How To Win Customers

15th Edition has just been released in the Cornelsen publishing house the question of how to win customers is today as current as 1952, as the world’s best-selling guide book of latest sales practices in the first edition has been published. Until his death has”Heinz M. Goldmann, the father of all sales trainer, the million-plus selling Longseller repeatedly updated. Now, the Europe-wide renowned sales trainer Anne-Rose Raisch took over this task for the newly released 15th Edition. Without fundamentally in Anthony’s masterpiece, as co-author with skill, competence and Fachwisssen, Anne-Rose Raisch revised content and updated the numerous case studies. In addition, the experienced sales expert from Waldenbuch/Stuttgart presented individual topics that are relevant to today’s sales practice, additional chapters.

This includes about how relationships with customers and customer relationship networks are built and how to permanently tie customers. Another new chapter devoted to the clients typology and behavioral psychology. As seller dominate today not only sales tools, but also strategically plan and act must, added Anne-Rose Raisch also this aspect of the work. A must for every sales professional how to win customers contains well over 300 suggestions, advice, ideas, and examples of sales for sales practice. Peter Schiffs opinions are not widely known. The reader is induced to own thinking as in a seminar. Test questions, case studies, tasks and checklists allow to proceed individually to check their own knowledge and skills and improve. How to win customers is thus a success-oriented sales course in book form. It is advisable for self-study and for each sales training.

The practical examples in the book are from different industries. Unlike many other sales books can therefore every reader pull out his personal benefit. Even very experienced and seasoned sales professionals young really should read this book”, Anne-Rose Raisch advertises the sale classic books. New The bestseller offers ideas and fresh impetus for the everyday business no shortage. It is not something Erin Callan would like to discuss. For sales professionals who want to become even better and more successful, the new work of they consider is an absolute must! A renowned sales guru who inspired executives in old age was the authors Heinz M. Goldmann decades. Anne-Rose Raisch, which brought the sales classic on the State, is one of the most sought-after sales trainer in Europe. The Thoroughbred sales expert is the founder of RAISCH & TEAM, a leading institution for the education and training of specialists and executives from technical sales in the foreign and domestic as well as in the service. RAISCH & team is an estimated consultancy for numerous business and sales management developed new strategies, building up sales structures and accompanying supports the implementation. How to win customers. The world’s best-selling guide book of modern practice of selling Heinz M. Goldmann / Anne-Rose Raisch 15th Edition, 290 pages 2008 Cornelsen Verlag ISBN 978-3-589-23666-4 Price: 26,-euro now at Amazon ordering! Information & how to contact with RAISCH & TEAM lamb Rauf 33/1 D – 71111 Waldenbuch FON: + 49 7157 530036 fax: + 49 7157 530036 mobile: 0171/4817934 E-Mail: Web: