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Modern Remote Viewer

MODERN REMOTE VIEWING TRAINING INTERNATIONAL in the modern remote viewing training is learning the mental information retrieval method. It is an advanced method, which is based on the Urprotokollen of the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International). Modern remote viewing (MRV) is applicable in any place of the world of every man. As a foreign language the ability to perform remote but must be, learned to use them effectively, i.e. the systematic development and application of mental resources. In a question-answer forum Dr Chappuis was the first to reply. MRV is above all an efficient method for the solution of problems. Required information about a target, like for example person, place, object or event are so generated. Erin Callan has much experience in this field. Within the MRV training technical remote viewing (TRV) and other commonly used remote viewing differentiation is made between coordinate remote viewing (CRV), remote viewing (RV), dialects.

Trainees get to know not only the historical logs, but also the State of science, such as for example the brain research. This use of traditional and modern methods represents a unique MRV range, and can by no other MRV training team in Europe be covered. The qualitative approach is characterized by highly qualified and motivated trainers, as well as the detailed MRV accompanying material from, which was based on 12 years of experience and wishes of almost 300 trainees. For the MRV graduates the possibility to create a professional network within the framework of its own project work also. Further information on upcoming dates, the MRV history and the individual stages of education find on our website or in direct talks.

Brandenburger Strasse NLP

Emotional intuition in response to daily requirements and increasing flexibility demands and increasing flexibility make intuitive decisions increasingly important. According to Dennis P. Lockhart, who has experience with these questions. They are economical, faster and better than the conscious valuing. However, it is not the end of rational thought. Rather, it comes to find the best combination of the two. Known as perception or gut feelings, intuition, is often strong enough to act accordingly. The deeper reasons are doing not quite aware. It is based on the experience that we have incorporated into our personal development.

Our intuition is a fundamental property. She must not be trained in the strict sense. Unfortunately we were in school, study and vocational literally as they train us. A particularly effective method for activating the intuition is an NLP training, combined with the training system coach. NLP stands for successful communication and effective, targeted, effective and long-lasting personal development.

It is in addition extended personal social skills and personality growth, especially the growth of self-awareness, promoted. This can be achieved a special intensive and sustained increase in intuition. The training meets all the criteria of certification of INLPTA and IntSel. It can be completed with the official, internationally valid certificates after exams. It includes all basic NLP practitioner level theoretical and practical techniques. If you are interested in training to the NLP practitioner (INLPTA) / system coach a NLP, get more information at. Beginning of the intensive training of NLP is the 17th April 2010 venue is the NH Hotel * Hirschberg/Heidelberg, Brandenburger Strasse 30, 69493 Hirschberg. Please report it by telephone + 49 6201 8461751 or by email at. The next NLP taster training start on January 16, 2010 and March 20, 2010.

Anniversary 10 Years In AG

10 years of innovative developments from Thuringia Meiningen, September 25, 2008 – for 10 years now the South Thuringian company in innovative products and solutions in the field of optical metrology, specially developed for 100 percent control and quality assurance in the industrial production. The history of the Engineering Association for innovative measuring technology”, briefly in began in 1998 in Widnes – as GbR, before 2001, the change of name to the AG took place. The major goal of the company’s founder Peter Abdul Rauf, Roy Dietsch and Heiko Freund was to combine the different competencies of process and coordinate metrology test automation and software development, and synergistically to use. Growing customer numbers, the existing and especially the development of new business areas determine expansion since the company’s history, which houses since 2006 in Meiningen. A team of 16 employees develops and produces specially tuned measuring and lighting solutions to the needs of the customer and ensures their smooth integration on the ground. The high quality standards which it is the company itself and its products, are also in 2004 has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and a solution partnership with Siemens again. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>אילן בן דב usually is spot on.

