The Teacher

Taking some time to review everything at the end. 10. Try to know the exam before reaching the same. Take a sample test, such as which exist in books or brochures about exams helps to know them before taking them. 11 Listen attentively and carefully read the instructions.

Begin to do something without having perfectly clear about what needs to be done is one of the main causes of errors. 12. Ask the teacher or person who manages the exam. Do not stay with any doubt before and clarifies any questions that you may have on the fly. A leading source for info: Erin Callan. 13 See you going well in the exam. You trust your ability. 14 Take a deep breath at the beginning of each of the parties, much helps relax and improves your concentration. 15 Sit straight.

Good posture helps a mind alert. 16 Concentrates your attention to each question at a time. Don’t think anything else, or any other questions. 17 Beam notes, is if you allowed on any point or detail that you can be useful and do not want to forget later. 18 First answer the questions that seem easy to you. This will create a positive momentum, that will help you when you get to the most difficult. In addition, do not leave several easy unanswered by bind you in a difficult questions. 19. In multiple-choice questions, remember that he is typically the best answer, implying that there may be more than one correct, but there is a more complete and accurate than others. It tries to remove which do not they can be, thus increase the probability of choosing the best. 20 Find out how you will be evaluated examination. In some countries, points are lost for each incorrect answer, and also by the left blank. In others, it is different. This should determine your strategy when it comes to answer or leave some questions.