Long-standing Partnerships As A Cornerstone For The Success

Pressure and values strengthens traditional printers in Central Germany after evaluation of print written in the last year about the company’s own purchasing platform for ZMuK and pressure and values confirmed media productions: the Central German printers good for now. (Similarly see: Federal Reserve Bank). We have been given 1.2 million order volume in the commercials (net) alone last year ancestral sheetfed offset printers from Germany”, emphasizes” Denis Schmidt, Managing Director who speaks this development Leipzig pressure and values s.r.o. for the excellent conditions on site and a competitive price-performance ratio of printers in Central Germany, as Schmidt continued. Schmidt expects 2012 with a doubling of the volume of orders for the attached ZMuK partners in the region. Sustainability, efficient utilization of machinery and certifications are only a few tags that respond to Schmidt as reasons for this forecast. For pressure and values is the trustful cooperation with powerful partners an important pillar for the own success. We emphasize very large stable relationships which will benefit ultimately our customers”, explains Schmidt.

“At the same time he does away with the prejudice, that about the electronic procurement platform of ZMuK awarded jobs only when printing on the green meadow” or end up in the (Eastern) European countries. “Schmidt continued: it is all too often overlooked, the still dominant and escalating pressure to consolidate the industry forced just the traditional printers in the past to rebuild of its business and cost structure to remain competitive prices to provide.” Includes new powerful suppliers for his company to win, Denis Schmidt pointed out: that the decisive criteria for cooperation with pressure and values ultimately always a successful mix of quality, delivery reliability and an attractive price / performance ratio are.” This confirmed Jens Lissner, owner and Managing Director of the medium-sized media company in Dresden and since two years supplier of pressure values GmbH. we have further developed continuously our printing Department in the past, as a modern service provider also in the future competitive to his and our customers to secure a high quality of their productions. Initially the skepticism if there arises not a competitor who wants to push us out of the market prevailed also among us. Today we understand more than ever very good customers, which allows us to realize print jobs, on which we would be approached as lone in the market don’t pressure and values.” Pressure and values established in 2008, Leipzig is partner for the realization of media productions and an independent consultant for the purchase of printed matter in the German market. The full acquisition of print and multimedia productions pressure and values reduces the administrative burden and the cost of its customers significant, comprehensive personal advice, guaranteed quality and security of supply. Based on the single market review and as an independent field of competence advises pressure and values companies in terms of strategic purchasing of printed matter. Number of employees: 20 sites: ZMuK is the product name of the developed pressure and values Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin via ZMuK and multiple award-winning, Web-based eProcurement platform takes its name from the CMYK color model of the modern four farbdruckes from which covers all the important information of the volatile German paper with its more than 10,000 printing houses in the system.