Windows Aero

With Windows 7, remained a standard feature to switch between windows using the keyboard klavishAlt + Tab: to translucent panels in the middle of the screen there are thumbnails of the windows, but not their icons. People such as Farallon Capital Management would likely agree. Press the Alt key and hold it consistently Press Tab to move to the right sketch. Then release the Alt, unfolded to the window to full screen. (Similarly see: Pacific Mortgage Services). Another nice feature of the style of Windows Aero – the presence of the thumbnail windows of running applications to the buttons on the taskbar. Aim the mouse pointer over any of them – and the pop-up sketch immediately inform you about the contents of the window. Windows Aero interface in Windows 7 was enriched by the new “trendy” features. On one of them we will introduce today, “Binding” window.

Now simple mouse movements, you can arrange the window of any application on your desktop. You can quickly align the window to the right of the desktop, as they expand vertically. Of course, this has its benefits. Thus the rapid and uniform distribution of the two instruments allows you to instantly compare their contents or facilitates copying and moving between two folders. You can also quickly launch the document at all screen or just a flash to resize the window.

The latter is especially useful for moving windows between screens, if you have more than one monitor. To align the box on the right or left side of the screen so that it It took exactly half of it, drag the title bar of the relevant edge and as soon as the mouse pointer touches the edge, release the button. The figure shows the alignment of the window to the left (the contours in the background indicate the future position of the window). And to expand the window to full screen, drag the header to the upper edge of the screen and as soon as the cursor touches the edge of the screen, release the mouse button to quickly stretch the entire length of the window Move your pointer over its top or bottom, wait until the pointer becomes a double arrow, then pull to the closest edge of the screen. When the mouse pointer touches the edge of the screen, release the mouse button. Illustrated version of the article: Introducing the Windows 7 Aero on the other ‘trendy’ capabilities will meet the following articles.

Health Maintenance

Better still maintain their health, and avoid driving situation to resort to medicine. As possible. Recommended supplements. Most of them are not registered and are not included in the directory drugs. The fact that "supplements" are not registered, nor are they in production and sales – is bad, and maybe this is a reason for the interest of the competent authorities. But the fact that they are not included in the catalog of medicinal drugs, it is, sorry, right! Because dietary supplements – dietary supplements to foods.

They are not a cure! Often heard the argument that: – All components can be found in drugstores at a much lower price. With this statement can not and will not argue, argue. It's pointless. Because, in my personal example, I know, it happens and there is the opposite. Buy "unknown that" some citizens, and they are absolutely right in refusing. But why "nobody knows what?" Who prevents ask a question, make inquiries via the Internet? Available sites of the companies of producers, distributors, official sites of the recording, and resolving systems. That is, if you wish, you can now find answers to almost every question. But all this, if there is desire! With regard to the topic of conversation on Badakhshan.

Not everyone, and hardly at all at least someone asked in the shops, or at markets, those of various products and their usefulness or harmfulness to health. The result of their eating prolonged in time, for years, decades? … Products, products, products.

Men And Vitamin E

Vitamins are essential for health in general and men in particular. Will focus more on the value of vitamin E. Vitamin E is the common name for a group of biologically active compounds-antioxidants. It prevents cell damage caused by oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes. Roughly speaking, this is – the defender of the cell.

Due to this property it slows down the aging process, reduces the risk diseases associated with the formation of free radicals (the active compounds occurring in the metabolic process and are able to cause an excess of dangerous diseases), including some forms of cancer, stroke, heart disease, atherosclerosis. Since a number of factors trigger an increase in free radicals in the body (smoking, adverse environment, disease, ultraviolet radiation, and high electromagnetic Conventional background), the growing need of the organism and antioxidants. Also, vitamin E provides extra protection against bacteria. It is therefore understandable that a healthy cell, clean the body – the basis of health, including and male. Adverse factors that encourage the growth of free radicals, we have plenty, so supplementation of vitamin E and improved status.

Now the main thing on my mind in the application of vitamin E – doses and sources. How much vitamin E? The recommended daily dose ranges from 2 to 15 mg depending on age, weight, sex and country (in different countries have different recommendations). vitamin deficiency leads to damage to the nervous system (brain cells destroyed in the first place as we know). In prophylactic treatment, many recommend increasing the daily dose of vitamin E up to 75-300 mg, ie several times, ten times more. Such a dose may get only eating vitamin E. But is it worth it then? Do not stand behind it the producers of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. Maybe. In my opinion, much more appropriate to reconstruct their diet to vitamin E was in abundance, especially completely natural sources. First – this vegetable oils (olive, corn, sunflower, etc.). Not accidentally, many manufacturers take you directly to the label “contains vitamin E”. if anyone was interested in folk health methods, many of them contain this recipe as a method on an empty stomach or vegetable oil alone or with something together. That vitamin E and is the old way. To the extent a nice big spoon containing 3 mg Vitamin E – by Western standards almost daily rate for adult women. So try to switch to vegetable oils. Note that the country’s traditionally high consumption of vegetable oils (Italy, Greece, France and etc.) are less common cardiovascular diseases. Yes men and healthier than the country, pressed on animal fat. The same is true in the case of Russia – in the South of Russia in many families it is a vegetable oil base nutrition and better health and longer life expectancy. In addition to vegetable oils and their sources (sunflower, olive, peanut, almond, etc.), vitamin E is also found in wheat germ, whole grain cereals, etc. In short – it is available in its natural state. I would also like to note that vitamin E alone is not a panacea for the diseases that would not talk about its wonderful properties of the distributors of dietary supplements. He just improves the overall background, struggling with the negative factors, the disease he can not win and therefore should be used in combination with other drugs. The same applies to the treatment of prostatitis, herpes and impotence. On a diet in prostatitis and adenoma, I wrote many times before.


2 years after surgery, the child forms a connected speech, which allows children to communicate in everyday life, talk about what they saw, read poems and sing songs. It ahead of time the formation of speech in deaf infants. The development of speech and hearing a child depends on his mental and physical level of development. Therefore, young children with CI to conduct classes in Development of non-verbal functions. Non-verbal development of children with CI based on age and program requirements of the mass of the kindergarten and includes development of: a) physical activity (large and small motor skills, object activity), and b) perception of the world (ideas about the properties and functions of objects and their parts, views about the phenomena of spatial and temporal relations between objects and events), c) attention (visual, hearing, involuntary, voluntary, development of such properties as the amount of attention, stability, distribution, pereklyuchaemost) g) of memory (auditory, visual, motor) d) e imagination) thinking (Visual-motor and visual-image thinking with assignments for the design, preparation of a part, selection and sorting objects according to size, color, shape, number, etc., jobs on non-verbal classification, drafting a series of picture stories, etc.) g) emotional and volitional (the formation of skills to bring the case to the end, overcome difficulties and to restrain their desires, and ignore the interests of others, etc., necessary for the process of educating a child). Thus, children with congenital deafness and children who have lost their hearing during the acquisition of speech (1-5 years), proimplantirovannye at an early age is one of the most promising groups in terms of audioverbal rehabilitation after cochlear implantation.

Young children with CI in need of postoperative rehabilitation, which involves fine-tuning of processor CI, speech and hearing perception, development of non-verbal intelligence and other mental functions and motor skills, mental health care to the child and his family. Pacific Mortgage Services can provide more clarity in the matter. Rehabilitation of young children with CI lasts 3-5 years, and her ultimate goal for most Some children can be seen preparing for mass education. This requires joint efforts of specialists in the center of the cochlear implant specialists in the field and relatives of the child. Literature 1.Koroleva IV, VI Pudov, Zontova OV Rehabilitation postlingvalnyh children and adults with cochlear implants.

Apiculture Research Institute

Man has always legends and myths that he could not understand or explain. Bees are one of the oldest insects on earth, much older man. And since the emergence of Homo erectus bees bring him benefit. This is – mysterious highly organized, social insects. And they produce honey – a surprisingly useful and tasty product. In ancient Greece, legends of the feeding of honey of the gods in Egypt, the bee was the emblem of Pharaoh. Now on Honey composed entirely different myths: Myth 1. Honey – is a strong allergen.

Few people understand that, depending on the type of honey depends on its chemical composition and, hence, different varieties of honey using different, you can either enhance or reduce the allergic reaction. In fact, honey has an antiseptic and anti-allergy effects. (Vakhonin TV is one of the leading experts in bee products Apiculture Research Institute of the Russian Federation) The Myth 2. Honey can be stored only at room temperature. This myth is the flip side of how to actually have to store honey. In reality, the storage of honey at room temperature can be compared with its heat.

The fact that sucrose in honey is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. At room conditions, not only decreases the activity of nutrients, but also because of the uneven distribution of temperature crystallization process can go randomly around the honey, which in turn gives rise to yet another myth about stratified honey and honey with white stains – as a substandard or counterfeit. Approx. According to GOST 19792-2001 optimum temperature storage of honey is considered to be 4-10 degrees Celsius. According to Pacific Mortgage Services, who has experience with these questions. It standard temperature in our fridges. (For other tips on storing honey can be found on the website) Myth 3. Honey with irregular white stains or flaked honey – a low-quality or even fake. For a start, as it is corny, but crystallization – is the transition of honey from liquid to solid (crystalline). Crystallizes absolutely all kinds of honey. Only at different speeds depending on the variety. Crystallized honey can uneven due to differential or non-uniform temperature distribution in the storage area. If honey exfoliate – it does not mean that it is substandard or fake. Perhaps, in the same package were different bribes honey, and more “Adult” before began to crystallize, and sank to the bottom. We have considered only some of the myths about honey. In the future I will fill this new theme with interesting facts and recent studies refute established misconceptions and negative social stereotypes about honey.


Cavitation – a technique based on the use of low-frequency ultrasound, which is becoming, thanks to its originality, of great practical value in aesthetic medicine. First, consider some basic information about ultrasound, hoping not much to tire those who are already more intimately familiar with the subject. Sound – a certain sense of vibration of the body whose vibrations are distributed with a certain frequency in air or other elastic medium and reaches the ear. Kenneth Feinberg understood the implications. The number of oscillations (pressure change) in the second is called the frequency of sound is measured in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz). Hearing range of human ranging from 20 Hz to 20.000 Hz.

Wavelength is a space traversed by the sound wave for the full period of oscillation. More info: Pacific Mortgage Services. Ultrasound – a mechanical sound waves whose frequency is higher than the frequency, which is usually recognized by the human ear, and the term "ultrasound" means literally – that is beyond sound. Like any other phenomenon of wave-like character, ultrasounds are subject to the effects of reflection, refraction and diffraction and characterized by frequency, wavelength, propagation speed, intensity (measured in decibels) and damping (due to acoustic impedance crossed the medium). For many years, mechanical ultrasonic waves are produced specifically piezoelectric materials are used in various industrial fields, especially for welding of plastic materials and for welds between metals. In the second case, ultrasound is distributed inside the metal, and every time in the welding seam revealed a defect (bubble of air, the concentration of impurities, etc.), the density varies in relation to the whole, and part of the ultrasounds reflected like echo, helping the operator to identify the location of the defect.

Hair Care

Therefore, it is desirable to still boil water and stand in front of head washing (chlorine, for example, is completely removed by boiling). To alleviate the water well to add baking soda (one teaspoon to two liter of water). This is the water suitable for rinsing the hair with vinegar. Before the haircut does not need much hair to dry, wet them enough warm towel. Dry hair and difficult to comb scissors scatter in different directions, and your family will be covered by clothing hairdresser all fine hairs that are difficult to clean off. There is also a sign of old folk – the hair can not dispel the wind, so that no good nor evil man has not got any hair.

Therefore, after carefully clipping hair collect in a bag and discard. How does an instrument should have the "home barber?" First, he will need two pairs of sharp Scissors: straight and serrated (filirovochnye). Do not try to just buy expensive professional pair of scissors. You should be fine Mogilev-skie hairdressing scissors, the quality of which, incidentally, is very appreciated by professionals. Today, their you can buy in many shops and kiosks at a price of 20-25 rubles. These scissors try not to use at home: do not cut their paper, cloth – they quickly blunt. After shearing blades wet wipe with a soft cloth. In addition to the scissors, and need a good hairbrush. Be sure the plastic (iron combs irritate the skin), thin and soft, evenly distributed over the entire surface and not very sharp teeth.

