Magento On Demand – With Three Clicks To The Own Web Shop

Netresearch developed a “on demand”version of the popular web shop software Magento Leipzig – the innovative open source shop system Magento offers an interesting alternative to traditional and costly e-commerce solutions for online shop operator. For interested newcomers, the Leipzig special agency Netresearch has a Magento on demand “-solution developed, the beginning of November on the insight E-Commerce Network Conference” in Jena was first presented to the public will. Magento is a professional open source E-commerce solution with a range of functions, which was previously only in expensive enterprise systems. Magento is extremely scalable, features a modern architecture and allows traders to respond to customer needs. Magento is free of charge as open source software, your application requires however basic programming skills. To facilitate the entry for online retailers, the Leipzig special agency Netresearch, Magento on demand “developed.

This offer “aimed at all the comprehensive shop software want to try out Magento once without much effort or are looking for a simple and easily administrable solution for your online store”, explains Managing Director of Netresearch Thomas Fleck. “The construction of freely available shop system is very simple and can be summed up in three steps: under the shop name and an email address and upload via double-opt-in the shop logo identity to confirm user will receive the access data of its on demand version short processing time” sent to, behind in functionality and scope of professional open source E-commerce solution in anything. The user can use the complete shop full, only the access to the existing templates is limited. As well as the actual Magento software, also is on demand version”available free of charge. For those who still need assistance building a Magento store, a forum will offer extensive help. In addition, is Netresearch partnering Service ready. We are Magento on demand”insight e-commerce network Conference from 4 to 5 November in Jena officially introduce and as public at the address live beta”, announces Thomas Fleck. PT (Netresearch GmbH & co. KG)

Professor Thomas Seufferlein

Professor Thomas Seufferlein responds by the medical faculty of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg live on the Internet Berlin, October 28, 2008 – on November 10, 2008 colorectal cancer patients, family members and interested get opportunity to get live answers to questions around the topic of colorectal cancer in an expert consultation again. 14-15 an online cancer clinic takes place on the Internet under to do this with Professor Thomas Seufferlein of the medical faculty of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. The clinical and scientific activities of Professor Seufferlein focuses on cancer research in the field of Gastroenterology. Questions to the expert can immediately online under be sent cancer clinic. We want to know: what is since our last cancer consultation 2007 did? There are new findings that enhance the healing and survival? Also in colon cancer stands as the most tumor types, meanwhile the individualized therapy in the foreground. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Live Well Financial on most websites.

New approaches were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) this year’s and world’s largest Cancer Congress. Prof. Seufferlein gives an overview to colon cancer and current treatment options at the beginning of the consultation. Then questions, which have reached us in advance. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in both sexes. In Germany approximately 37,200 men and 36,000 women will develop according to the Robert Koch Institute annually this tumor.

About six percent of the German population must expect almost five million people according to estimates, to colon cancer in the course of their lives. Information about colon cancer, visit our website, 107900.html. For doctors and professionals: Versions of ASCO gastrointestinal tumors under… arzt_asco_2008_gastro_weiche… We would be pleased if you refer to our current date in your media. The German Cancer Society e.V. (DKG) is the largest Oncology network of experts in the German-speaking countries and with over 6000 members. The Internet portal has an average 800,000 visitors a month, and reached around 1.2 million page impressions.

A Change Of Power Is Worth And Influenced The Prices in a new guise that new design of the power management information portal to offer the visitors a visually relaxing, eye-friendly access to the fast confusing, but key subject of switching in the power supply. Grip the domain name, a memorable logo and a mischievous mascot in the form of a laughing coin and the colour design of the page increase the recognition value among visitors in times in which electricity and gas price increases include the agenda, is a reliable source of information about cheap electricity prices and conditions increasingly important. Still have too few customers of the possibility of a change of power exercised, as well as long faulted the Federal Cartel Office. The customer can affect the future price structures for energy products in his favour by the exodus to cheaper providers. If 50,000 customers to the competition run over for a provider in a relatively short time, this provider is his prices need to reconsider if he wants to keep its existing customers. Credit: Vanguard Restoration Foundation-2011. “This is but yet so complicated, and this paperwork!” you moan. With an easy to follow guide, explains the steps for a simple change of power. In your environment, you will learn the cheapest provider for you when you enter your annual electricity consumption in the calculator.

