This popular breed of dog is conformed by animals well muscled and of size medium with greater resistance. Known for its elegance, the Dalmatian has a body similar to the Pointer. The coat is hard, short and dense, white with spots randomly located. Stains can be black or brown. The feet are round with well arched toes and fingernails are white or the same color as the stain. The truffle (nose) is black in dogs of black spots and Brown in brown dogs. The eyes are dark brown or amber, with an intelligent expression.

The ears are soft, fine tuned towards the tip, carry them bent over themselves falling forward. The greater the definition of stains, equitable distribution and size (large stains on the back becoming smaller towards the legs) most valued will be the dog. Due to its history as dogs to accompany carriages, it’s a breed that requires exercise and activity. They are fast runners with great resistance. In rural environments, if left roam freely, it is likely to take long walks and return within several days. Since then in an urban environment this is unreliable so the best is to contain the animal.

His energy and playful nature makes them excellent companions for children, those who resist a pretty rough treatment. It is however essential that the copy is properly socialized and trained in the treatment of children and infants is displayed the right way of playing with the animal; as almost any dog, Dalmatian is perfectly capable of hurting a child, even during an innocent game, and particularly with very young children who may accidentally hit or throw. The Dalmatian is a very sensitive dog that suffers much abuse and hardly forgotten, so it is not recommended to train them with negative methods. It is also a very sociable dog that requires human companion; If left alone, must be trained to tolerate it and avoid suffering and depression; Optionally should buscar you some Companion. Despite his attachment to humans, it is a dog character independent, intelligent and able to survive by itself only. Original author and source of the article

Plywood Class

meter of surface. Plywood second-class standard, can have knot diameter not exceeding 40 mm, plywood third grade there may be knots maximum diameter of 70 mm. On the plywood of the fourth grade this indicator .Chastichno accreted, unjoint, loose knots, knot holes and wormholes. This kind of defects are totally unacceptable a veneer of elite varieties. Plywood Class I: may be up to three listed defects per 1 sq.m. surface, if their diameter is less than 6 mm or 10 mm if the hole sealed with putty. Plywood second grade: standard allows the presence of no more than 6 such defects per 1 sq.m. diameter of 6 mm, clamped putty – 15 mm.

Plywood third grade: it is assumed the existence of an unlimited number of these defects with a diameter up to 100 mm, plywood fourth grade are allowed any number of defects with a diameter up to 400 mm. Closed splits. Serried edge cracks should be held tightly to each other. Plywood elite class does not admit the existence of these defects. Plywood grades 1.4 allows unlimited number of cracks, provided that they do not impair performance characteristics. Diverged cracks. Standard does not permit the presence of dispersed cracks in the elite grade plywood. In the first plywood varieties may be present 1.2 cracks up to 250 mm and a thickness of 3 mm, if they are sealed with putty. In plywood Class ii 3.1 crack lengths up to 400 mm in diameter and 5 mm. Plywood 3 grades: 1-3 cracked up to 600 mm, a width of 10 mm.


Ideas to reduce costs and expenses in starting enterprises a project deAumento of utilities and business profitability, requires in addition a methodology and programs implemented by the direction of the Organization of Ideas and creativity. When discusses reduction of expenses and costs, in general, the Organization’s efforts to focus on trimming of staff, reduction in the consumption of some materials that are not considered priority or energy, admas limited investments, among others. These measures involve very significant risks in the quality of products or services sold, in customer service and in general can affect internal controls. Another common problem is that cut-out can be a temporary action, lost the opportunity to implement a measure of awareness and culture in the Organization of reduction of costs and expenses. In the current situation the exercise of a profession and the business require innovation, first to survive and then to increase their profits, require to establish realistic and achievable goals, work to achieve it is very difficult because the recipes and procedures have changed. However there is no other option rather than begin and how everything should start with a reference or an idea.

Based on my experience when I get a call from a company, I propose you implement a program growth of profitability, in addition to the reduction of expenses and costs being the objective of company-wide efficiency targets that increase utilities. Before a project of this nature, where there is no bibliography as you begin, first to achieve successful results is required that the company carried out an organizational change in where the commitment, it is not achieved by imposition, is very important acceptance and commitment of the staff. So as we started? 1. Identify the excesses to be cut (FAT) maintain that moves the Organization (the muscle). This principle is as broad as complex, because a reduction of an expense can result in a loss of service to the client or a problem in the production line. 2 It is essential to identify the critical skills where the activities or operation can improve. Let’s look at the gasket no doubt is a process in the production, sale and distribution of a product that plays an important part in the cost of a product. Because not make us the following questions to identify if there is any reduction in the expense of packaging option:- as it is the procedure of our product packaging – because we do it this way? Do that alternatives exist? – As we receive packing material? -That impact has in the sale or distribution, is indifferent to the customer? What if the sale is manuals, courses, or books and instead of print and Pack sold and sent over Internet? How much is can reduce the cost to the end customer? Seek opportunities for improvement of profits and profitability of the business, requires great creativity and discipline to ensure that the implementation of a process of saving won’t have a counter-productive effect on the organization. Author original and source of the article.

