Commercial Advertising Equipment

There are several basic types of advertising commercial equipment. For example, during the promotions used by Pop-up, Fold-up systems, banner stands, Roll-stands, etc. The last two types of advertising of commercial equipment designed to show the posters. The design is a special frame on which to place posters and prints. It is noteworthy that this variant of the stand there is a special department, where You can put a rolled up poster in that it is not hedged. This is especially useful for transporting equipment.

Banner stand, in general, a modification of the Roll-stand, but in a simplified form. Principle exactly the same design, the only difference is in fact no special place for the poster. Pop-up stands are mainly used for promotions. Due to its mobility and easy "umbrella" design, they very convenient. Fold-up systems are different ergonomic and saves space, which is very important when participating in trade shows, where the position of each representative is strictly limited. The system itself is a framework structure, made of plastic and metal profiles. The whole panel is divided into small rectangles, frames, which house a piece of the overall picture. Another advantage of the Fold-up systems is that, using several of these stands can be put together one big picture.

In addition to exhibition stands, there are also promotional stands, which are often installed in supermarkets during the promotional and all kinds of jokes. Such trade furniture is equipped with special tables for tasting, or calculations of souvenirs, corporate gifts, brochures and leaflets. Also often use exhibition booths made of plastic panels and aluminum. Because these structures are designed to promotions that take place outside the premises, stalls have increased durability, good sound insulation and equipped with telephone and electrical outlet. A better alternative to these stands is the Touch the terminal rack, equipped with a special panel, which contains all the information about the company.