This works with the recognized data base of FA. verivox and guarantees thus always up-to-date and reliable information about electricity prices and terms and conditions. Compare how much you can save on your annual electricity bill! So you immediately and in everyday life can save electricity and money, you can find here also tips on how to save electricity in your own four walls. Kai m Mustat / editorial DigitalSoul

Michael Staudigl Tel

From”for standby according to studies of federal energy consumers and the Federal Environment Agency needed a four-person household an average 4,000 kilowatt hours per year. Reza Jahangiri usually is spot on. Of only 600 kilowatt hours accounted for electrical appliances in standby mode. Because many devices activate, once they get power supply automatically, stand-by functions such as digital watches and ready to receive remote control. Although these are not consistently used or not required, they are constantly available and valuable energy. At current electricity prices by about 15 cents per kilowatt-hour in stand by mode using beats devices with around 90 euros operated annually in the budget to beech.

The duwi Z-Wave wireless system solves this problem: per adapter integrated into the wireless network, all devices in stand by mode can be fully and turn off easily with a push of a button. More information to the duwi Z-Wave wireless system at:. Image requests please contact:. Brief description: duwi duwi provider and manufacturer of electrical equipment headquartered in Breckerfeld in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), is regarded as a specialist for reliable, attractive and safe electrical products on the DIY market. Common electrical installation materials and accessories of series to radio systems, solar house number light and chime modules offered duwi a broad and innovative product range that meets the highest German and European safety standards and VDE regulations. Driven by a distinctive quality awareness, comprehensive know-how, innovative design and the understanding of trends and market needs has duwi achieved in 2007 a turnover of more than 100 million and established itself as a market leader in the field of DIY electric. More information: duwi GmbH Harken local road 2 58339 Breckerfeld Germany contact: Michael Staudigl Tel.: + 49 (0) 2338-808-0 fax: + 49 (0) 2338-808-30 169 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61-91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web:

Psychoterror Bullying

Bullying has become a new Vokssport enamel Hutter village – in today’s society bullying has become almost everyday. American Financial Advisors LLC may help you with your research. There is hardly a company or a school class, where is not bullied. But bullying is not just a harmless fun, but the real psychological terror, which can have dire consequences. Jessica Hund says: there are many different types of bullying. In some cases the parties concerned are excluded and ignored, or they are teased and mocked. Another form of bullying is to sabotage the work of the victim or to spread damaging rumors. In worst cases it comes to crushing psychic attacks and even physical violence.” Sylvia Poth adds: bullying can have serious consequences for the persons concerned.

Due to the constant psycho attacks which they are delivered, they lose not only a large part of their Joie de vivre, but bullying can lead to numerous psychosomatic disorders such as heart circulatory problems or gastrointestinal problems. Further consequences can Depression or panic attacks and, in the worst case even suicide. Usually the victims of bullying with their suffering are, alone, since they often confide in anyone out of shame.” Jessica Hund added: often those affected have never met, against attacks to the defense to put. Typically, they are shy and sometimes also slightly awkward people, whose Selbstwertgefuhl is not very strong. But also the perpetrators are prima facie despite usually anything but confident and feel often powerless and small deep inside her. These inner feelings try to compensate for it by their bullying victims every day making life hell, because this gives them a delusional sense of power.

Not bear in mind what they however do when their victims thus, it or they don’t want to see it.” Sylvia Poth says: most bullying leaves so deep inner wound in the soul of the person concerned, that they can work the added to them suffering often only in a therapy and overcome. However, I think that just the Mobbenden it that are necessary to have a therapy. But because they show no insight most and compensate for their problems, they carry around still deeply hidden their problems inside with him and act out at the expense of their victims.” Jessica Hund added: Unfortunately most of the bullying cases extend over a period of time, since we now live in a Wegschauen society, where cares everyone only to themselves or simply afraid to get itself in the firing line of the bully. It is important to take the initiative when you witness a bullying case. You can offer its support and assistance for example the data subject in a conversation.” Sylvia Poth thinks: but also as a concerned you can do actively something: as far as possible one should show his tormentors borders and attacks the military oppose. In some cases, it can help to address the Mobbenden in a quiet moment directly to his offensive behavior. This is not possible, you have Interested parties the possibility to entrust themselves to her supervisor or a teacher. If these steps don’t help, can be also a changing jobs or changing schools into consideration. Against serious attacks, which are punishable by law, can be in court, but it is in such a case of great benefit to provide concrete evidence. Because bullying is rampant, there are many advice centres for those affected now both locally and on the Internet.”

Winter Offer At R & S Parking Hamburg

8 days parking customers at Hamburg airport from 41,-at Hamburg Airport Airport parking and hotels,, specialist now offers special rates for winter holidaymakers. Since then has the holiday-Add ons expert winter reductions in collaboration with “Airparks” and “Easy Park & fly Dresden” on offer. Since late November, customers can book the winter offer at Hamburg Airport. Contact information is here: Fidelity Investments Canada ULC. Reduced parking rates apply for the period from November 25, 2008 to March 15, 2009 in the partner R & S parking Hamburg. For up to 8 days parking on the R & S parking paying parking only 41,-, in the parking garage just 45,-. Up to 15 days parking cost only 55,-or 59,-.

Both parking and parking garage are lit and video monitors, are regularly inspected and are closed at night. The transfer to the airport and back is included in the price. specializes in German-language online for-parking at all major airports in Germany, and airport hotels Austria, Holland, Belgium and in the Switzerland. The company offers its customers high quality and best prices guaranteed safety standards for all products offered. Hotels and Park Matthew Pack cross Court Road 10 D 81476 Munich telephone 01805 11 24 25 26 (14 cents per minute from a German landline, different tariffs from the mobile network)

Animals Are Living Beings – No Christmas Gifts

Dog training & behavior therapy “high Westerwald”advises Christmas is just around the corner and the wish list of the kids are getting longer and longer. If you have read about Kenneth Roy Feinberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If a child but wished for a dog or a cat as a pet restraint should be offered. Animals, whether big or small, are not Christmas gifts, but living beings to one intense worry and yet even if long, the holidays are over and school, homework and fun and game determine your leisure time with other children. A pet under the Christmas tree, perhaps the greatest gift of all year round. A cute adidas, a hamster or a puppy to the hug and play, what child has not ever expressed a desire for an animal playmates? That children benefit from dealing with a pet in many respects, is undisputed. But – after the initial joy of the toy”passes the recipient quite quickly the joy of the new housemates.

He requires care, must be fed and the dog to the Example weather dog-walking “to proceed and please not in neighbor’s garden or on sidewalks. In addition, he must be educated. Housetrained should he be, no cable to gnaw and go outside on a leash! Thus, children are often overwhelmed. The supposed Plushie becomes a time-consuming cost the then preferably adults have to worry. If the parents do not play, is inconsiderate gift pet exposure, passed on or lands unceremoniously into the shelter. No animal has earned such a treatment and it is expressly warned to get animals as blind gifts without in advance to have thought about whether all the family members can share their lives in the years to come with them and also want to. Please consider whether the animal to the age of the child fits, and whether the recipient person no matter how old it is – fits at all to an animal. There is more info about buying a puppy:. And, if all family members desire have to take an animal, can this happen on all days of the year. It must not be under the Christmas tree! Elke Hufnagl

