Fashionable Women’s Shoes Fall 2010

Fashionable shoes, beautiful shoes, fall shoes in the 2010 season is the same concept. If non-standard forms the heel and the most shoes were popular last season, then this fall – all much easier. Fall 2010 prepared fashionable women is high, but wide and is absolutely stable heel. His name is often 'European'. This heel is present in many collections of famous designers and shoe manufacturers. Wedge remains in vogue. But now it will be modifying as well as the heel last season.

All sorts of cuts, additions and accessories – there is Wedge-heeled shoes. Color Shine as always – the most diverse, but designers recommend a closer look at the warm beige brown, milky tones. Autumn – not the actual time of year to go to white textile or suede shoes. Therefore, the black leather model is not going anywhere with the Olympus fashion. In the coming autumn season of 2010 many fashion designers push to the tradition of wearing white summer: judging by the latest collections, the white color blends beautifully into the overall wardrobe for autumn and winter.

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