SKVTec Strassberger

Manufacturer of side channel compressors new offer of the channel SKVTec rapidly assume since January 2014, the Onlinebrooker under the new label SKVTec ( offers a new sales channel for side channel blowers. Together with different manufacturers of side channel compressors, side channel blowers / side channel blowers from different manufacturers are offered here in a central catalogue. Customers take advantage of, to be able to browse the complete product portfolio of different manufacturing plants in a single catalog. This customer saves time and money. On the new portal SKVTec presents only machines on the production level of brand-name manufacturers. The new sales concept: In the catalogue of SKVTec customers find each possible combinations to work points starting from a given volume or a predetermined pressure.

Thus, customers can link to the partner shop connected to the concrete parameter requirements, which provides equipment to a side channel blowers need to in the catalogue search type and receives. Thus, customers find it faster selected device. Quality control: SKVTec considering the offered side channel blowers, strict quality control and integrated only such devices that meet the following criteria:-SKV are equipped with an original certificate of origin. -SKV are supplied with original company documents, drawings, measurement protocols. -The delivery of the machines can be usually within no more than 3 weeks.

IBN Distribution GmbH

The ASDIS solutions has appointed the official distribution partner for the DACH region IBN distribution GmbH. Berlin, Ettlingen 03.04.2013 – the ASDIS solutions has appointed the official distribution partner for the DACH region IBN distribution GmbH. IBN has the ability to sell products and solutions within the ASDIS portfolio. The IBN has vast experience from various projects in the area of system management. You acts as a multiplier, and contributes to, the position of ASDIS in the areas of server, continuing to consolidate ATM / KIOSK and mobile device management. Because your great expertise in the area of system management is IBN able to offer services and services in customary ASDIS quality for the entire ASDIS product suite. With the IBN ASDIS Gets a strong partner who can plan ASDIS projects in the future independently and perform,”says Daniel light field, Managing Director of ASDIS solutions.

ASDIS Solutions GmbH the ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions to the management of Infrastructure in complex IT environments. These individual solutions based on self-developed standard products and make changes for the automated deployment and management of software and data into enterprise-wide IT structures. 20 Years of experience in the development of high-quality software management solutions and long-term reference customers such as UBS, data processing, Deutsche Bahn, drugstore chain Muller, the Foreign Ministry and other well-known companies and organizations talk about Sparda solutions for the reliability and efficiency of ASDIS. IBN IBN distribution GmbH was founded in late 2003 and employs approximately 40 people.