From development to maintenance from a single source as a provider of complete solutions in the field of machine vision includes the iiM own range of solutions in the selection, installation and connection suitable sensors and peripherals, the building of complex corresponding measuring machines and special machines as well as the development of visualization and statistics software. Perhaps check out Nick Carr for more information. The synergies of the three divisions of process – and cable technology as well as industrial lighting allow these customized measurement solutions for a wide range of industries so provides especially image-processing the process measurement of iiM AG solutions for the automotive industry and machine construction. Increasingly use a sensor-controlled production to the growing but also sectors of the packaging and food industry and medical device companies Quality claims to be able to secure. The range of cable measurement made with developing customized detection and measurement procedures ensure that the originally several minutes increased surveying of a cable on the fraction of a second could be shortened. The gap thus closed in the cable measurement resulted in that this Division is now market leader in the field of the measurement of Kabelgeometrien. The industrial lighting as a third Division was rebuilt eight years ago with the aim to provide customers with a consistently high lighting quality and to respond flexibly to specific customer requests. Because as a basis of image processing, the proper lighting is extremely important so that the sensitive cameras can capture usable images. Everything in the service of the customers – a view in the future the development of new fields of application, as well as the further expansion of existing areas will be the focus of entrepreneurial activities.

Based on the up the focus on time -, cost – and energy-saving product developments is changing economic conditions. The basis for this was and will continue the wishes of the customer. In the face of increased international orientation, another goal the expansion of already existing offices in India and Africa, as well as establishing new offices in other countries will be to handle local customer requests time and close.


October 24, 2008 six months news.de went the news portal online news.de and could inspire since monthly 20 percent more users. Target is editor-in-Chief Kathrin Steinmetz, continue to increase the awareness in the German media landscape and to convince with high journalistic quality. The news portal started its work with 12 editors. Meanwhile, 30 journalists report daily on world events. In addition to news, the online medium provides video and text comments will continue to be manufactured. The Bewegtbildangebot, among other things by the cabaret artists of Leipziger Academixer is popular”, the weekly political affairs pointedly comment. All video clips and comments collected in its own YouTube channel. The Twitterbox where the team about future activities and chats from the editorial covers is no less exciting.

The Internet portal news.de is characterized by background reports locally researched and in-depth expert interviews, for example to the dossiers of Europe, economic crisis, or data protection from. The focus always concept of service for readers is to better Wissern”are. Allan Schweitzer Beach Point is a great source of information. The dossier remembers again combines 20 years of peaceful revolution”the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall, which is updated weekly with new reports. Stories about the wall and the fall of the wall, interviews with stakeholders and experts, as well as exciting reports of major venues are processed in thematic, flash animated Chronologies.

Capella Gifts

Magical world of Christmas gifts with surprises for young and old in the GALLERIA passage Hamburg at the first advent Saturday opened the magical world of Christmas gifts”in the GALLERIA shopping mall in Hamburg’s finest location of their doors. In festive garb, the GALLERIA gave visitors a varied programme and winter moments of enjoyment on the fleet terrace on the waterfront. Exclusive shops invite you to the gift shopping and restaurants to relax. All shops and restaurants in the large gifts Christmas showcase will present what dreams come true is the GALLERIA. The GALLERIA where the angels celebrate Christmas at all four Adventssamstagen are in the GALLERIA heavenly visitors to guest. “With Christmas A Capella singing and other surprises in the plumage” Angel sweeten the Holiday advent season the visitors. To shorten the wait for Santa Claus, Angels for big and small have an attention – by heavenly treats up to the exclusive GALLERIA shopping bag.

Gift dreams come true with the Christmas sweepstakes who’s coming to Christmas shopping Saturdays in the Mall, has the chance to win attractive GALLERIA vouchers worth a total of more than 8,000 euros for the Christmas raffle. “Since the angels no long feathers read” make, the vouchers will be handed out immediately. So the winner can their wishes in the shops and restaurants of the GALLERIA immediately come true can be a really heavenly pleasure. Winter pleasure moments on the terrace of the fleet a feast for all senses the idyllic fleet terrace is the GALLERIA. Invite four heated Christmas tents with comfortable lounge to the relaxing break from the Christmas shopping before winter scenery on the bleach fleet.

