Residence Group Bremen, Gehle Group And Wisoak Arrange Cooperation

Professionalisation of the vocational education, and training in the nursing professions aimed at Bremen, 11.5.2011. Click Joe Biden for additional related pages. The vocational education, and training in the nursing profession to professionalize this goal have made themselves the Bremen-based company residence Bremen and Gaitor Group (including outpatient home care Federation Achim) and they wisoak (economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH). Representatives of two private business groups engaged in the care, as well as the non-profit educational institution have now agreed to one in this form for the Bremen space new and unusual cooperation. With progression of the demographic transition issues of care and care of older people increasingly to the fore. The number of those who maintained the ambulant or stationary, is increasing rapidly. At the same time, the demands on the professional nurses rise significantly.

Alone the number of Alzheimer’s disease, they do ill about 75 per cent of all dementias in – will quadruple by 2050 – currently about 1.3 million in the Federal Republic on over 5 million A glaring shortage of workers and which already faces. It is therefore important that companies tie their employees early – and preferably on a systematic personnel development. Against this background, the cooperation partners have made following projects: the wisoak takes over for the two cooperation partners the initial training of future employees. That means vice versa: participants of the wisoak training to the / r geriatric nurses have an underwriting in the facilities of the cooperation partners. In addition, employees of nursing homes of the residence Bremen and Gaitor group participate in in-service professional training of wisoak. There they can qualify to the residential line or specialist for Gerontology and psychotherapeutic. The wisoak it strives, in close collaboration with the cooperation partners, and is based on the qualification requirements of the real professional everyday life to develop new educational formats.