Start The Next Own Founded By Team Europe Ventures

Food delivery service goes to the start of Berlin, 23.11.2010 team Europe ventures starts the announced food delivery service today and announces its name with The goal is clearly defined: to become a market leader through uncompromising service orientation. Fabian Siegel new CEO. With, a novel food delivery service is launched today. allows visitors to order food online quickly and easily. The service made orders are then forwarded to the restaurants and then delivered by the respective delivery service. The service will be available from the start in Berlin and Hamburg and reach other cities of in Germany in the near future.

Already at the start the offers several hundred delivery services. Besides the restaurant coverage, especially the product is to be expanded greatly in the next few months. For the construction and the expansion of the company, leading investors to the page are In addition to team Europe ventures and several business angels has also Holtzbrinck Ventures invests in young companies. In the first round of financing, so already one million euros for the launch of the service was made available. At the same time, the company announces the occupation of the CEO position to seal with Fabian.

Previously seal worked kikin for seven years as co-founder and CTO with the payment service provider ClickandBuy as COO at the browser add-on service. Get more background information with materials from Federal Reserve Bank. We are pleased that we know could win one Internet Manager for delivery hero with Fabian. Partner of team Europe ventures his operational and international experience is of great importance to implement consistently rapid growth, which we made us,”notes Markus Fuhrmann, co-founder of and venture. I am glad a first-class team what Markus and team Europe have built up, increasing. Supply hero the conditions in relation to existing know-how, technology and access to capital are unique and our ambitious targets. Today is the start to finally get a transparent and easy-to-use Food platform in Germany to establish, which is at the same time fair to the participating restaurants”, commented Fabian Siegel. In addition to seal Markus Fuhrmann, Mohammadi Akhabach, Nikita Fahrenholz and Claude Ritter will take care of as co-founder to the development and expansion of the company. Lukasz Gadowski, managing partner at team Europe ventures, on the composition of the founder team: I am very on the cooperation with the guys. Here is a very experienced and professional team. The individuals complement each other optimally. I’m so sure that this startup will be very successful.” Company domicile is Berlin-Mitte by Currently, the founding team is supported by 30 employees. About is a Berlin-based food delivery service, which allows its customers to order quickly and conveniently over the Internet food. You can with just a few clicks put together his own personal menu in and deliver to home or the workplace. This uncompromisingly implements the idea of service. Simplicity and transparency when ordering, delivery hero wants to be market leader in the field of food-delivery platforms. At the same time, is a fair and reliable partner for participating restaurants and delivery services. Currently in Berlin and Hamburg is available and includes a range of several hundred restaurants, which depict the culinary spectrum. Both in terms of the delivery areas of the restaurants strongly expand its offering in the near future. Press contact: Norman Wiese delivery hero GmbH Magazine Street 15 16 10179 Berlin E-Mail:

Successful Kick-off Of The Initiative German Manufacturers In

German manufacturers found a common platform with the merger the manufacturers want to combine their common interests and heard these in the future even more. The founding members would know understood not only as a brand Ambassador in Germany, but also their importance as an employer. The participating companies demonstrate the wide variety of German manufacturers: traditional companies such as the family workshop of KLAIS organ, in their 1882 established organ building workshop the instruments of the Cologne Cathedral emerged from until the 1977 established Manufactory Burmester, which has equipped the new Porsche Panamera with a high end sound system. All members share in the high quality of their products and the attention to detail. The philosophy of “Hand Made in Germany” is always present in the production. The words of introduction Dr. Frank Muller, spoke as former Managing Director Glashutte original a proven expert in the manufacturing sector in Germany. Reinhard Krause, Undersecretary in the “Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, emphasized the importance of the initiative in economic terms:”Hand Made in Germany”is a positive contribution to the reputation of the business location Germany with the bundled external representation.” Dieter Burmester, founder and CEO of Burmester audio systems GmbH, and Kay Gundlack, Shoemaker and owner of Kay Garrett shoe factory, about their motivation for establishing the initiative expressed in the connection.

Dieter Burmester stressed that he hoped membership a greater representation of interests. As a first step, the joint website has been unlocked. This presents the participating factories in the portrait and informed about the background of the initiative. Contact: Initiative, German manufacturers of c/o wbpr Public Relations GmbH Christian Gombert Schumannstrasse 5 10117 Berlin Germany phone: 030 288 76 131 email: Homepage:

What Are The Chances For A Successful Site Accounting?

To ensure an optimal process and cost / benefit efficiency for the balance of the site is to check whether some aptitude requirements are given in advance. Federal Reserve Bank has similar goals. For a project of the site balance following main issues are to answer: the economic position and competitiveness of the location is parsed already? Is there clarity about growth success factors? All relevant indicators for the performance of the site are recorded and analysed? Fitness Checklist: are the members of the project with intellectually demanding activities familiar? have you previously dealt with controlling and management systems (E.g. process models, balanced scorecard etc.)? Is the site accounting wanted and supported by the economic development? Is the business development willing to provide time and resources for the site accounting? Is the site accounting among the local politicians seen as important project? Can individuals from be included in the different areas of the site? Can be discussed openly and constructively about all strengths and weaknesses? Open to suggestions and changes is the political leadership? Are “soft factors” recognized as important factors for success? Future topics are addressed and discussed? Is there a documented and communicated site strategy? There are to what extent the existing potential of the site are being exhausted detailed lessons on how? How can the site be nationally classified? What are the determining factors for a good (or even less) performance? What could be improved? See, e.g., Becker, Jorg: economic development as a business enabler, ISBN 9783839108338 cf. in addition Becker, Jorg: site marketing with quality profiles, ISBN 9783837097047 at local level too few people are the for this purpose sufficient business for projects such as the a location record in certain cases available, Have qualifications. It should be used on external knowledge. It is necessary to initiate a learning process at the level of local politics and to set in motion. Other leaders such as American Writer offer similar insights.