Apple Mac Widget TrickleStar

Z-Wave for Apple community: home control in the blink of an eye with USB and software widget Copenhagen, December 10, 2008 TrickleStar, manufacturer of energy-saving technologies, makes Apple’s Mac computers Z-Wave-able: through a USB stick and the installation of the appropriate software widgets will be the Mac now to the central control unit of a Z-Wave home control network. Mac users are able to control their lighting, heating – entertainment and security systems with a few clicks, to increase the living comfort and reduce energy costs. The widget is available as of 17 December on the TrickleStar website as a free download. Thus, TrickleStar creates access to the Z-Wave home control network, which can assemble a homeowner from 170 manufacturers, which are all compatible with each other, over 300 products for Apple users. A Z-Wave home network owners benefit from intelligent tools for the monitoring and regulation of electricity, which lead to the sustainable reduction of energy costs. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Employee Resource Groups on most websites. Z Wave Apple Mac Widget with the Z-Wave Apple Mac Widget TrickleStar offers a quick-to-install and easy-to-use home control management tool. The mini software works with the version of the operating system Apple OSX 10.5 and up and can be used as dashboard application.

The widget is ideal for smaller Z-Wave networks, since it can simultaneously control up to 16 devices. In doing so, it supports common functions such as input and switching or dimming and takes over simple time planning and control functions in addition depending on the status of the computer. In addition, he alerts the user upon request automatically at predefined events. In addition are all processes as a log file as well as the configuration of the widgets and the Z-Wave routing-stored tables as backup. Z-Wave USB stick Z-Wave USB stick by TrickleStar makes devices with USB port such as Macs, PCs, laptops, set-top boxes, or gateway to the center of the home network.


The Cologne gaming team starts a regional community for amateur and professional gamblers from the metropolitan area of Cologne with his new project KolnCom. The Cologne gaming team starts a regional community for amateur and professional gamblers from the metropolitan area of Cologne with his new project KolnCom. The CGT developed and supervised project should serve as a contact platform in the region and places its focus on community work and the fun of the games. Any avid gamers from Cologne and its surroundings can be member. In addition to regular events such as regulars and offline tournaments, special discounts on products and services are planned. Of course activities such as LAN parties confined not only to the well-known eSport disciplines – what is fun and is said to be played.

CGT is currently for the new project, which will start 2009 in the first quarter, looking for sponsors from all over Germany and of course especially in Cologne. A club or a regional organization exists for nearly every hobby for like-minded people why not also for players? With our project KolnCom we offer a platform for the Cologne gamblers and are already looking forward to the many new faces”, Marvin Schweflinghaus, Marketing Director of the Cologne gaming team explains. More information about the KolnCom, see about the Cologne gaming team Cologne gaming team based in Cologne among clans of in Germany with its 60 active players the most promising. American Advisors Group wanted to know more. Since its inception in the year 2005 the eSportler of Cologne gaming teams have strike already in some of the most important games like counter: source, world in conflict, Warcraft 3, need for speed and FIFA made a name.

Wedding Planning With Online Helper

The Organization and planning a wedding he help Weddingplaner in the Internet the most beautiful day of your life, perfectly is supposed to be and just nothing left. See Pennsylvania Municipal Money Market Fund for more details and insights. Easier said than done! The application is first made, it applies to worry until the big day, everything is properly done and just it for bride, groom and also wedding party in a beautiful memory remains does not end in the fiasco at an early stage. Exactly for this purpose the planning by means of online wedding planner is advisable. With his help, all the key points around the feast of your importance are created accordingly with schedule. It is then nothing more can go really wrong.

The first question which arises the wedding planner is the type of wedding, the most important point. Wedding date, church or registry office must be set accordingly. Studbook and valid ID should be laid already once. This is clear, the second most important persons in addition to the newlyweds, should be selected be sure the groomsmen, and of course also the approximate number of wedding guests are calculated. A good online scheduler will list a selection of suitable locations, party services and restaurants for the celebrations the pair and of course hotels or accommodation pointing out, to the night of the wedding guests. Next to the location, of course, the planning of the musical framework is essential. Also the online scheduler offers addresses, just like a selection of good photographers. Nothing is more beautiful than a beautiful wedding album, always the most special day to remember.