Movie About Scientology

Under strict secrecy, the ARD made a film about Scientology Abu Dhabi – March 22, 2010 – the television channel ARD film wants to warn of this Scientology. Target this film should clearly show how to manipulate people, raise to, and also yield this organization. The film was produced by Sudwestrundfunk (SWR) together with the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), subsidiary of ARD Degeto, as well as the production company Teamworx. Volker Herres, ARD Program Director said at the presentation of the film in Hamburg: “we here are not dealing with a religion, but with an organization that has very different motives: Scientology is mainly about power, business and expansion of the network”, ARD program director Volker Herres said at the presentation of the film in Hamburg. Alabama Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This film shows the first on 31 March at 20:15 and is based on real events, as well as reports by Scientology dropouts. (SWR shows the documentation on 31 3 to 23 h “Until nothing remains – how Scientology lives destroyed”.) Heiner of Ronn is also a Scientology dropouts. He lost his family to the Organization and its history in addition to many other blueprint was for the feature film. In a leaflet (was before the press screening of the film distributed) criticized Scientology: this film by the ARD should stir up an atmosphere of intolerance and discrimination against a religious community! However, Hamilton says: “The teachings of Scientology is pure science fiction, no religion, no church, no sect.” Scientology now announces that she will start their own channel on the Internet just in time to film broadcasting to spread their own version of the story.

Fearing a law preventing of the broadcast you held the film up to the press conference under lock and key. In the film clear and Silke Bodenbender Felix play a young couple and in other roles are: to see Kai Wiesinger, Robert Atzorn, Nina Kunzendorf, and Suzanne von Borsody. One had tried already several times book authors Wolfgang Fiedler and Jutta Schutz for an organization to win. When the authors rejected a second time, were solid threatened. You have not signed! Fiedler and contactor write about low carb and in healthcare there are powerful corporations/organizations/nutritionist! / diet companies. The involvement of such organizations in the health of chaos, with associated companies is so great that a layman can look through there no longer. Company information: Jutta Schutz (journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (also about low-carb). For more information

The Elements

Conformed with its situation, it only relates, very quickly and if the colloquy will be for this saw, that &#039 would like to have one; ' Standing-Frame' ' , that it is very simplificadamente, a device would help that it to be foot moments, supporting it in this position, facilitating to it the functioning of the internal agencies, that they are wronged for the impossibility of if also keeping of foot and promoting the maintenance of its muscles of the inferior members and this, only in what it touches the physicist, therefore also the psychological level would be well good, a time that during this period who if would keep of foot, Ticha could see the world of a level that already it has very it does not have access, it could not only look at the other eyes in the eyes and of low for top as to its it compels it situation to look at them in its day-by-day. To this height, it will be of if placing the question, ' ' because it is that it does not have? ' ' Then, it does not have, one more time because in our country if it spends millions, per day in roads and other events that make seen and theoretically they are basic to all, but it does not have euros, some is certain, to help to people as the Ticha to have a quality of short while better life, to have a visible reason to exactly smile, because it smiles and laughs, much, almost all the moment, exactly that pparently it does not have in its life reasons for this, as will be considered by whom only looks at for its life of a superficial form, little sensible and having only in it counts the negative aspects that they are part of the quotidiano of Ticha. That reasons will have then Ticha to smile? See more a little of its history? For return of its dezasseis years of age, in a height where it was in the height of its Ticha youth, of similar form to others as many young, had a loving relationship. If it was or not first it, only it or perhaps also somebody that it is very next, can say, but for the case she is not of basic importance, what she matters exactly is that of this relationship a pregnancy resulted. At this moment, if already it had difficulties in the life of Ticha, had more come to add.

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Stock Clothing

The term "stock" comes from the English stock, which translates as "stock". Stock shop – a shop that sells supplies of goods. The first store as a "sink" has already opened 37-40 years ago. And since these units with each Year of gaining popularity. Say, in the European part of kantinenta, walk in such departments is nezazornym. Stores stock clothes have become famous in the former Soviet Union after the crisis in 1998. Dennis Lockhart has compatible beliefs. Prices promoted brands increased dramatically, and the middle class could no longer dress in very expensive stores. Main chip 'stock' shop: all the things sold at huge discounts.

% Discount from the price in the expensive shops can reach 90%. A very large number runoff generated in the investigation of serious competition of enterprises and shops. Each next season there is a change of clothes, so boutiques that sell clothing at an impressive price, to support its fashionable style, allowed herself to leave the clothes of previous seasons, the new season, can not. Still they can not sell a collection of incomplete lineup, and a small number of dimensions. As a result, all unsold items arrive in the organization, leading the direction of which – it is buying and selling stock items in bulk. It is they who supply the stock commodity divisions.

Buy stock garment sufficiently profitable. You get enough quality thing global brand with a hugely significant discount. In Europe, the USA, and now in Russia the number of shops stock level is increasing daily. The most popular European stock shops – it's "Discount" (Italian) large networks in the United States: Dollar General and Family, Tati (France) and many others. In nayshey country stores stock only just began to open. But already there in Pskov, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok. With time and consumers form a positive opinion about clothing size stock. Many departments today have regular customers. Numerous traders of apparel market believes that stock trading things come into our life long. Check any clothing store in stock is quite simple. On tags of things there is the inscription, which indicated a mark on where the clothes are made, where and how to sell. It is often interesting to see (for example, in Chelyabinsk) feminine blouse Pimkie, which was sold in the Paris shop of the brand. Stock shops are a subspecies of stores sales, because the price level in them is lower than the expensive brand-name boutiques.

Public Power Defamation Legal .

The free expression and dissemination of ideas is a fundamental, inalienable and inherent to the human person, which is a pillar of democratic freedom and the rule of law. In the Declaration of Chapultepec was established that "freedom of expression is the engine and starting point of basic human rights." This natural right is so important and coveted by modern societies, and even more in the era of communication and knowledge, has been qualified in many legal secular in that sense says the experienced Argentine lawyer Gregory Badenia journalistic issues, that "The era of social communication does not support restrictions and is not subject to state power." We believe the right is not absolute TWD and, given this condition, the practice of law to treat, has certain limits and reservations of action, in other words "fundamental rights have limits, but there are limits to the limits of fundamental rights" . Check with Federal Reserve Bank to learn more. The regimes of the past, political systems and joints, by employing the precepts handed actions of defamation, libel and slander to silence opposing voices, so it is historically marked the relationship between power and / or public function, expression and dissemination of ideas, and people and / or its media. According to the notorious Mexican lawyer Eugenio Herrera Terrazas this is "the old doctrine which holds that the governed must not criticize their rulers." However, the opening and subsequent refinement of democratic regimes leads to more liberally active participation of society in matters of state, through public opinion without censorship.