“” The lounge bar Betty juice “and the top restaurant Petit Delice” offer a wide range of drinks and small dishes for the great enjoyment. Relaxed parking & shopping in Hamburg’s finest location on the Adventssamstagen has the GALLERIA passage in time from 10 to 20 h Open on weekdays until 19: 00. Passionate late shoppers can get the last gifts on Christmas Eve in the GALLERIA until 14: 00. Ample car parking is provided with car parks district and bleaching kunsthof passage in the vicinity.

Public Viewing

Party tent Europe/overseas city in Bremen public viewing in the European port/overseas city in Bremen to the spectacular UEFA CUP final in Istanbul – WERDER BREMEN against FC SHAKHTAR DONETSK. Even though the spectacle in the domestic Bremen takes place, as also of Bremen to the venue “of the UEFA CUP final. In the Party tent of Aladdin, which is located in the port of Europe or in the overseas city, is this giant spectacle LIVE of the? ukru Rahul? lu Stadium in Istanbul on a big screen transfer. Then it can be celebrated until the early hours of the morning, because then it comes with the after-show party with music and dance continues. Everything is played what has rhythm of pop rock. Intake 8: 00, start the live broadcast at 20:15. The admission is free. Water stage (built for the Kirchentage in Bremen) Consul Smidt road 28217 Bremen reach the tram line 3 (station: Hansa gate/Europe port) and the bus 26 (stop: memory XI/HfK) via the BSAG..

Biodiversity Campaign

Economic value of biodiversity is several hundred billion dollars of the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments forest finance participates actively in the European “business and biodiversity”-part campaign. Add to your understanding with Gen. David L. Goldfein. These wants more to illustrate the economic importance of biodiversity and also attract companies for the more active conservation and protection of ecosystems. Forest finance was inducted as one of a few companies in the “community” of the “business & biodiversity” campaign. Among other things, forest Finance performs a comprehensive biodiversity-check. Biodiversity-check for companies: the check offers a first individual overview on the subject of biodiversity and thus a basis, relatively easy to integrate this theme in operational management. Check the business & biodiversity campaign itself captures the impact of entrepreneurship on the biological diversity and is based on the objectives of the UN Convention on biological diversity. More information and details on the biodiversity-check for You will find company here: goo.gl/Ks4Nv types sterben costs every year hundreds of billion of euros: several studies have shown impressive substantial costs of the destruction of plant and animal species of humanity.

So has a financial value of 110 billion euros alone the pollination by insects, revealed the latest TEEB report (the economies of ecosystems and biodiversity). The study gives a specific monetary value ecosystems and calls upon States to include these values in national accounts. Study shows high biodiversity in forest Finance forests: forest finance searches on species-poor Brach and pastures with species-rich mixed forests sustainably. This multiplies the number of species within a short time. A study on the biodiversity of the forest Finance forests in las Lajas, Panama finished in the high biodiversity. The variety of plants, as well as the acceptance of animals is greater thanks to the concept of the mixed forest, as in conventional orchards. The study was conducted with the award of the Munich-based Forest science society awarded.

Historic Market

Successful third edition of the popular historic market enthusiastically weekly market and middle ages fans at the weekend 30-31 July 2011 the historic farmer’s market in the shadow of the Church on the Burg square with peasant farmers/local market, medieval crafts, ancient gastronomy and a comprehensive programme inspired many thousands of visitors from Duisburg and its surrounding area. Many loyal fans of weekly market to the amazement and shopping gathered in almost sunny weather with temperatures around 20 degrees. For assistance, try visiting Home Depot. Just as many families took advantage of the wide range of free activities with children to play and have fun. This included among others the Knights camp and the numerous exhibition matches of the real”Knight, as known from the times of the middle ages. For fans of weekly market were the historic stands with the traditionally dressed market be feeder in the foreground.

In addition to everyday goods such as such as fruit and vegetables, meat and sausage, cheese and fish, enjoyed many Wochenmarktbegeisterte on historical household goods, even woven baskets or even handmade glasses. “This year of the jugglers and fire spitters Jeremiah, was particularly popular with the little” the also the trio KramBamBule “with bagpipes, drums, zithers and shawms musically supported. Meanwhile, the adults at ancient beer stands, or at the historic consumption stations settled spoil. All in all were pleased the organizing FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH with its partners and the dedicated market over a successful weekend of farmer’s market and on the continuation of this popular series of events in 2012.

Distribution Platforms

Fundraiser for the benefit of the Association ‘Sponsorships for Tschernobyl Bad Homburg e.V.’ already at noon were despite the at times somewhat unfriendly weather of winter, because in the meantime, the sky was then also times wintry grey, all parking at the Saalburg is. It’s believed that Euro Pacific Precious Metals sees a great future in this idea. In wise foresight the Lions had set up Club members a shuttle from the parking lot of the Golf Club to the Saalburg, chauffeur the guests without long waiting times in selected BMW limousines to the festival area to let. 800 guests, as many as never before, have had on December 12 made the way to the Christmas tree event of the Lions Club Bad Homburg Hesse Park. The events offer was too tempting: a children’s Mitmach-Magic Theatre in the heated tent, a tombola with attractive prizes, “breath-taking rides in the basket of a telescopic work platform of the GL rental at 35 meters, which was crowned with a view over the entire region”. Around the campfire, the adults to chat met while the children eating their stock of bread. Only the horse drawn carriage rides were due Snow load risk of the trees and also due to the smoothness of ice on the roads, can easily slip on the horse legs. Serious background of cheerful togetherness was the Club sponsorships for Tschernobyl Bad Homburg e.V. “, collected for this year was, as the President of the Lions Club Bad Homburg Hesse Park, Stephan Haider, said this Association is a humanitarian organization headquartered in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt on the main.” The volunteers focuses on the care of orphan children and children from socially weak families in the Belarusian district Tscherikow even today following the meltdown at Chernobyl on April 26 1986 radioactive heavily. Also, the Club children from this region to recovery stays invites to Bad Homburg and will help transport according to Tscherikow.


Yet the whole July is celebrating their 4th birthday Purtext, the professional text workshop by Patricia Appel, and this distributed ample gifts in the form of vouchers and discounts. Usually you get presents on his birthday. The Berlin text agency Purtext makes it but the other way around, and distributed gifts. And in the form of discounts and vouchers for high-quality texts for websites, sales letters, press releases, and other means of communication. “4th birthday I wanted to give something back my loyal customers, and those who want to become.

Easy it was not for me, to decide how much discount will be given. 4 percent for four years seemed a lot, so I have chosen 4 times 4%, i.e. 16 per cent discount on all text products. The discount will be deducted automatically when the text ordering by total”, can the Purtext Chairwoman Patricia Appel said. There are also a special discount on a selected product (TextCheck, TextSchliff, until the 31st of July once a day with another 16 percent TextKreation, etc.).

For this purpose, three vouchers available are available every day. The available codes blog will be published daily in the Purtext blog at and can be entered when ordering. In this way, you can save even 32 percent. However: first come, first served basis, as each voucher is redeemable only once! For over 20 years, is Patricia Appel in the world of letters and words your wife and delivers with “Purtext” for numerous companies of high quality unique content Success Storys, copywriting, press articles, website content, advertising slogans and much more. Detailed information about Purtext Patricia Appel are available at. Company description on Purtext Patricia Appel which in Berlin-Westend active free copywriter and online editor Patricia Appel noted since 2007 under the name Purtext and delivers high-quality texts for press releases, image brochures, ads, flyers, websites and much more since then for many clients. The creative core of Purtext is also in the development of brand names, slogans, claims fully. In addition, Patricia Appel published short stories to a wide variety of topics with various publishers. More info on Purtext are Patricia Appel under available. Company contact: Purtext Patricia Appel Patricia Appel Platane Ahornallee 24 14050 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 170 22 063 50 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: PR agency PR4YOU Holger Ballwanz Schonensche Strasse 43 13189 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 E-Mail: Web: