Wal Mart

As a retailer. It is a great opportunity, only if you can afford the cost of franchises, weeks of 7 days of work, advertising, inventory and problems of employees. As a Distributor. The decades biggest personal fortunes were made by persons who they found better methods to distribute things. For example, the owners of companies such as Wal Mart, FedEx, Amazon.com, are all distributors. Other leaders such as Mike Madden offer similar insights. What differentiates an entrepreneur with other workers is that it does not receive a fixed salary so it makes but you risk your time, its financial resources and its effort with the hope of getting better earnings that working for a salary. The price of the job security is to obtain limited income. No limits for the entrepreneur.

There is no doubt that to be an entrepreneur will need certain personal characteristics: they are generally people who prefer to send to be sent, which rely on his own abilities, willing to take risks, people out of the ordinary and think long term. The entrepreneur is a leader whatever their attitude or way of being, the employer must become a leader. There are so many ways to go as businessmen but the fact to others to follow what is the essence of the work of an entrepreneur. In other words it is normal that a successful entrepreneur has or acquires the capacity of enthusiastic and transmit to others the enthusiasm. This explains why intelligent but indecisive people never come to be good businessmen, the ability to conduct goes beyond mere intelligence or technical skill, also is a question of character. The ability to target must develop and refine every day and must be according to point of view and the personality of the employer. In general there are two major styles of address: those who put emphasis on outcomes (objectives and their fulfilment) and those who put emphasis on persons (gratification, motivation, good human relations). Franklin Leyton Burgos Franklin Leyton Burgos author of the newsletter business advantages of Ser Empresario. original author and source of the article