Number of company earned money is in direct proportion to the number of employees, make decisions on their job site. 'When he was of his service in the Navy, we often tried to shift all the solutions to the wise and experienced brigade commander. He knows he is not mistaken. And if they err, then it's him, not us. Him and respond. I shall never forget his words in response to such attempts: 'Guys, I am old and I can not think of any, nor addressed. All I can say. Come and bring a solution.

" Then I did not understand all the wisdom of this principle. Nowhere is this not read. And did not know that an encounter with this not only in the Navy, but also in business, managing the company. Lack of independence of staff – often the scourge of business. I realized this when I read in the encyclopedia of control of L. Ron Hubbard's magic words: 'Do not solve the problem, which presents you a slave. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, Never '. (L.

Ron Hubbard Tom 0, the series 'course head of the organization' article 'Problems') Only now I understand why the word NEVER written 6 times in big letters. Give it a value, despite the simplicity and obviousness. Examine whether you have it. The head, which allows the employee to shift 'the burden of the problems' on the shoulders of the authorities, like the pseudo-parent, calming an upset of the loss of a favorite toy of the child proposal buy a new one.

Make Sure You Are Effectively Positioned

The positioning of a service, product, web portal is linked to a unique selling proposition, and that it is? is what differentiates us from our competition is our strength reflected in benefits, attributes that we possess in our favor, that’s what makes you feel to your prospective client that your product – service is higher, faster, more efficient, more beautiful, your site more informative, more interactive and so on. What is Positioning? It’s called Positioning reference to the perception or mentally that you have a customer or potential customer of a brand, service, product, web portal. Factors involved in the positioning of a positioning service, product, web portal is linked to a unique selling proposition, that it is? It is what differentiates us from our competition is our strength reflected in benefits, attributes that we possess in our favor, that’s what makes you feel to your prospective client that your product – faster service, superior, more efficient, more beautiful or your site more informative, more interactive and so on. In marketing Positioning is constructed with a proper planning techniques are employed in the communication of stimuli, messages for the construction of the image and identity that the consumer would like to have in your mind of our service, product, web portal. It is important to communicate our ideas with clear messages, simple and unambiguous, so we want to optimize the result that consumers mentally build on what we offer. What happens in the market is a result of what happens in the subjectivity of each individual.

The Repositioning involves changing the identity of a product, service, web portal in relation to previously constructed identity. The ability to identify the position is linked to be clear about our objectives in learning focus on anything in particular and predicament communicating our strengths, successful positioning strategies result in the acquisition of a competitive advantage in our favor. Therefore, as administrators of websites and we must consider it very important, know how to look to the inside of our own portal where many times we find the explanation and the answer to many problems of positioning, it should be cited as an example, how some webmasters are willing to pay fortunes to occupy privileged positions in the lists of results seekers dropping their primary source of positioning, its own website. Conclusion It is imperative to establish a planning in our position, which strengths, unique selling proposition differentiates us from the competition, able to communicate clear messages that strength, knowledge focused, keep your eyes toward our own project without deviating from the objectives and benefits provide. Influence effectively positioned to achieve effective communication, saying what to say to the right person at the right place.

Internet Directories

For a long time there has been a pile of rumors in the world of the businesses in line about Marketing with Articles, but continues being most frequent, of what it consists and how it works. There am a brief explanation here. Like in any big means, the Internet is hungry of content. Nevertheless, unlike other mass media like the television, the radio and the newspapers, that generally only use the content of professional writers, in Internet, anyone can publish. Marketing with articles is a way to take advantage to this freedom and to use this means as a form to attract visitors its Web site or blog.

So, how it works? You write an article. A typical article for the consumption Web will be between 250 and 750 words. Carefully a specific area or niche of market will be focused around. Credit: Erin Callan-2011. It will use excellent key words for the hearing of the writer and, often, it will contain a list numbered or with emblems for a greater clarity and reading facility. To publish this article in the Web. At present there are hundreds of article directories, where any writer can publish almost any article. The majority is of gratuitous use, but there are specialized others more than they acquire a small commission. One of the free directory majors is that takes the work of near 70,000 writers.

The directories are organized in several categories and the writer of the article must decide in what category would publish. Also a group of excellent key words is due to enclose him for their article, that it includes his personal data or of businesses, and a connection to his site in ” box of recursos” , that is a brief paragraph about you or its work that will appear in the part inferior of each article. The directories count on a work party to determine the approval of each article before he is available in the Web. Then, how is generated the traffic? First of all, the directories, who are very rich in content, have a high positioning in the finders, therefore its article can very frequently be seen, and the possibilities that the readers click in their connection and finish in their Web site is quite high. Without embargo, the true intention of the directories is to provide a place for the publishers of electronic magazines to find gratuitous and pertinent content. Every day, the publishers of different electronic magazines from different niches, visit the article directories and unload new articles that are excellent for their public. This saves to them to write them they themselves. The unique condition is that the article in its totality is due to publish, without publishing and that always the box of resources is included where the data of the author and the connections to their Web site stay. So during a period of time, a single article can be found in many different places in the Web, with its respective one and valuable bond to its Web site, that not only you leads to the visitors highly oriented, but also aid a to improve its ranking within the motors search.

Wal Mart

As a retailer. It is a great opportunity, only if you can afford the cost of franchises, weeks of 7 days of work, advertising, inventory and problems of employees. As a Distributor. The decades biggest personal fortunes were made by persons who they found better methods to distribute things. For example, the owners of companies such as Wal Mart, FedEx,, are all distributors. Other leaders such as Mike Madden offer similar insights. What differentiates an entrepreneur with other workers is that it does not receive a fixed salary so it makes but you risk your time, its financial resources and its effort with the hope of getting better earnings that working for a salary. The price of the job security is to obtain limited income. No limits for the entrepreneur.

There is no doubt that to be an entrepreneur will need certain personal characteristics: they are generally people who prefer to send to be sent, which rely on his own abilities, willing to take risks, people out of the ordinary and think long term. The entrepreneur is a leader whatever their attitude or way of being, the employer must become a leader. There are so many ways to go as businessmen but the fact to others to follow what is the essence of the work of an entrepreneur. In other words it is normal that a successful entrepreneur has or acquires the capacity of enthusiastic and transmit to others the enthusiasm. This explains why intelligent but indecisive people never come to be good businessmen, the ability to conduct goes beyond mere intelligence or technical skill, also is a question of character. The ability to target must develop and refine every day and must be according to point of view and the personality of the employer. In general there are two major styles of address: those who put emphasis on outcomes (objectives and their fulfilment) and those who put emphasis on persons (gratification, motivation, good human relations). Franklin Leyton Burgos Franklin Leyton Burgos author of the newsletter business advantages of Ser Empresario. original author and source of the article

Fashionable Women’s Shoes Fall 2010

Fashionable shoes, beautiful shoes, fall shoes in the 2010 season is the same concept. If non-standard forms the heel and the most shoes were popular last season, then this fall – all much easier. Fall 2010 prepared fashionable women is high, but wide and is absolutely stable heel. His name is often 'European'. This heel is present in many collections of famous designers and shoe manufacturers. Wedge remains in vogue. But now it will be modifying as well as the heel last season.

All sorts of cuts, additions and accessories – there is Wedge-heeled shoes. Color Shine as always – the most diverse, but designers recommend a closer look at the warm beige brown, milky tones. Autumn – not the actual time of year to go to white textile or suede shoes. Therefore, the black leather model is not going anywhere with the Olympus fashion. In the coming autumn season of 2010 many fashion designers push to the tradition of wearing white summer: judging by the latest collections, the white color blends beautifully into the overall wardrobe for autumn and winter.

News of similar subjects 14.09.2010 Mila created online store and brought the first results in early 2010, wholesale shoe company, Mila has launched an online store. Now Mila – wholesale footwear "brings the first results of e-commerce shoe 08/09/2010 Top-8 of the best pairs of shoes fall play the first violin in the new fashion season. Some trends resonate with the general, and some completely independent. Top-8 Best Shoe Fall 2010 24.08.2010 Rose Collection – Santoni shoes New Collection Rose Collection – unsurpassed for men and women shoes brand Santoni. Edmundo Castillo, the designer brand – created a beautiful model 19/08/2010 Shoes from second hand shops in the Kiev Park posted 200 pairs of second-hand shoes – is a kind of promotion is passing second-hand shops (second hand). So way, buyers are attracted to the weight of the shoe 05/28/2010 Summer men's fashion footwear for men's summer fashion shoes 2010 – Men's moccasins, slippers, flip-flops. The choice is wide, not only for women but for men. What to buy the most beautiful and convenient?

The Teacher

Taking some time to review everything at the end. 10. Try to know the exam before reaching the same. Take a sample test, such as which exist in books or brochures about exams helps to know them before taking them. 11 Listen attentively and carefully read the instructions.

