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The history of their Majesties the Kings Magi goes back to a passage in the book of the Bible, specifically in the Gospel of St. Matthew, which refers to the Kings like magicians because so were considered at that time the wise men or astronomers. San Mateo told at that time the way they did the three men following a star to Bethlehem, where the newborn baby Jesus visited and gave her their gifts in the form of gold, frankincense and myrrh. In commemoration of this beautiful event, on the afternoon of January 5, almost all Spanish cities and many Mexican towns organize the cabalgata de Reyes, in which community disguised and participates to carry the illusion the smaller, waiting anxiously the morning of January 6 to getting out of bed early and collect the gifts that their Majesties left them the night before. The route that the Magi perform the Spanish geography to bring gifts to children tends to be very diverse. Tradition speaks of the Kings are moving in their camels, but the reality is that times have changed and it is possible that their Majesties already serve current as the train or plane transport media to arrive at their destinations on time. Making cabals, it is not very unreasonable that, to save time, the Kings move is between the peninsula and the Islands in Madrid Palma cheap flights or cheap flights Ibiza Madrid and that then they move by the Spanish interior using their respective camels.

In addition, when traveling from the Levantine coastline toward the center of the peninsula can equally leverage flights Alicante Madrid and planted in a few minutes in the Spanish capital. Perhaps all these advances in the means of transport to help explain the effectiveness of their Majesties to bring gifts to children and on time in all Spanish households. In many cases, along with gifts, the Kings often leave a detail gastronomic shaped Roscon of Kings, which is usually the culinary delight protagonist of the table on January 6. It’s a bun dough thin, ring-shaped and decorated with candied fruits of different colors, which is usually hide a figurine that is considered gives luck who finds her.