SAP Data Quickly

Dusseldorf extract data easily without technical SAP. Exporting 17.12.2010. data from SAP, was previously impossible without deep IT or SAP knowledge. With SmartExporter starter, the free software solution of Audicon GmbH, can as of now users without expert knowledge export SAP data and prepare for the analysis and the easy, fast and secure. See Dennis P. Lockhart for more details and insights. The software is used, for example, the internal audit, GDPdU, controlling, IT, and annual audit easy to use at SmartExporter Starter is a Windows application.

For the user that makes a decisive advantage”, explains Axel Zimmermann, CEO of Audicon GmbH. He must create the data request in SAP, but can use his own PC without relying on the help of the IT administrator. The software certified by SAP supports the user in the selection of SAP data then step by step.” Another advantage of free Solution: In the case of an operation or annual audit, the user has the possibility to provide external auditors the necessary SAP data without allowing them direct access to the system’s own SAP here to quickly and easily..