Begin to do something without having perfectly clear about what needs to be done is one of the main causes of errors. 12. Ask the teacher or person who manages the exam. Do not stay with any doubt before and clarifies any questions that you may have on the fly. A leading source for info: Erin Callan. 13 See you going well in the exam. You trust your ability. 14 Take a deep breath at the beginning of each of the parties, much helps relax and improves your concentration. 15 Sit straight.

Good posture helps a mind alert. 16 Concentrates your attention to each question at a time. Don’t think anything else, or any other questions. 17 Beam notes, is if you allowed on any point or detail that you can be useful and do not want to forget later. 18 First answer the questions that seem easy to you. This will create a positive momentum, that will help you when you get to the most difficult. In addition, do not leave several easy unanswered by bind you in a difficult questions. 19. In multiple-choice questions, remember that he is typically the best answer, implying that there may be more than one correct, but there is a more complete and accurate than others. It tries to remove which do not they can be, thus increase the probability of choosing the best. 20 Find out how you will be evaluated examination. In some countries, points are lost for each incorrect answer, and also by the left blank. In others, it is different. This should determine your strategy when it comes to answer or leave some questions.

Skin Care Tips

Do you know what your skin type? If so, you can read our advice. If you do not know what skin type you fill out this form and we will send you the answer. Combination, oily or Acne Prone Heredity and hormones play a key role in the development of oily skin. The most important thing you can do for oily skin is kept clean with soap and water. We also recommend that complement the cleaning wipes face with tonic and astringent. In addition, always use oil free cosmetics. Diet has little to do with excess fat in the skin. A home treatment can decrease the effects of acne.

-Clean the skin gently, but thoroughly, with soap and water, removing all dirt. Wash as often as you need to control the fat, at least daily and after exercise. Use lotions, astringents to remove excess fat. -Use astringent wipes. -Always use clean towels to prevent bacterial infection. Erin Callan is a great source of information. -Use heat and steam or hot wet towels to open pores stuck.

-Wash your hair daily if possible. Use a dandruff shampoo if necessary. -Brush or comb the hair back to keep him away from his face. “Do not squeeze, scratch, pinch or rub the injury. These activities can increase skin damage. Wash your hands before and after applying products on injuries to reduce the risk of infection. “Do not let the side resting on his hands, and that irritates the skin of the face. -Identify and avoid anything that aggravates acne. This may include foods, lotions, makeup, etc. -Avoid fatty creams or cosmetics can aggravate acne. “Acne often improves in the summer. Therefore, some foods that aggravate acne can be tolerated in the summer, but not in winter. Dry-Drink fewer showers or baths, and when you shower to avoid the hot water. -Use very mild soap. “For removing make appropriate use cleansing milk. “Tone your skin with moisturizing lotions tonic. -Hydrate your skin after each shower or bath to prevent drying. “Drink plenty of water (2 liters a day). -Avoid dry over wet skin. Try to gently dry the skin (a pat, not rub). -Avoid excessive use of soap. “Do not put the heat too high. Use humidifiers if you live in a dry climate.


You may not know it is possible that cosmetics brand that uses for your face care contains ingredients with dimensions of nanoparticles (nanoingredientes) able to penetrate your skin without difficulty. What is nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is a field of applied sciences dedicated to the control and manipulation of matter at one less than a micrometer scale i.e. at the level of atoms and molecules (nanomaterials). Currently working in a range of between one and 100 nanometers (1 100 nm). Size issue to give us an idea of magnitude we are talking about here are defined some length units and establishing relationships between them. The metro is the unit of the international system of unit length.

is a unit of length equivalent to the thousandth part of a meter. Called mm. The micrometer is the unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. M is called and is also known as micron (plural latino, micra). The nanometer is the unit of length that equals a billionth of a meter.