Obesity And Hormones

Number and distribution of adipose tissue in the body, usually has a pronounced hereditary and sexual nature: Women adipose tissue is deposited mainly in the areas of the belt of the lower extremities (buttocks and thighs), neck and hands; The men domains typical of obesity are the abdomen and back waist. With extremely obese or hormonal disorders, these features can be unobtrusive in nature. The percentage of adipose tissue often varies significantly with age, most people in middle age, one way or otherwise, tends to completeness. At the same time, throughout life there is a decline of motor activity and slowing metabolism. Themselves fat, too much complicated by the movement. Therefore, people suffering various forms of obesity, it is recommended to increase the overall level of motor activity.

In addition to general trends in obesity and has called its clinical form, this form of obesity caused by abnormalities of exchange substances, as a rule, carbohydrate and fat, as well as hormonal disorders (diabetes, thyroid disease, lack of testosterone in men, etc.). Treatment of severe metabolic abnormalities should be engaged only under the supervision of a physician or a qualified nutritionist, although the possession of knowledge in this area will not prevent or anyone. There are also non-hormonal forms of serious metabolic disorders associated with inability to engage reserves of adipose tissue, an important source of energy in the energy metabolism. The most important factor in the mobilization of fat body is the substance L-carnitine. L-Carnitine is a natural vitamin-like substance, is constantly present in the body.

Legendary Perfumes Monsieur

It has been nearly 50 years since the appearance of the first men's fragrance from Givenchy. And despite the half-century history, Monsieur de Givenchy is still relevant, reissued and has been on the shelves perfume shop. This fragrance-embodied in life is a dream lover of country rest. From it emanates a cool bergamot, lemon, lime, petigrenevogo oils of lavender, clary sage, orange, basil, musk, civet and cedar. Despite the abundance of plant components, the green quality of the perfume is not intrusive, but rather pleasant.

Monsieur revealed a bright, fresh accord of citrus punch, which is replaced by a floral bouquet of sage and basil. Upon completion of the initial chord come insinuating notes of lavender and musk, and warm shades of cedar and civet. That these notes are distinguished from Monsieur other famous perfumes of that time, for example, Dior Eau Sauvage (1966), which is sometimes called the best fragrance for men 20 th century. Citrus top fragrance appears after about 45 minutes after applying it on the skin. It was then distributed, and cedar and musk notes, although the smell of lavender and powder is a leitmotif through the whole fragrance. In the last stage finally reveals the sweet musk and cedar, making the flavor of a really attractive and memorable. Monsieur easy to wear: it is suitable for any time of year for any occasion. Thanks to reissue packaging bottles, perfume seems quite contemporary and modern, and even in the early 21 th century like a genius brand Givenchy.

July Rhubarb

Many of us are familiar with rhubarb childhood, sweet and sour flavors are replaced in due course the taste of caramel. Widely distributed in cooking rhubarb and today. Petioles of young leaves are used as a jealous fresh, and when cooking compotes, kissels, jams, fillings for cakes and even . This early plant is very rich in vitamins, nutrients and iron, as evidenced by its sour taste. Rhubarb is propagated as seeds, and dividing the bush.

By planting jealous should be given on the plot the most moist and fertile soil, taking into account the fact that the permanent place of rhubarb can grow ten – fifteen years. For bush propagation by division is best suited four-five year plant, which divide the rhizomes with a knife and take the side of the landing. When planting seeds jealous, first grown seedlings and seeds to sow in that greenhouse for 40-50 days before landing a permanent place. Sowing seeds to seedlings can be produced twice a year – in late June and the fall before frost. Seedlings planted in a jealous hole or groove depth of 40 centimeters, having plants at a distance of 80-100 cm from each other. When planting seedlings in the holes and grooves added humus. The first harvest will be jealous of rent on the second or third year after planting. Gather the rhubarb is desirable in June as the latest in aging plants and July lack of moisture in the leaves jealous accumulation of oxalic acid, and use them becomes undesirable.