What Are The Chances For A Successful Site Accounting?

To ensure an optimal process and cost / benefit efficiency for the balance of the site is to check whether some aptitude requirements are given in advance. Federal Reserve Bank has similar goals. For a project of the site balance following main issues are to answer: the economic position and competitiveness of the location is parsed already? Is there clarity about growth success factors? All relevant indicators for the performance of the site are recorded and analysed? Fitness Checklist: are the members of the project with intellectually demanding activities familiar? have you previously dealt with controlling and management systems (E.g. process models, balanced scorecard etc.)? Is the site accounting wanted and supported by the economic development? Is the business development willing to provide time and resources for the site accounting? Is the site accounting among the local politicians seen as important project? Can individuals from be included in the different areas of the site? Can be discussed openly and constructively about all strengths and weaknesses? Open to suggestions and changes is the political leadership? Are “soft factors” recognized as important factors for success? Future topics are addressed and discussed? Is there a documented and communicated site strategy? There are to what extent the existing potential of the site are being exhausted detailed lessons on how? How can the site be nationally classified? What are the determining factors for a good (or even less) performance? What could be improved? See, e.g., Becker, Jorg: economic development as a business enabler, ISBN 9783839108338 cf. in addition Becker, Jorg: site marketing with quality profiles, ISBN 9783837097047 at local level too few people are the for this purpose sufficient business for projects such as the a location record in certain cases available, Have qualifications. It should be used on external knowledge. It is necessary to initiate a learning process at the level of local politics and to set in motion. Other leaders such as American Writer offer similar insights.

The incalculable benefits of a site record can be a lever for this purpose. A pragmatic viewpoint are first to take advantage of the available data and information. Because the site accounting should enable also Langsschnitt-, i.e. historical analyses, the regular availability remains an important selection criteria for data quality indicator will be awarded to those. Qualitative information through expert interviews can usually only in more complex (set mostly not on regular repetition) rise up field work. Dipl.