Good Products

Mediation of sales and sales force nationwide Neustadt/Wied: many outstanding products or services are or come on the market every day. Often providers think their product is so good, it sell itself or it could inspire customers with colorful brochures or Internet pages. Where the product or the service not so much in the foreground is today. According to Peter Asaro, who has experience with these questions. The customer must recognize the advantage of his problem-solving. It is the explanation of problem solving or knowledge to the fore. Very often, executives consider the sales of your products or services as a purely operational function. But that is a mistake.

Because they would better include the distribution in the company, they could create a difficult copiable competitive advantage. 95% of our core competence lies in the sales”, on this short formula, Reinhold Wurth has brought his company’s recipe for success. This means in practice: the Chief can do that not just by the way. The distribution should be the most important and dynamic part of Company be. This also the freelance employees should the company closely be integrated into and supports. Who also sees the sales force only in cost terms, is wrong, because the costs are lowest, if they ever employed no sales associate, but neither sold. It also a good remuneration or Commission system should exist. The system should include the following points: attractive his powerful salesman inside to win enough and maintain to motivate the colleagues to deliver high-performance be fair, offering same income for same power be simple enough, that the sales staff understand the model as well as low administrative overhead make sure, that the customer solution in the foreground (not the Commission) to these and many other questions of practical distribution, such as, how can I up my sales and expand, is the company sales and consulting, Wiedblick 14, 53577 Neustadt/Wied always at your disposal. The company has a sales contact network of several 10 thousands sales contacts, informing every 2 weeks about new jobs of their cooperation partners. The focus is employees attract the generation urgent sale needed. “Because: no sales in the operation nothing”! For all contacts and inquiries: Sales and consulting Friedel Mies Wiedblick 14B 53577 Neustadt / Wied Tel 02683 945910 fax 02683 945911 and and