Importance Of Speaking A Second Language

Although our language is the second most spoken language in the world according to the number of native inhabitants, English is the universal language to communicate with people from all parts of the world. The Anglo-Saxon market is extremely vast and the advantage is that it is a fairly developed market-level electronic culture and as a result, they are more accustomed to purchasing products and services on the internet. And it is that in a global economy which is currently lives and with nearly 15 per cent of Hispanics who are part of the U.S. population, according to the latest census data, as well as other ethnic minorities, speaking more than one language is definitely a labor advantage, increasingly more companies open your business opportunity to other countries, what they need in their ranks to professionals who can understand with their potential customers abroad with efficiency and fluidity. Why, among the requirements that enterprises require for an endless posts is the knowledge of a second language, that most of the times is English.

In fact, a recent study says that people who know this language have 44% more chances of finding a job. The need for mastering a second language increases in relation to the respondent profile, since it is a prerequisite by the companies for 58% of the deals aimed at recent graduates. This figure increases to 65% if it’s jobs for intermediate executives and 100% for senior management positions. By sectors, those who require a knowledge of other languages with greater firmness in their selection processes are the job offers related to technical careers, profiles of the area of finance and banking, as well as executive officers of the legal profession and various sales and marketing positions. It is important to speak another language, as understanding another culture, especially if it is customer service-oriented professions and branches abroad.

Alex Hurtado

Video presentation. It is always better that company has its own video for the presentation of the business which explains in detail about the history of the company, achievements, plan of compensation, etc. 6. Cost of membership and monthly fee. (a) it is recommended that the cost of membership is equal to the monthly maintenance cost. Otherwise, this does more than prevent the dupliacion, since many people will not join your business by him made pay an amount high in concept of input. (b) though in theory a high monthly fee entails higher commissions, this always will be a handicap for the affiliate since if you don’t see results in a short time it will begin to be impatient and will begin to see it as an expense rather than as an investment for what will end up abandoning.

7 Modes of affiliate. The possibility of being able to join a person via the internet makes the possibilities of duplication increase since in this way we can affiliate with people anywhere in the world. 8. Free trial. Having the opportunity to try the product or business for a defined time helps the person to see how his Office, management of receipts and payments, and send invitations with what the chances of this person remain in the business grows. 9.

Compensation plan. The company must distribute at least 50 percent of their income to affiliates. A simple compensation plan is recommended for that affiliate understands it perfectly and no doubt. 10 Stay never join a company that forces him to stay for a minimum. 11. competence of the company. Much greater competition has the company less likely will have to remain a long time in the market. These are according to my opinion the 11 aspects more to take into account when choosing a MLM company. I hope that this article serve you for help when deciding for a MLM company. If you liked in post I encourage you to leave a comment or share it. Alex Hurtado. Original author and source of the article.