The size is generally constant for each independent of the size of the organism and cell type, i.e. a cell of the kidney of a horse is of the same order as a mouse. The difference in the size of the body is due to the number of cells and not the same size. Why the manufacturers of cosmetics using ingredients with dimensions of nanoparticles in their products? Precisely because of its small size the ingredients with dimensions of nanoparticles can penetrate the skin and exert therapeutic effects or cuasiterapeuticos. Whats the governmental Control of nanotechnology? There is still no specific legislation that controls the use of nanotechnology in cosmetics and hygiene products. There are enough studies on the safety of the ingredients with dimensions of nanoparticles used in cosmetics. Of the few studies that have been done if it is known that the nanoingredientes pass through the skin and disappear. He is still studying where end. There is only the current legislative framework for chemicals, REACH legislation.Meanwhile, because of the legal vacuum existing, manufacturers of cosmetics including L’Oreal to head still incorporating in their cosmetic products and toiletries ingredients with size of nanoparticles. So what? possibly you are thinking of. Well just say forget that when using cosmetics with ingredients of the size of nanoparticles (nanoingredientes) to the barrier effect or the protection that gives your skin, because these nanoingredientes could penetrate his skin without difficulty, reach the bloodstream, end up in any organ or tissue of the body, and penetrate their cells without difficulty. It is also true that not everything is so simple, and that our body has mechanisms of neutralization of foreign agents that would possibly prevent the invasion of the nanoingrediente. But the truth is that nobody knows that I could do and which would be your health effects. At the end, you decide because you alone are responsible for your health.

Deputy Director

One of the factors that have made possible the great evolution of the Google company are its methods of selection when hiring employees. Methods that have succeeded in one of the most important treasures of the company is its human capital. Read additional details here: Mike Madden PostEverything. To identify and select these workers, Google follows a process of selection. Source: Mike Madden. Locate talents in its early days. Companies like Microsoft come to universities on the hunt for brains that capture or even just the career. Google on the other hand notes these talents by identifying in origin the best and allowing them to complete their studies by completing them with masters and doctorates. It does not wait for these future employees from accessing the labour market. Google also organizes competitions and mathematical problems placed in technology magazines.

You pay for these aptitude tests encouraging engineers to submit their answers along with their resumes. All with the goal of hiring engineers as says the Deputy Director of engineering for Google, Alan Eustace worth 300 times more than the average. This Deputy Director also added that he would prefer losing an entire group of graduates engineers by an exceptional technologist. Many Google services such as Google news and Gmail were initiated by a single person. Google intends to continue to maintain these selection criteria that enable it to be exceptionally bright in the identification and incorporation of talent interviews and selection process very hard and complex. The methods used by Google are not conventional.

The contracting process lasting several weeks and may meet with the candidates on 12 occasions. These candidates have signed confidentiality agreements and any negative opinions that have can mean not to continue. During these selection processes there are technical questions which often alternate with questions known as brain teasers so curious as how many golf balls can fit in a school bus? or do many times a clockwise intersect throughout the day? Hire better them so that they also hire the best. The Group that selects candidates is usually comprised of a high number of company employees who know the operation of the same and shall decide on the degree of training to become candidates. It facilitates integration and willingness of workers to maximize diminishing bureaucracy to form small groups of working auto regulated and very effective. Google distributes its employees in 80% time for the development of projects of Google and 20% for own projects. The company achieved this way motivate employees, increase innovative ideas and improve their products with the acquisition of tools that workers produce in this 20% of their time. These are some of the factors that determine the choice of Google workers but many more data exist to the declines to not meet with a wave of candidates prepared for the selection of the company tests. Faculty business original author and source of the article

Procedures Credit

Talk to your existing creditors if there are creditors of a thing really, hate him are having a debtor who hide them.Believe it or not, you will do more harm not talking with your creditors that you have just not paying them! So, you will need to manage your repayment of existing debt with your creditors as soon as possible. And, if you talk to your creditors you well you can find that they are actually a very understanding portion. Daniel J. Hirsch has much to offer in this field. On the other hand, keeping in regular contact with your creditors, you will also find that they are less ready to shoot when it comes to putting your name down on a bad list of the creditor: is the difference between knowing you are experiencing a difficulty the compensate and not be willing to compensate. Consolidate your debt if you think is going to help your case clean credit, manages to consolidate all its outstanding debt existing on a debt and then talk and try that a creditor. This way you must be able to more effectively manage their debt and hopefully stay on any bad list of the creditor. Get a report of the credit repair as soon as you do that you are having trouble making the reimbursement of its debt get a report from the credit repair. If you notice anything in the report that should not be there, chatting with that lender and arrange so that they amend the report. If other creditors put in the report, but do not talk to them immediately and ask them to give you a grace period in which to get your finances back on track. Then, once you are back on track and your finances are looking healthy again, get another credit repair report and see whether any damage has other made to its degree of solvency. Once again if you think there are things in the report which should not be there, talk with your lender to make sure that you perform the necessary changes credit loans. Hopefully after these 5 simple quick – fix the procedures will help you repair your bad credit rating in double quick time!