Zapotec Languages

INDEX Mesoamerican indigenous languages interaction between the Spanish and indigenous languages interaction with the English language. Definition of pidgin. Spelling. Phonology morphology syntax lexicon not English vocabulary. Modernization of these languages of the Cayo branch mosquito Coast Belize. LANGUAGES indigenous MESO-American Mesoamerican indigenous languages are spoken in an area of the new Aboriginal world that includes Mexico central and South, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and parts of Honduras and Nicaragua. Although several centers of civilization have flourished in these areas that can be dated in the year 1000 BC and before the conquest of Mexico in 1519, the area of mesoamerica has a cultural history of approximately 2500 years.

Order to deal with the languages of the area of meso-america should establish their genetic relationships and their geographical distribution. Hence some treated as Mesoamerican languages are not spoken in mesoamerica properly but they form families of languages that are spoken there. Approximately 70 indigenous languages in mesoamerica are spoken today with 7,500,000 speakers. When the Spaniards conquered Mexico in 1519, it may have been about 20,000,000 inhabitants in mesoamerica. 10 Years of the conquest, india’s population had decreased by 80% as a result of the war, disease, forced labour and starvation. Since then, the indigenous population had returned to a higher level, but many languages have become extinct. The Mesoamerican languages with a larger group of speakers in the mid-20th century are: Aztec 1,200,000 Yucatec 600,000 Quiche-tzutujil-cakchiquei 1,200,000 Mam 450,000 Kekchi 375,000 Zapotec 400,000 450,000 the study of Mesoamerican languages Otomi began during the 16th and 17TH centuries. Some Dominican missionary and Franciscans were devoted to the study of native languages so the priests could try religious materials with the monolingual indigenous. They wrote grammars according to a Latin model, did spellings by applying values used in the Spanish or latin, to times had to invent new letters, made generally vocabularies, glossaries or dictionaries, and translated Christian texts into indigenous languages.


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Well this kind of business and systems are born with force about 3 years ago. They caused great commotion at the beginning, as the new and innovative. Whenever something new emerges as a revolutionary idea has its adherents and its detractors. In the case of detractors here we can recompose to leaders of the traditional banking system and network marketing leaders.The leaders of the traditional banking system go against, because in this type of system promotes the creation of private clubs of individuals, United under a common goal: to circulate the money among members so to capitalize all are on, each to the extent of its effort and application within the system. This carries with it that people get capital to pay its debts or to buy a car or in short to never again have to resort to a Bank for a loan.

Do some market leaders in Network Marketing, with absolute ignorance and not understand or analyze some aspects, speak thus: pyramid, illegal, etc to what they are afraid? do I ask myself – that people can see that you can win more and faster money here for a legal and transparent manner without suffering 4 or 5 years to make a network for, supposedly, reach a degree of financial freedom? Why I say supposedly? Why be counted on the fingers of one hand professionals working strong for 4 to 5 years get financial freedom. Rather often networks begin their decline in that period of time and checks begin to move. Why? By mismanagement of the professional himself, by mismanagement of the company or because the levels of marketing are made so that a 10% earn a decent amount while remaining 90% sustains those 10% with their renovations and small monthly consumption. This is a reality. What then are the systems of redistribution of wealth? Well just that. They are born as need in the market change an installed for centuries, social injustice and that already reaches unacceptable degree. Today, with the internet tool, information flows more freely and enables sensitive and informed of the handling of the international financial system, citizens come together to put an end to that nonsense. Remember that 1% of the world’s population has the same capital that 95% remaining.

This if it is pyramid!. Remember that while a normal citizen, family, loses his house at a time of crisis, when banks enter into crisis are saved by Governments that injected billions of dollars into their coffers. They become rich and then when the system collapses, the citizen who seized the House, with our taxes, collaborates to get out of the hole to them. Remember that we do not see banks creating water wells or schools in Africa. Then against this background, what is wrong with that: who people want to disassociate itself from these tyrants. That people want to associate in private car clubs help each other and not rely more on banks. What is wrong that people want to use these systems as a means to resolve his future and that of your family? What is wrong with people in these companies find a University to work to create your business on the internet? In My Bank Reservepromovemos all this and also providing a very interesting service: education financial education programming (NLP) education on working online education about network original author and source of the article marketing