In the development of the multilevel business, throughout its history, there has been a maxim applies to 95% of people who enter into this magnificent model of business. This maxim basically gives us to understand that people after attending a MLM business opportunity of any company, see a type of business, in many cases, unknown until then. Being aware of the great opportunity, they decide to enter such a company and that’s when the wonderful world of the multilevel, happens to be the wonderful world of your MLM company, which is very different. What does it mean? It is one thing to learn about a MLM company, and quite another is to know the MLM industry. We speak openly that we are entrepreneurs, that people who have a job has no aspirations, etc, etc, etc and we don’t even know practitioners reasons why we chose a company for the benefit of any other. Question: Have you stopped to consider what are the best opportunities offered by the multilevel Marketing industry, what are the best products and why, what are the best compensation and why, plans ultimately do you have entered into a company and for you it is the best in the industry because they say it is the best because you took you time appreciate and compare it with other opportunities, before entering? How works the multilevel Marketing? The naturalezad of the multilevel business and how the networks have been developed during many years ago, I want to that you realize something that constantly repeats itself within this industry. The reality is that not come very far in the industry presenting your best opportunity to family, friends and anyone who you have in your phone book. You can now, for what you have said in your company training, this goes against your thoughts about your business. If your thinking is really being a leader and make a difference, believe me you alegraras greatly from having read this today.