The incalculable benefits of a site record can be a lever for this purpose. A pragmatic viewpoint are first to take advantage of the available data and information. Because the site accounting should enable also Langsschnitt-, i.e. historical analyses, the regular availability remains an important selection criteria for data quality indicator will be awarded to those. Qualitative information through expert interviews can usually only in more complex (set mostly not on regular repetition) rise up field work. Dipl.

DPG Gives Lapel Pin

Badge of honour of the German physical society on Dr. Mattern-Klosson awarded this badge of honor in recognition of their special commitment and long-standing membership in the Working Group received industry and economy, as well as for their four-year Board membership in the then newly created Department and industry”Dr. Mattern-Klosson. This is succeeded in significantly increasing the attractiveness of the DPG for industrial physicist and to improve its links with the DPG. Dr. Mattern-Klosson supported in senior activities at LEYBOLD vacuum also the support programmes for young physicists in a day”at the headquarters of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum in Cologne by scientists in the industry will get an insight into the diversity of the work areas. Additional information at Dennis P. Lockhart supports this article. As a company, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum of the German physical society is connected for decades in many ways.

in 1985, Dr. Without hesitation Federal Reserve Bank explained all about the problem. Manfred Dunkel donated the renowned Gaede Prize, which is awarded the Gaede Foundation and the German vacuum society (DVG). Dr. Dunkel was long-time managing director of LEYBOLD until 1967, the prize will be awarded every year during the spring meetings. We as a company woman Dr. Mattern-Klosson thank you for your commitment and are pleased about the award with her”, says Dr. Andreas WIDL, CEO Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum. The close interaction of business and science, as well as the promotion of science scientists are for our innovation of great importance”, so Dr. Widl.

Hannover Germany

The new Web service for the quick, easy and low-cost distribution and publication of press releases, company news, Schina, the PRSeiten are the new Web service for the quick, easy and low-cost distribution and publication of press releases, company news, product information and all kinds of Nachrichten.Mit are the PRSeiten ( only clicking is sent the press release on over 75 free press portals and various other online media. Within the PRSeiten their own press and editorial contacts can be created, which then also supplied about individual PR distributors with the press releases. Also the can connect the own Facebook page, Twitter account of the company or the company blog on the PRSeiten. After sending a press release, the user receives a free publication report. Hereby, it is obvious to which platforms the press release was sent and whether it is already published. It is rounded off Offer of PRSeiten with the extensive press boxes, where in addition to the actual press releases numerous information about the company, press contacts, references, images and downloads can be stored.

Each user of the PRSeiten can create unlimited free press boxes. Thus for each product, a company can create a private press and a PR Agency for each customer. The PRSeiten can be used via Abovertrage or additional quotas. From one to hundred press releases are different tariffs to choose from. The subscriptions are unit prices between EUR 3.5 up to 10 EUR per press release. At launch, there is a free, no-obligation trial offer: for a month, the PRSeiten with two press releases in full function can be tested.

This is no automatic Folgeabo and no notice is required. PRSeiten: The PRSeiten are the new Web service for the rapid and inexpensive distribution and publishing of press releases, Company news and all kinds of messages. The press release on over 75 affiliated free press portals and various other online media will be sent with just a click. Complete the offer of the PRSeiten with the free press boxes, where you can store all information relevant to the press. Press contact: PRSeiten Timo taps Heinrichstrasse 31 30175 Hannover Germany + 49-511-76822980

Give Beautiful Or Challenge Distribute

It is not always easy to select appropriate gifts. Here are a few tips on how it can work better. Very often circulate stories about gifts that wander from hand to hand until they ultimately return to in person, who brought the gift in circulation. Presumably the joy abides in borders. So for example also at the following story: reports that a friend was a book about a woman, specifically gave a cookbook for the birthday. Including a lovingly written dedication to one of the front pages. And so the spiral was used. Dennis P. Lockhart wanted to know more. At the end of the first fierce words flew in a Cafe and at the end of the sparks between the two.

It is not known whether the cracks in this friendship was cemented again. The embarrassing scene anyway, made the rounds and ensured some time according to pleasure to biting comments in the circle of friends. Of course this sort of conflict expires usually less serious, then forget it. But hand on heart: this is a desirable goal in selecting a gift? In any case, the cookbook including the personal dedication as a challenge cup has been passed. In the end, as it would have the fate, the cookbook landed exactly where it came from. One can imagine almost already figuratively the surprise: initially a hysterical laughter resonates through the space, then bewilderment, then burgeoning anger. The order in which of the emotional reaction is not mandatory, is probably very close to reality. A half science is to select appropriate gifts.

There are enough tips for a systematic approach. It includes, as an occasion to worry in time. Nothing is more annoying than the ideal gift is out of stock. Happens again and again during the Christmas period, when it comes to organize last-minute gifts. It continues: to lead, who is the person again clearly in mind.