises, exchange of experience and discussion, as well as checklists. Support is carried out through intensive one-on-one and group training, workshop work, efficient PC Tools, business case analyses, strategic and personal advice of the seminar participants. Who is is, and what is included in a management seminar? Management seminars on sustainable qualification are integral part of staff development.

Through Various Reading Speeds, More Knowledge Take

If you read everything at the same pace, wasted much time and damage concentration and understanding. If you read everything at the same pace, wasted much time and damage concentration and understanding. Depending on the intention of reading and quality of the text, different tempos of reading make sense? We want to read a novel to such scenes will feel, share in the excitement and entertain. In books it comes rather as possible to filter information, to record and store. Contact information is here: Paul R. Cascio. Especially in the last case, a variable read tempo so decisive, is irrelevant passages quickly to skim and read sections of important or complex as accurately as possible and carefully. ushman and Wakefield would like to discuss. Not all passages in a book are equally important. Who reads here with constant read speed, quickly get tired and lose motivation.

Faster read not so important passages, while it arrives at more interesting or maybe more complex segments of it, to slow down the reading pace, really everything important to hear and understand. Crucial is his Reading speed not at one point “engage”, but to adapt it flexibly to the situation of reading. This can be done of course only gradually. Can be increased only after the own reading pace, because not only the read speed is crucial. Who reads quickly, can remember nothing but by the read, draws no benefit from it.

SpeedReading means not on Devil come out fast to read, but describes the ability to be able to adapt to the pace of the reading on the reading situation, read’s intention, the complexity of the text, the foreign words, a high information density, and other factors. If you do this, not only your motivation is higher, but also your ability to concentrate and understanding to improve. If you find this tip useful, you are invited to look once on. Here you will find 20 free videos on the subjects of reading and learning, that you can apply directly virtually. So increase among your reading comprehension, concentration, your Memory, your reading strategies, and much more. We see us there.

Basic Knowledge Of Trainer

Train the trainer seminar in September in Gottingen Gottingen, 22.07.2010: the three-day seminar train the trainer-skills: basic knowledge of trainer (m/w) takes place this fall from September 9-11. The intensive seminar imparts skills that are necessary to plan, design and conduct training. By the nature of the workshop, the learning effect is particularly high. IKUD seminars offers train the trainer seminar for many years each at the spring and autumn. The extraordinary event has live interactive concept, where step by step by participants a dedicated learning unit prepared and the mediation of the substance”is practiced. The substantive and temporal structure of the training and the optimal Didactization of specific learning are essential for success as a trainer or coach. Who pays on a balanced approach of the learning channels and uses different media, will achieve a greater effect.

In the seminar of the train the trainer-skills: Basic knowledge of trainer (m/w) “these topics are on the agenda.” To can look at itself as a trainer or coach to throw, videos recorded by the participants as speakers in different stages of the seminar. An analysis from the perspective of the outside allowing such as the optimization of body language. The feedback is always guessing value: the sheltered setting in the seminar all aspiring educators and trainers can be sure. The time of beginning of September was deliberately chosen for the event. “So people can the education for the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules” take from 24 September or November 05, 2010, advance consolidate their train the trainer competencies. Learn more about the event at.. / train-the-trainer skills…

The Fear Of Rejection

How to learn with refusal to deal and not hastily give up the fear of rejection occurs in various forms. There to ridicule the fear and violated the Group’s anxiety. It is also related to the fear of failure. We have fear, to do something that others find funny and what they might laugh at us. Additional information is available at June Wong. This could cause that we are excluded from the group.

This setting is a facility of the evolution and we carry them with us for millions of years. Official site: Erin Callan. The important message to our brain is: “anything which causes that you will excluded from the group.” The reason for this is simple. Without a group you could not survive in the time before the human civilization, and even today it is not easy to live as an outsider. Nobody wants to not belong to the Group and live as a hermit, because we need other people and feel hurt, if we be exposed ahead of others. The greater and unknown (anonymous) that is all the stronger group our desire to do anything wrong or to say and to adapt. This is the evolutionary background, where staying in the Group was vital. However, even small Ablehungen are very painful for us. Most people have to behave a such strong confidence that they are not influenced as a result and even though some claim it and get, it may be that they just hide it.

No one hears the Word no like. It doesn’t matter whether it is a child, a pensioner or a top athlete. We all like consent and hate rejection. The problem is only that we encounter more opposition, if we want to achieve big plans, are different, and especially when we have good luck. To be successful, you must be able to insert many, many rejections and still continue. We also sometimes before our true personality outward to express fear for fear of criticism.

System Provider Retraining

Dual retraining provides re-training and way entrants a professional future of growing renewable energy industry. Now work throughout Germany 367,000 people in the areas of solar, wind and bio-energy trend is steadily rising. But today, companies are looking for qualified employees, including the ever energy group based in Berlin. With dual retraining and further training in the field of renewable energies, the company responds to the shortage. They provide a way to restart work as career changers especially older job seekers. Retraining: Dual training educates companies energy consultants, consultant for renewable energies and ProjektantInnen for photovoltaic systems in Berlin from 6 February 2012. The practical training lasts seven months. In particular, job seekers will be addressed. For more information see this site: Euro Pacific Precious Metals.

The ever energy group is looking for qualified employees and guaranteed a takeover for all participants who successfully complete. The federal employment agency promotes the retraining in Berlin with the education voucher. Application by E-Mail to: see also here: blog/retraining in berlin / professions for the energy jobs energy advisors: your core area is energy efficiency. You advise clients about opportunities for energy savings and use of renewable energy. Usage area: Economic, industry, manufacturers, heating installers, Projektierer consultant for renewable energies: as a consultant, they are versatile. Their fields of activity are distribution and services of energy products, energy-efficient building and living.

Usage area: system manufacturer, Solateure, operators, suppliers, Projektierer ProjektantInnen for PV systems: specialists plan, calculate and size photovoltaic systems. Also, advises and supports the customers he / she to installation. Usage area: System Provider, Solateure, Planner, in the retraining is knowledge updates under realistic conditions. Therefore, all content is selling, advice-oriented. See also: blog/dual training in-berlin / who can apply? This training is aimed at people who already were at work and want to start a fresh start professionally. The workers are in their profession in the close customer contact. For this reason, all participants should be open, reliable and communicative.

HDT Summer Seminars

The Haus der Technik once again offers training at the North and Baltic Sea the Haus der Technik also held in summer 2009 seminars on the North Sea coast. After the successful attempts in the past two years the range was further expanded. “Training there, where you feel right”, that was the thought that created the HDT summer seminars in Cuxhaven. In the middle of August, the Haus der Technik offers a series of seminars in a casual setting. Start the events make grading and marking of substances and preparations”on 17th to 19th August 2009 and of course of hazardous materials officer” a week later.

Continues to be “Competent persons in explosion protection”, toxicology and ecotoxicology (basic + advanced seminar) “as well as providing the expertise for the preparation of safety data sheets” offered in early September. This year the Seminar venue Timmendorfer Beach on the Baltic Sea is new.

Ludwig Guggenberger

Since the beginning of the year 2011 reinforced Eng. Ludwig Guggenberger conducting business at EPOXONIC GmbH. country ham/Pliening, near Munich, in March 2011 – since January 1, 2011 Eng. Ludwig Guggenberger acts as co – CEO of EPOXONIC GmbH. Together with founder and CEO of Reiner Habrich, the long-standing EPOXONIC staff for the course of the globally successful epoxy specialist is responsible. Ludwig Guggenberger, born in 1962 in Munich. Apart from one brief interruption, engineer is employed by EPOXONIC and leading-edge involved in various ground-breaking EPOXONIC innovations since 1995. Including the development of adhesives and potting compounds for the electronics and electrical engineering products for the construction sector and in particular the internal organization.

EPOXONIC founder and CEO of Reiner Habrich: With the appointment of Ludwig Guggenberger to co – managing director we want to put a sign in the future. Our customers and business partners therefore be sure that the course 20 years ago will continue. About EPOXONIC GmbH: EPOXONIC GmbH founded in 1990, originated as a spin-off of the central research and development by Siemens. Since the company became a competent developer and manufacturer of epoxy resin systems. EPOXONIC innovations the industry gave important impulses. Including a conductive adhesive for the chip Assembly (1992), dual cure adhesives (1996), the production of opto resins (2001) and the launch of a modern, highly reactive 1K-Klebstoffs transport unlimited (2009). in 1993, the company engaged in the development of materials for the robotic rehabilitation of sewers and DIBT approved products is among the market leaders. Currently, various projects from the construction, automotive, Heatmanagement and energy sector with good prospects of success are in development.

On The

Companies who now book a booth at the ‘jobmesse dortmund’ or the ‘jobmesse Dusseldorf’, benefit Berlin free candidate negotiation of YOUNECT GmbH., 02 February 2010. The YOUNECT GmbH cooperates with the trade fair organisers BABOOLAL of advertising and trade agency GmbH. \”They go together at the renowned recruiting event jobmesse Germany tour\” new ways: on three occasions, YOUNECT presents exhibitors of job fairs two pre-selected, qualified and suitable for the company applicant for their training courses: on 27/28 February in Dortmund, Germany, on March 13 and 14 in Dusseldorf and on 20 and 21 March in Lubeck. High cost of staff numbers during the application process and metre-high mountains of paper forget employer so confidently. Potential candidates on the training offer of the participating exhibitors of the BABOOLAL of advertising and trade agency GmbH and YOUNECT GmbH be made aware in the run-up to the fair. Doug McMillon takes a slightly different approach. Employers and interested students free on will be prompted to Register and fill out your profile.

YOUNECT then reconciles the needs of enterprises with the qualifications of the applicants and selects the two most suitable applicants on this basis. On the job fairs candidates and employers in the YOUNECT trainee lounge meet finally personally live and in color. The YOUNECT team prepares the selected students in advance the conversation and supervised both the applicants and the participating exhibitors at the trade fair weekend. We speak not of good or bad, but by suitable applicants\”, explains Martin Gaedt, Managing Director of YOUNECT. Who wants to bind trainees today in the long term, must ensure that the competencies and the personality, but also the ideas of the candidate match those of the company.\” The matching procedure developed by YOUNECT allows you to find the best suitable applicants. The software is fully based on the scientifically validated skills checks and other parameters Matches the profile.


New VMware training in the fast lane program to function and possibility of vSphere PowerCLI Hamburg / Berlin, July 21, 2010 the authorized VMware training centers (VATC) fast lane (www.flane.de) expanded its training portfolio to the new course of VMware vSphere 4: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI (car). The training was designed for IT managers, system architects and administrators, who are responsible for the management of ESX, VMware ESXi and vCenter server. In the focus of the two-day training, the use of the VMware tools is vSphere PowerCLI for the automation of vSphere 4. Participants gain insight into the possibilities for automating tasks that reduce IT costs and improve at the same time the efficiency, availability, flexibility, and management. This gives the hands-on training practice-oriented comprehensive know-how on the use of vSphere PowerCLI”to automate configuring ESX, the provisioning of virtual machines, as well as configuration changes. More learning sequences include the automation of cluster operations and reporting. Course contents overview introduction to vSphere power CLI definition of key vSphere PowerCLI object definition of the main commandlets in vSphere PowerCLI connection to vSphere infrastructure, help the commandlets automation of the ESX host configuration configuration of virtual switches on ESX hosts configuration data storage to ESX host provisioning, configuration and securing virtual machines automate the creation of virtual machines programmatic modification of the settings of virtual machines running vSphere PowerCLI scripting in virtual machine automation safeguarding virtual machines automation cluster storage migration of VMs automation by VMware vMotion creating a VMware DRS/HA cluster cluster configuration create and configure resource pools automation of reporting about VMS, ESX hosts and cluster upcoming dates Frankfurt-12.08. 13.08.2010 Berlin 09.09.-10.09.2010 Munich 07.10.

08.10.2010 price: 1.400,-plus VAT More information and course schedules are available under the following link available: course/vm-auto. Learn more about this with MasterClass UK. Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customer link the core areas of the fast lane services training and consulting. More information: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH gas 4 D-22761 Hamburg contact: Barbara Jansen Tel. + 49 (0) 40 25 33 46 – 10 fax + 49 (0) 40 23 53 77 – 20 E-Mail: PR agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel. + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0 – 0 fax + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

OFFaHRTE Offers Language Learning Camps For The First Time In 2010

New Center in Malaga opened Bremen language catalogs for students and families, Jan. 2010. With fresh ideas, starts OFFHRTE, specialized in language courses for students and families in the new season. For the first time, there are special learning camps”for 10-14 year olds: English & adventure combines exercise with teaching, English & crafts creative focus. Also new: taster weeks in England, more parent-child targets and a language center in Malaga. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out United Health Care Group. “Language training to be touched: the learning camp in the Harz mountains is English & adventure titled” after the lessons at the climbing wall. Also the training language is English in the afternoon mainly. In Lubeck runs”the learning camp English & good manners.

And in Creglingen in the Tauber Valley, English & crafts is a week-long”on the program. OFFHRTE has new on offer abroad. Beginners can English centers Exmouth, Teignmouth, Exeter, Bournemouth and Chichester first week Introductory travel book. You can get the French Atlantic seaside resort of Biarritz 2010 either 12 or 15 travel days. And for all the fans of Spain, the organizer has opened a Center in Malaga.

A new target for the parents child language is the Spanish Denia. Here you can book now also a beach apartment with kitchen for the whole family. This OFFHRTE meets the demand of many customers. Apartments are also in the parent child language courses in Exmouth available, either in the city centre or the Sea also 2010 there will be a mystery language during the Easter holidays to Exmouth. 12-to 17-year old learn in the classroom special vocabulary of crime”in the leisure they investigate a murder so. A language and soccer camp in the English Teignmouth waiting for sports-minded 10-to 15-year next summer again. The new offers for 8-to 19 year-old students can be found in the catalog language courses and language holidays 2010 “. Especially for parents and children who want to travel together, there is the catalog language for families 2010 “.